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MAIN News Archives for July 2012

07/29 -  Mitt Romney and the stubbornness of facts
07/27 -  Bernie Sanders: Why 'Citizens United' must be overturned
07/25 -  Haywood gets electric vehicle charging station
07/25 -  Federal grants thwart GOP attack on Planned Parenthood in NC
07/24 -  NC, SC flunk access to public records test
07/23 -  MAIN cited as DIY model for community broadband
07/23 -  Little town that could: Marshall, NC
07/21 -  This time, 'class warfare' cry is true
07/20 -  Duke Energy's political donations mute outrage from NC leaders
07/20 -  'White space' broadband, white knight for rural America
07/20 -  Mitt Romney, pathos of a plutocrat
07/17 -  GOP kills DISCLOSE Act and leaves voters in the dark
07/13 -  Romney invested millions in Chinese firm known for outsourcing US jobs
07/13 -  Survey: 60 percent of rural broadband users get 3 Mb or less
07/11 -  Poll: Obama leads Romney in Virginia, North Carolina
07/11 -  The spreading scourge of corporate corruption
07/09 -  A state C-SPAN for North Carolina?
07/09 -  If Thoreau were to move to Walden today, would he bring the Internet? Maybe
07/09 -  NC panel wants to know if Duke misled it on merger
07/03 -  This 4th of July, support Media Independence for WNC!
07/02 -  Gov. Perdue vetoes fracking bill