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MAIN News Archives for February 2010

 02/23 -  Supreme Court's corporate speech decision starts to hit the fan
 02/23 -  Some who opposed stimulus now lobby for funding
 02/23 -  Austin pilot Joe Stack casts shadow on right-wing
 02/23 -  Elaine Marshall enters Senate primary
 02/22 -  Is there a 'cloud' in Asheville and WNC's future?
 02/22 -  'Bloom Box' promises to take homes off the energy grid
 02/22 -  Public says tax the rich, regulate the banks, and end the filibuster
 02/22 -  Why the GOP remains silent on where to cut spending
 02/22 -  Do local government 'public comment' rules violate First Amendment?
 02/22 -  Obama health reform proposal on the web
 02/21 -  Cost of preventing climate disaster 'astonishingly small'
 02/21 -  NC gets failing grade on illegal gun trafficking
 02/21 -  Lenders lobby Raleigh to raise interest rate cap on consumer loans
 02/21 -  Unemployment data show emergence of 'new poor'
 02/19 -  FCC opens fraud probe of Fox game show
 02/19 -  Remembering Molly Ivins in the wake of 'Citizens United'
 02/19 -  UNC takes slow road to meeting coal-free pledge
 02/19 -  NBC and ABC go nuclear
 02/19 -  How will 'Citizens United' ruling affect NC elections?
 02/19 -  The lesson of Anthem Blue Cross
 02/18 -  How industry lobbyists pose as media commentators
 02/18 -  Internet post tied to suicide pilot who crashed plane into Texas building
 02/18 -  Using a bad Supreme Court decision to win real reform
 02/18 -  DNA exonerates another NC inmate
 02/17 -  Climate change science passes test of time
 02/16 -  Privacy in the clouds? Study seeks decentralized social media options
 02/16 -  Cherokee launch $633 million casino expansion
 02/16 -  Tea Party mantra?: 'Either you’re with us or you’re the enemy'
 02/14 -  Thom Hartmann moves weekday radio show to MAIN-FM 103.5
 02/14 -  Did Blue Cross gut law to save NC taxpayers millions in health costs?
 02/14 -  The year of racial struggle in the streets of North Carolina
 02/14 -  A closer look at GOP health care reform
 02/13 -  Bernie Sanders blasts 'deficit hawk phonies'
 02/13 -  Public Citizen takes action against 'Citizens United' ruling
 02/13 -  Texas textbook clout yields Christian version of US history
 02/12 -  Arizona sheriff's shameful example of law enforcement
 02/12 -  Cherokee oppose Duke power station at sacred Kituwah
 02/12 -  Democrats ready bill to limit 'Citizens United' ruling
 02/11 -  Wake County drops 'pro-choice' health coverage
 02/11 -  Your cell phone company's dirty little secret
 02/11 -  Google's social media? 'It's scary'
 02/10 -  Broadband stimulus funds all tangled up
 02/09 -  Reported Google-NSA alliance sets off privacy alarms
 02/09 -  Retired Asheville firefighter wins $47 million in lottery
 02/08 -  Don't let lobbyists kill student loan reform
 02/08 -  Obama calls out GOP, sets televised health reform summit for Feb. 25
 02/08 -  Wall Street boosts campaign cash to GOP
 02/07 -  Is it time for a constitutional convention?
 02/05 -  Swain County gets $52 million to settle Road to Nowhere
 02/05 -  Niebuhr, like Eisenhower, feared union of economic elites and military
 02/05 -  Obama's 'no-brainer' reform of student loans imperiled by industry lobby
 02/05 -  Real people respond to the 'corporations are people' ruling
 02/05 -  GOP trumpets Tea Party while marching to Wall Street's tune
 02/05 -  WebWorld: Where all reign supreme...courtesy Facebook, Google, et al
 02/05 -  GOP senator puts 'blanket hold' on dozens of Obama nominees
 02/05 -  Investment dollars flow to green energy start-ups
 02/05 -  NPR responds to critics of its Howard Zinn obit
 02/05 -  Fox News distortion spurs attacks on NC school curriculum
 02/05 -  Deficit hysteria aims to scuttle Obama's reform agenda
 02/04 -  Is there an ecological unconscious?
 02/04 -  We can fix North Carolina's transportation policy
 02/04 -  Greensboro lunch-counter 1960: Ground zero for civil rights
 02/04 -  With a page from right-wing playbook, Obama focuses on message
 02/03 -  British medical journal retracts article linking autism to vaccines
 02/03 -  'Saudi Arabia of Coal' takes stage Friday at ACT
 02/02 -  Memo by GOP wordsmith Luntz: How to kill Wall Street reform
 02/02 -  Krugman calls out Roger Ailes, Fox News for deliberately distorting Obama's health plan
 02/01 -  Social media aid Haiti recovery efforts
 02/01 -  Rural youth assembly seeks nominees for April conference
 02/01 -  NC puts its weight behind gluten-free cause
 02/01 -  Frank Rich: The State of the Union is comatose