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9/02 - NEW University of Illinois pre-emptively fires professor for criticism of Israel
9/02 - NEW Judges are striking down "admitting privileges" aspect of new abortion laws
9/02 - NEW Global warming will have a serious negative impact on labor productivity
9/02 - NEW Industry cost-cutting has led to lack of skilled workers in NC
9/01 - Research suggests that marijuana use predicts lower levels of domestic violence
9/01 - New research shows how apex predators like ospreys ingest mega-doses of pollutants
9/01 - Environmental advocates to file new lawsuits against Duke Energy over coal-ash ponds
9/01 - Government building codes made Napa earthquake casualty-free
8/31 - Dupont fined $1.275 million in West Virginia toxic pollution case
8/31 - The true American exceptionalism: A nine-year old mows down a gun instructor with an Uzi
8/31 - Indicted paving company owner is major donor to McCrory
8/31 - GOP pushes online charter schools in NC
8/30 - Despite decrease in particulate pollutants, secondhand smoke from e-cigs has increased levels of toxic metals
8/30 - PA governor accepts Medicaid expansion to bolster reelection bid
8/30 - America's workers need faster wage growth
8/30 - North Carolina may once again deserve "Rip Van Winkle State" moniker
8/28 - Ancient Mayan cities' ruins discovered in Mexico
8/28 - Coalitions of environmental groups file suits against U.S. Forest Service to stop sale of old-growth timber in Alaska
8/28 - Union report says NC loses millions from airline tax breaks
8/28 - NC fall ballot to include amendment on right to a jury trial
8/27 - 4 out of 10 restaurant workers live in near-poverty conditions
8/27 - NC officials fine Duke Energy for coal ash dumps seeping pollution into groundwater near Wilmington
8/27 - Gay club's advertisement of two of 19th century's most prominent cultural figures kissing sparks controversy in Kazakhstan
8/27 - Study finds link between states with legal marijuana use and lower painkiller overdose deaths
8/26 - New analysis shows combined sources of pollution kill ten million annually in developing world
8/26 - Time's 'no angel' comment about Michael Brown is race-baiting, Melissa Harris-Perry argues
8/26 - Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Hobby Lobby president to lead 'Star Spangled Sunday' event at Charlotte's First Baptist
8/26 - Citizen-Times: Tillis' plan to move to 'user fees' is part of ALEC's plan to move US back to 19th century
8/22 - VA drafts revised marriage license in anticipation of same-sex marriage
8/22 - Supreme Court delays ruling on VA same-sex marriage ban
8/22 - NC coal ash legislation passes with broad majority
8/22 - NC budget provision requires three judge panel to rule on any constitutional challenge to state law
8/21 - With little oversight, millions of dollars from Homeland Security given to US law enforcement for military-grade equipment since 9/11
8/21 - Little League player appears for first time on Sports Illustrated cover
8/21 - Birds burnt in midair by solar plant highlight fact that no energy source is without dangers
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