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Kirk D. Lyons' Letter Published in the Black Mountain (NC) News

March 12, 2003

[WNCCEIB Note: Lyons' letter makes wild accusations that are untrue but are useful in reflecting the pattern Lyons often employs to deflect attention from his own statements and actions. Gilmour is coordinator of WNCCEIB and his letter only quoted Lyons, not Mao.]

"Update on recent front page story

Dear Editor:
Just to update you on your front page espionage story (2/13/03), I talked to the FBI in Spokane, Washington, and they do not seriously credit Deborah Davila's claims regarding me. Since Deborah lied about knowing me I may have to testify at her trial, but I am not considered a suspect. As to the screed sent by Monroe Gilmour (comments on Kirk Lyons story 2/19/03), who loves to litter the journalistic world with his manic ramblings on me, I have this to say: I find it funny that someone whose beliefs, tactics, statements and writings read like something out of Chairman Mao's little red book would have the colossal gall to mock my sincere love of country.

I am a critic of many of our government's policies, but I take exception when some Trotsky-ite throwback from the 60's insinuates that I don't love my country. I certainly never referred to our country's Vietnam Ware era soldiers as "baby-killers." Can my "publicist" make the same claim?

So as the Bible says, "in all things give thanks." So I give thanks to God for Monroe T. Gilmour, but I still think it's about time somebody gave the boy a real job.

Kirk Lyons
Black Mountain"

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