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1/16 - NEW If authoritarianism is looming in the US, how come Donald Trump looks so weak?
1/16 - NEW Racist sign removed from downtown Raleigh bridge
1/16 - NEW Minimum wage earners aren't just teens in need of pocket change
1/16 - NEW How the alt-right uses social-science to make racism seem respectable
1/15 - Chelsea Manning confirms she's running for Senate in Maryland
1/15 - Musical artist Moby claims CIA asked him to spread info from dossier on Trump via social media
1/15 - NC GOP has already begun abusing power in 2018
1/15 - Broadband needs a level playing field in NC
1/14 - Did Trump's White House fake note from his doctor?
1/14 - California anti-abortion initiative which classifies all abortions as first-degree murder shows plans of Trump-era movement
1/14 - 'Very high level of confidence' Russia used Kaspersky software for devastating NSA leaks
1/14 - Trump thought only African-Americans were on welfare
1/13 - Controversial anti-choice Trump appointee to Health and Human Services escorted from the building
1/13 - GOP is making demographics into destiny
1/13 - Hotel-style jails offer rich people a whole separate form of 'justice'
1/13 - Trump lawyer reportedly arranged $130,000 payment to adult film star to keep encounter quiet
1/12 - Voters who once saw Trump as a moderate don't any more
1/12 - More and more House Republicans are deciding they want no part of the 2018 elections
1/12 - Four more flu deaths reported; hospitals face IV bag shortages
1/12 - New Greek restaurant opens in historic S&W space in downtown Asheville
1/11 - NC GOP pledges to take gerrymandering case to Supreme Court
1/11 - From Michael Wolff's book: How the women in Trump's entourage shaped his relations with the media
1/11 - A particularly severe flu season means deaths are on the rise
1/11 - Neither GOP nor Democratic lawmakers are fans of Jeff Sessions' new war on weed
1/10 - Asheville downtown vacation rentals, Airbnbs, banned with 6-1 City Council vote
1/10 - Former sheriff Joe Arpaio announces run for US senate
1/10 - White House official floated withdrawing some US troops from Europe to curry favor with Putin
1/10 - Federal court strikes down North Carolina's congressional district map as unconstitutional
1/09 - Benjamin Netanyahu’s son may have gotten him in trouble thanks to a drunken rant
1/09 - Trump has created dangers we haven’t even imagined yet
1/09 - An army of Democrats and Republicans are positioning for 2020 presidential runs
1/09 - Asheville police seek couple who may be behind rash of thefts; 'armed and dangerous'
1/08 - Nikki Haley: 'No one questions the stability of the president'
1/08 - Burr's committee needs to address Russia's meddling in U.S. politics
1/08 - Michael Wolff did what every other White House reporter is too cowardly to do
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