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Western North Carolina Community Calendar
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7/22 - Clinton doing better in NC than national polling suggests
7/22 - Turkey bans all academics from traveling abroad
7/22 - Secret Service investigating Trump advisor's call to execute Clinton
7/22 - GOP email scandal arises as Chris Christie accused of concealing emails during prosecution
7/21 - NC's John Locke Foundation called out for participating in 'outright fraud'
7/21 - Artist erects border wall around Trump's star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame
7/21 - At the RNC, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce endorses Clinton
7/21 - Helen Thomas, pioneering White House reporter, dies at 92
7/20 - NC Klan distributing flyers in Fayetteville
7/20 - Nororovirus strikes RNC convention; hand sanitizer distributed
7/20 - What it's like to be a Jewish reporter covering Trump (caution: disturbing images)
7/20 - Ben Carson goes rogue at RNC, links Clinton directly to Lucifer
7/19 - Scott Baio will sue you if you say he's a moron for claiming Obama is a 'secret Muslim'
7/19 - Duke Energy spreading report that coal ash is 'harmless,' contrary to science
7/19 - Steven Colbert crashed the RNC dressed in Hunger Games costume
7/19 - GOP Congressman: Whites have contributed more to civilization than any other 'subgroup'
7/18 - Netanyahu expected to be questioned as criminal suspect
7/18 - McCrory signs compromise for Duke Energy coal ash cleanup, to dismay of those near ponds
7/18 - Can airships solve the world's pressing transportation problems?
7/18 - Kentucky judge refuses to marry atheist couple because they don't mention a deity in their vows
7/17 - BREAKING: Multiple police officers gunned down in Baton Rouge
7/17 - Welcome to the 'Ecological Recession': Global biodiversity on unsafe decline
7/17 - Apodaca steps down early, might become a lobbyist
7/17 - About the Gulen movement, the group accused of supporting the failed Turkish coup
7/17 - Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit
7/16 - NC is headed backward on childhood lead poisoning
7/16 - Ivanka Trump's rabbi bows out of Republican convention after criticism
7/16 - How Trump's rollout of his VP turned into a complete mess
7/16 - Turkey purges military as coup leaders arrested, remaining forces surrender
7/15 - BREAKING: Turkish military says it has seized control in coup d'etat
7/15 - BREAKING: Congress releases secret 28 pages of 9-11 report on ties to Saudis
7/15 - Cooper raising more than McCrory in NC governor's race
7/15 - Driver in attack in Nice named as convicted criminal born in Tunisia
7/15 - Yes, Mike Pence really did sign a bill mandating funerals for fetuses
7/15 - Mike Pence, Trump's likely running mate, is "Rush Limbaugh on decaf"
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