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MAIN News Archives for April 2001

Global media aim to privatize public airwaves
School segregation returning to NC
Bobcat attacks hunter
Research links TV wrestling, dating violence
Seeds planted to restore the American chestnut
Zoning alive in Buncombe
WCU cancels festival
Qualla citizens debate asphalt plant
MAIN to offer free web-authoring workshop
Local water issues brewing
Study sheds new light on gap between rich and poor students
NC Senate passes air pollution bill
Water authority forum set for April 30
Chronic drought plagues WNC
 04/19 -  Study finds more profits in organic farming
 04/19 -  News & Observer: Should ratepayers pay for cleaner air?
 04/19 -  Cable access offers public benefits
 04/18 -  Rural Internet Access Authority job opening
 04/18 -  High Court upholds N.C. congressional district
 04/18 -  Air pollution bill on fast track
 04/18 -  Energy task force works in secret
 04/18 -  Deregulation: A grab for power?
 04/16 -  Weapons-grade nuke fuel could threaten WNC
 04/16 -  Insect threatens WNC hemlocks
 04/16 -  Reviews mixed on new forest chief
 04/12 -  Is low-power radio finding its voice?
 04/12 -  Bush urged to clean up TVA smog
 04/12 -  Citizens monitor Catawba River pollution
 04/12 -  Catawba River makes endangered list
Sneezin' season again
Nonprofit groups seek tech trust
 04/09 -  NC Symphony performs April 10
 04/06 -  WNC firms seek markets abroad
 04/06 -  Board promotes filmmaking in WNC
 04/05 -  Environmental leaders to speak April 5
 04/05 -  Metcalf, Nesbitt introduce Clean Smokestacks Act
 04/04 -  Seven dry years for NC
 04/03 -  More rain needed to ease drought
 04/03 -  Local farmers take steps against bovine disease (sorry, this link no longer available from
 04/03 -  N.C. leads nation in Hispanic population boom
 04/03 -  Crafting = big money in WNC