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4/24 - NEW 'Class-size chaos' pending for NC schools
4/24 - NEW Incessant tax cuts for the rich are ruining NC
4/24 - NEW The rivals for France’s presidency offer crooked competence at best, economic meltdown at worst
4/24 - NEW New Study shows anti-Semitism soared last year
4/23 - Trump’s border wall ‘catastrophic’ for environment, endangered species: activists
4/23 - Civil rights groups just busted Georgia GOP rigging runoff election
4/23 - Beltway GOP influence machine lends aid in Winston-Salem ‘welcoming city’ fight
4/23 - The lasting harm of medical mistrust in wake of cases like Henrietta Lacks
4/22 - Why House Republicans seem fine risking humiliation again in pursuit of an Obamacare repeal
4/22 - Cherokee Nation sues pharmaceutical retailers over opioid abuse
4/22 - The calculus behind Jason Chaffetz's sudden decision to walk away
4/22 - Asheville gentrification pace makes top 10 list
4/21 - Trump is sending a message with Ted Nugent's visit to the White House
4/21 - NC GOP throws craft brewers under the bus
4/21 - Russia bans Jehovah's Witnesses after supreme court rules Christian sect 'extremists'
4/21 - Paris shootout leaves police officer and gunman dead
4/20 - Democracy NC calls for criminal probe of NC GOP for unfounded voter fraud claims
4/20 - Italy experiencing measles epidemic after fall-off in vaccinations
4/20 - Putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 US election
4/20 - Opening of UN files on Holocaust will 'rewrite chapters of history'
4/19 - Record new renewable power capacity added at lower cost
4/19 - Most of NC GOP's tax plan benefits would go to wealthy
4/19 - Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, narrowly misses outright win in Georgia House race
4/19 - Trump may halt insurer payments to force Democrats to table on healthcare
4/18 - North Korea is becoming Trump's Cuban missile crisis
4/18 - Voting machines stolen ahead of Georgia special election
4/18 - This Koch-backed group invites you to celebrate fossil fuels on Earth Day
4/18 - Trump’s pick for army secretary has a troubling history of anti-Muslim remarks
4/17 - Last person born in the 1800s has died at 117
4/17 - Trump calls for investigation into Tax Day protesters, tweets "Election is Over"
4/17 - As Asheville housing inventory gets even tighter, prices spike
4/17 - White House demands carriage ride with the Queen when Trump visits the UK
4/16 - NC GOP lawmakers plow ahead with plans to remake the state court system in their favor
4/16 - Hillary hatred, exposed: What drives America’s never-ending case against Clinton
4/16 - DeVos pick to head civil rights office once said she faced discrimination for being white
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