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MAIN News Archives for January 2014

01/31 -  Chemical spill from coal production in West Virginia leaves residual formaldehyde in the water supply; spill now affects 16% of the state's population
01/31 -  Blue Cross changes policy and decides to offer coverage to same-sex couples after having canceled insurance plans earlier this month
01/31 -  Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for contributing "to a more stable and peaceful world order"
01/31 -  After benefiting from tax breaks and publicly-supported research, super-rich are abandoning US for tax-havens abroad
01/29 -  States propose legislation to narrow across-state gender pay gaps
01/29 -  NC legislation pushes for more transparent hospital bills after Mooresville patient charged $89k for 18 hr hospital stay
01/29 -  Boyle: DENR official says fracking in WNC a “possibility”
01/29 -  More cases of personal misconduct by high-ranking military officers exposed
01/28 -  NC unemployment rate drops, but numbers may be skewed as people stop job hunting to enroll in college full-time
01/28 -  Historically black colleges in NC face budget cuts and declining enrollment
01/28 -  Standardized testing for new Common Core school curriculum standards being reconsidered by many states due to cost concerns
01/28 -  New bill in Virginia house raises fears of "fringe beliefs" such as denials of climate change and of evolution being taught in public schools
01/26 -  Lawmaker in OK proposes preventing ALL marriages in order to prevent gay marriages; Democrats call move posturing
01/26 -  Blue Cross cancels insurance coverage for same-sex couples in NC
01/26 -  South Carolina bill proposes bill to drastically limit warrantless use of drones
01/26 -  Radioactive sludge oozes out of the ground after several oil spills in North Dakota
01/25 -  Virginia's Attorney General files brief in opposition of state's ban on gay marriage, arguing it violates Fourteenth Amendment
01/25 -  Radioactivity from Fukushima dumped in ocean affects California; levels have reached ten times norm
01/25 -  Former miner says mining companies have been contaminating WV water "for years"
01/24 -  Conservative author Dinesh D'Souza charged with campaign finance fraud
01/22 -  NC voting laws change not only voter ID laws; straight party voting will disappear
01/22 -  Iowa governor, Rand Paul struggle for control of state GOP as lead-up begins for state’s critical 2016 Republican primary
01/21 -  FDA fails to protect consumers from potentially harmful effects of GMOs
01/21 -  Grocery Manufacturers Association continues campaign against GMO labeling despite public concerns
01/21 -  West coast air quality suffers from Chinese factory pollution
01/21 -  NC ranks high in Tea Party membership despite public opposition
01/21 -  Dr. King had a dream for both social and economic justice
01/20 -  NC court deciding if teen killers – some sentenced as young as 13 – should have chance at parole
01/20 -  New trade agreement strips environmental enforcement agreements; Sierra Club, NRDC, World Wildlife Fund call effects potentially devastating
01/19 -  New Hampshire uses Obamacare funds to help those in need of long-term hospital care
01/19 -  Outreach workers helping the homeless to sign up for Obamacare across the U.S.
01/19 -  Today’s NC voter suppression follows same strategy as in 1896
01/19 -  IMF funding left out of budget due to attached Republican demands for further delays to Obamacare
01/19 -  Amazon uses “Big Brother” data-analysis technologies to ship items to warehouses before customers even purchase them
01/18 -  Obama wants NSA to drop massive database of domestic phone calls
01/18 -  New Hampshire utilizes ACA funding to aid those in need of long-term care
01/18 -  NC's ultrasound abortion law struck down on grounds of violating the First Amendment
01/18 -  NCHRC's Overdose Prevention Program is successfully helping to save lives
01/18 -  Target security breach raises questions of privacy among state legislators
01/18 -  Whole Foods announces new produce standards, stops the use of sewage sludge as fertilizer
01/18 -  Bill proposed by NC Rep. Murphy would cut funding for mental health service, reversing 30 years of advances
01/16 -  Obama promises to bring high-tech jobs to NC -- led by NC State
01/16 -  Former UNC football player describes the academic environment for athletes as a scam
01/16 -  Research shows English, Arabic-language coverage of Syrian conflict widely divergent
01/16 -  NC GOP repeal of earned income tax credit gives tax break to rich, raises taxes on 900,000 poorest families
01/16 -  NC mining commission passes rule allowing fracking companies to keep composition of chemicals used in process secret
01/15 -  New lending law may hinder Habitat for Humanity and other non-profits
01/15 -  Team of UNC Chapel Hill researchers find possible solution to storing solar energy
01/15 -  Federal marijuana enforcement in legalized states could be decided by 2016 election results
01/15 -  Legal recognition of gay marriage has greatly expanded throughout the U.S.
01/15 -  NSA can now use radio waves for surveillance of offline computers
01/15 -  An appeals court rules the FCC cannot impose "net-neutrality" rules
01/15 -  Obama seeks to increase judicial diversity by nominating minority members for the bench
01/15 -  Unemployement benefit cuts may leave many Americans struggling
01/15 -  NSA seeks legal counsel after National Intelligence director accused of perjury
01/14 -  Water quality in North Carolina at risk as quality regulations are repealed
01/14 -  Obamacare enrollments by young people in line with national averages
01/14 -  Carbon pollution on the rise again after several years of decline
01/14 -  Release of couple convicted of "Satanic abuse" indicates end of moral panic that swept U.S., U.K.
01/14 -  Robert Gates: I didn't disagree with Obama on conduct of war; my memoir has been "hijacked" by Fox News
01/13 -  Supreme Court to consider government's right to govern falsehoods in political advertisements
01/13 -  Editorial: The world is returning to the very economic theories that led to the Great Depression
01/12 -  Krugman: North Carolina's experiment with austerity is a spectacular failure
01/12 -  Franklin McCain, member of "Greensboro Four," dies at 73
01/11 -  Study shows "War on Poverty" actually reduced poverty levels in U.S.
01/11 -  Senate Democrats launch task force to "wake up Congress" on climate change issues
01/11 -  Chemical spill in Elk River compromises public water supply in Charleston, W.V.
01/10 -  Cherokee Indian Hospital reports sharp increase in flu cases to 56 in December
01/10 -  Department of Justice:  Schools with "zero-tolerance" policies tend to disproportionately punish minority children
01/10 -  Majority of Congress, for first time, consists of millionaires
01/10 -  Environmental group details how budget cuts may lead to damage to Blue Ridge Parkway
01/10 -  ACLU to support Insane Clown Posse in suit of FBI, DOJ label of band's fans as members of 'violent gang'
01/09 -  Asheville, in poll, found to be one of the happiest places in US (and only one in list in the South)
01/09 -  McCrory's decision to leave Watts' seat open means 600k to remain unrepresented for nearly a year
01/09 -  NC State economist, heavily relied upon by regional media, has ties to Art Pope, conservative think-tanks
01/08 -  NC redistricting appeal involves issues of justice partisanship as well as rights of voters
01/08 -  Historic documents in NC's piedmont destroyed under mysterious circumstances
01/07 -  John Boyle:  Moffitt's end game may be disappearance of Asheville
01/07 -  Bloggers argue that WLOS reporter's Tweets endangered police in recent Asheville stand-off
01/06 -  North Carolina's assault on public education is working
01/06 -  Movement of mangroves north on Florida coast further demonstration of global warming, scientists say
01/06 -  Rand Paul to sue President Obama over domestic spying
01/06 -  Supreme Court stops gay marriages in Utah pending review
01/05 -  US sailors who assisted in Fukushima cleanup to sue TEPCO for radiation poisoning
01/04 -  A treacherous road ahead for food labeling?
01/04 -  Sea World computer IP address linked to rigging an online poll about Blackfish documentary
01/03 -  Lawsuit says Facebook mines personal messages for data, sells information to clients
01/03 -  Stymied since Seattle, corporations go for an end run via Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty
01/03 -  State fired formed ALE director because he was a Democrat, judge rules
01/03 -  Research suggests that US undergraduates, standard population for sociological testing, not really representative of world population; less altruistic and cooperative than other groups
01/03 -  Swine flu causes at least seven deaths in Texas