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MAIN News Archives for December 2013

12/31 -  NSA has ability to intercept communications on Apple iPhone through spyware
12/31 -  Gambling moneys sent to McCrory, Tillis, Berger through charitable trust, says Fayetteville Observer
12/30 -  U.S. lags behind many countries in offering affordable, high-speed broadband service
12/30 -  Funds from Koch brothers may be altering research patterns in economics at Florida university
12/30 -  "Blue Ridge Outdoors" editor writes about experiences as homeless person over Christmas
12/30 -  Der Spiegel reports NSA intercepts consumers' computers while in transit from manufacturer to install spyware
12/30 -  Actor who played bully Scut Farkus in beloved film "A Christmas Story" begins online anti-bullying campaign
12/28 -  State of Colorado issues first sales licenses for marijuana in U.S. history to retailers
12/28 -  North Carolina demonstrates that cuts in unemployment cause unemployed to drop out of workforce entirely
12/28 -  Noam Chomsky:  U.S. "no longer a functioning democracy"
12/27 -  Environmental groups says southern US forests being slashed to feed European demand for "green" fuels
12/27 -  ALEC, Koch brothers successfully lobby for fine for solar users in Arizona
12/26 -  "Governor McScrooge:"  McCrory's financial maneuvers cost state $650 million per year in revenue available for public investments
12/26 -  Income inequality direct result of conservative policies, editorial argues
12/25 -  BlueNC Editorial: Jim Crow on rise in NC
12/25 -  New FCC chairman waffles on net neutrality
12/23 -  Hate groups on the rise in US
12/23 -  Very large academic publisher forcing scholars to stop sharing their research online
12/23 -  Podesta accepted position of White House counselor on condition he lead charge on climate change remediation, says Washington Post
12/20 -  Teacher says working in state like being in "abusive relationship," many considering leaving profession
12/19 -  McCrory may support extension of film production tax credit after research shows significant benefits to state
12/18 -  UN to world governments on small-scale agricultural advocacy: "Wake up before it is too late"
12/18 -  Ann Coulter:  Pope too liberal, should get job on CNN rather than head Catholic Church
12/18 -  Sociologists: Normativity of whiteness at work in claims that "Santa is white"
12/18 -  FDA investigating link between common ingredient in antibacterial hand soaps, substantial health risks
12/17 -  Anxiety increases for fish in water with increasing acidity, researchers find
12/17 -  Annenberg Foundation secretly organizes to repatriate sacred Hopi artifacts
12/16 -  Proof offered by LA Times that, despite Fox News assertion, not all Santas are white
12/16 -  Rich teen sentenced to probation after killing four in crime spree, drunken wreck because of "affluenza"
12/16 -  While NY prepares for global warming, NC does nothing -- and Germany notices
12/15 -  McCrory administration bills for promised transparency
12/13 -  Jordanian example shows urban agriculture has potential for reducing poverty and improving food security
12/13 -  Recent McCrory statement re voter suppression: "We didn't shorten early voting.  We compacted the calendar."
12/12 -  Fox News host reassures viewers that both Santa Claus and Jesus are white
12/12 -  Lehnert, general first responsible for Guantanamo Bay detention center, says base confirms every bad impression of U.S., should be shut down
12/11 -  CNN shows pro-nuclear "documentary," later airs biased panel "discussion"
12/11 -  Oil begins to move through southernmost part of Keystone pipeline
12/11 -  MEDIA ALERT follow-up:  Columbia Journalism Review writes on Citizen-Times, "Raleigh Digest"
12/09 -  Plea bargains:  Good for prosecutors, bad for everyone else?
12/09 -  Author presents Mandela as showing holes in myth of American exceptionalism
12/09 -  Pickens county (SC) sheriff refuses to lower flag in honor of Nelson Mandela's passing
12/07 -  "Debate" about US ranking on international test scores may be part of movement for privatization, standardized tests
12/07 -  Berkeley grad prof discourages collective activity by unionized graduate students, says "get back to your studies"
12/07 -  Colin Powell, former Bush administration National Security Advisor, calls for universal health care in US
12/06 -  Media Alert follow-up:  comments and commentary
12/06 -  McCrory claims laws authorizing fracking in NC will lead to economic boost; article buries governor's 28-year employment record with Duke Energy
12/05 -  NC Supreme Court ruling ensures pre-kindergarten education -- but will legislature fund it?
12/04 -  North Carolina Newspapers Largely Ignore Conservative Funding Of Sham Think Tanks
12/04 -  Animal protection group seeks habeas corpus, civil rights for chimpanzee in first-of-kind case
12/04 -  ACLU sues Catholic bishops for forbidding hospitals from performing abortions even if the pregnant woman's life or health is at risk
12/04 -  NC lags environmental groups' demands for testing of water quality near coal-fired power plants
12/03 -  NC budget director Art Pope, NAACP leader William Barber briefly debate in Raleigh
12/02 -  North Carolina school board rescinds ban on Ellison's "Invisible Man" after national scorn, book give-away
12/02 -  MEDIA ALERT: Asheville Citizen-Times fails to notify readers to sponsorship of paid political insert