Clay County Postcard Shoppe

Welcome to the Clay County Postcard Shoppe. I hope you enjoy your visit and please consider bookmarking this page and start creating cards for everyone. If you have any questions about sending or receiving a card, please don't hesitate to E-mail with them. When you start to create your card, on the bottom left you can choose from a Picture Gallery, New Random Pictures, or your own Images and Music. There are hundreds of images offered for every occasion. You don't have to choose what's just offered on the page. Also you can choose to have music play with the card that you send. You can also be notifed when someone picks up their Greeting Card from you. Click on the logo below to Create Or Pick Up your Card. Now have fun and create a card for a friend or a loved one, be as creative as you want to be!

Create Your Card

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After you have created or picked up your Card for your loved one or friend, please come back and browse through the pages located here and view the beauty of Clay County. Thank You.


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