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11/25 - NEW Climate change will double likelihood of 'super El Nino' events
11/25 - NEW Surveys show climate skeptics opinion unchanged by recent abnormal weather
11/25 - NEW Darren Wilson wasn't indicted -- the system was
11/25 - NEW In wake of Ferguson decision, Darren Wilson's testimony released
11/24 - UVA students protest in wake of damning Rolling Stone article
11/24 - Reviewer misses the point: Slavery may have been what made US rich
11/24 - Republican purge of voters may have led to victories in NC, other states
11/23 - Remembering transgendered victims of hate crimes
11/23 - In Mexico, massive march against narco-state fueled by antiquated US drug laws
11/23 - Interpol targets nine in environmental crimes
11/23 - Thomas Frank: Maybe this time, Democrats won't buy "contest for the center" lie
11/22 - Research suggests that erosion may trigger earthquakes
11/22 - Court rules state of Michigan not responsible for quality public education
11/22 - Senator says White House doesn't want public to know scope of CIA torture
11/22 - Survey finds few employers dropping health benefits as result of Obamacare
11/21 - UNCA student wounded in shooting near campus
11/21 - Study shows racial disparities in arrests the norm in US
11/21 - Court says NC emails on redistricting must be released
11/21 - McCrory uses Duke-affiliated lawyers to block appointments to coal-ash commission
11/20 - Medical groups back nurse who refused to force-feed inmates at Guantanamo
11/20 - NC mining commission ignores public request on fracking
11/19 - One in thirty American children are homeless
11/19 - Forest Service approves fracking in largest national forest on east coast
11/19 - Duke plans to dump coal ash near Sanford, NC
11/19 - Kay Hagan, lamest of lame ducks, signs on to sponsor Keystone Pipeline
11/18 - Super typhoon Haiyan strongest on record with over 10,000 feared dead in Philippines
11/18 - NATO warns of Russian buildup around Ukraine
11/18 - Four killed in Jerusalem synagogue attack near Holocaust museum
11/18 - Texas plant where chemical leak killed four hadn't been inspected in seven years
11/17 - NC coal ash comission wants consumers to pay for cleanup
11/17 - Kiribati: First nation in the world to face extinction from global warming
11/17 - Hollywood left turns out to celebrate Howard Zinn's legacy
11/17 - Rev. Barber: "We will fight until hell freezes over"
11/16 - Major firms want net neutrality - but won't say so in public
11/16 - Will American bishops follow progressive lead of Pope Francis?
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