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MAIN News Archives for February 2014

02/27 -  BREAKING: Wake Forest researchers create 3D video of coal ash spill on Dan River; esimate volume at 35M gallons
02/27 -  U.S. adoption of Israeli demand that Iran include ballistic missiles in nuclear talks may end negotiations
02/27 -  Images captured by drone technology used to estimate the volume of coal-ash spilled into Dan River
02/27 -  Prescribed burn for Pisgah National Forest scheduled for Tuesday in Grandfather Mountain area
02/27 -  Marijuana plants with no THC, but high in other therapeutic compounds, now developed; legalization in NC may be reconsidered
02/27 -  Michelle Obama to unveil ban on marketing junk food and sodas in schools
02/26 -  Fewer death penalty sentences being issued in recent years, statistics show
02/26 -  After gutting of unions, textile industry making a comeback in southern states
02/26 -  NC environmental agency begins testing Dan river fish for toxicity from recent Duke coal-ash spill; too little, too late?
02/26 -  NC parents seek medical marijuana oil in other parts of U.S. for treatment of children who suffer from seizures
02/26 -  Obama administration expected to unveil first update to nutrition labels in two decades
02/25 -  Net neutrality is no more; Netflix to make deal with Comcast for faster streaming
02/25 -  KY to reconsider voting rights law so that felons may regain their right to vote
02/25 -  NC sees rise in crop sales as farmers transition from tobacco to food despite an overall loss of farmland
02/25 -  NC food program, Grocers on Wheels, aspires to bring fresh produce to Raleigh "food desert"
02/24 -  Evangelical adoptions from less-developed countries lead to "rehoming," lawsuits, government interventions -- and accusations of U.S. negligence
02/24 -  NYT: Obama's stimulus plan prevented a second Great Depression
02/24 -  Thom Tillis' interview reveals Republican's dilemma with Obamacare -- Obamacare works
02/24 -  U.S. sailors, sick from Fukushima radiation, file new class-action lawsuit
02/24 -  BREAKING: Egyptian government resigns
02/23 -  Supreme court judge blocks NC school voucher program that forces taxpayers to subsidize private and religious schools
02/23 -  Bill introduced in Kansas that allows harsher corporal punishment for children, allowing parents, teachers and caregivers to spank hard enough to 'leave redness'
02/23 -  Rise in solar energy usage and subsidies for installation incites backlash from utility companies
02/23 -  Changes in NC hunting regulations to be considered as black bear population rises
02/22 -  Bachmann: Obama was elected because of "white guilt"
02/22 -  John Kerry: Climate change deniers "tiny minority of shoddy scientists and science and extreme ideologues"
02/22 -  Grass-roots immigration organizations call upon White House to end deportation, urging Obama to act
02/22 -  Drone strike in Yemen fails to comply with rules set by Obama to protect civilians
02/21 -  BREAKING: West Asheville makes the NYT as hot travel destination
02/21 -  More states taking action to prevent death from overdose with “Good Samaritan” laws that grant immunity to drug users who seek help for their companions
02/21 -  Computer security breach at University of Maryland results in 300,000 personal records being compromised
02/21 -  Teachers union pulls support of Common Core academic standards
02/21 -  Some diapers, tampons contain toxic dioxins, related compounds
02/20 -  New study confirms whole-food diet and exercise significantly reduces the risk of cancer
02/20 -  Citizens in eleven states sue over inadequate funding of public schools; will NC be next?
02/20 -  NC judge refuses to dismiss lawsuits over taxpayer-financing of private and religious school vouchers
02/20 -  Student debt discourages first-time home purchases, slowing housing market recovery
02/19 -  BREAKING: Store cook fired after comment to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory
02/19 -  Students at UNC-Greensboro planning protest in face of $8 million rollback, program cuts, continued plans for lavish rec center
02/19 -  Kansas Senate votes down gay segregation bill passed by House last week
02/19 -  NC teen overdoses on synthetic LSD; designer psychedelic drugs poised to become a dangerous new trend
02/19 -  Paper industry lobbyists encourage government to slow transition to digital communication
02/18 -  McCrory continues to deny anthropomorphic climate change, blames "God's hands" for inclement weather
02/18 -  After exposing wasteful spending, NC whistleblower terminated after being reassigned to a position exempt from protection laws; his attorney describes the reclassification as a "sham"
02/18 -  California supreme court to decide if party hosts should be held liable if a guest injures someone under the influence of alcohol
02/18 -  Raising the minimum wage: a rising tide lifts all boats
02/17 -  Research suggests private sector jobs grow more under Democratic administrations than under Republican
02/17 -  In rebuff to 'stand-your-ground' laws, Florida man found guilty of second-degree attempted murder after saying he was 'frightened' by teens, loud music
02/17 -  States propose changes to liquor laws, suggesting privatization and rollback of Prohibition-era laws
02/17 -  Through bogus "both sides do it" argument, NYT offers cover for right-wing dirty tricksters
02/16 -  BREAKING: Oil from leak at APAC site reaches French Broad River, according to French Broad Riverkeeper
02/16 -  Recent severe ice storm conceals larger truth: Alaska, Greenland undergoing continuing warming, resulting in loss of glaciers
02/16 -  Marijuana industry further legitimized as Obama administration allows banks to accept dispensary proceeds without fear of money-laundering charges
02/16 -  Obama to propose "climate resilience fund" of one billion dollars to Congress next month
02/16 -  States promote more vocational high school classes in response to common core curriculum, arguing that college prep is not for all students
02/15 -  BREAKING: Oil leak, perhaps from APAC's asphalt plant near old Enka Plant, threatens French Broad
02/15 -  Federal authorities launch investigation of NC environmental agency in wake of Duke Energy ash pond spill
02/15 -  NYT business columnist Joe Nocera misrepresents climate expert James Hansen in column
02/15 -  Georgia congressman says Paul Ryan isn't conservative enough
02/15 -  Bill McKibben: Current weather swings "sign of climate change"
02/14 -  County school board votes to reject NC law abolishing teacher tenure; will sue over constitutionality
02/14 -  Rand Paul files class-action lawsuit against Obama administration over NSA data collection
02/14 -  European commission calls for more globalized internet governance, less US dominance
02/14 -  NC attempt to offer "Choose Life" license plates without comparable pro-abortion plates ruled unconstitutional
02/13 -  New merger of libraries of stock photos aims to improve portrayals of women
02/13 -  Conservationists urge ban on coyote hunting in NC to protect red wolves
02/13 -  Nine states propose Earned Income Tax Credit legislation aimed at helping the working poor
02/13 -  Anti-nuclear candidates in Japanese elections may mean new push for renewable energy in wake of Fukushima
02/12 -  Scalia says that WWII-style internment camps could happen again during panic about war
02/12 -  Civil liberty and privacy groups urge open review of 'big-data' online surveillance
02/12 -  Global economy shows signs of slowing again; recovery from the Great Recession may take a decade
02/12 -  Stuart Hall, "godfather of multiculturalism," dies; left rich heritage
02/11 -  N&O: "Moral Monday" protests reflect mainstream of opinion in NC
02/11 -  Seven key staffers leave McCrory administration at end of first year, four in last five weeks
02/11 -  Dan River water now at toxic levels due to Duke Energy ash pond leak
02/11 -  Governors propose more funding for education - but such progressive ideas may face challenges in primaries
02/10 -  NC environmental groups' attempts to force Duke Power to fix leaky ash ponds have been blocked by NC Department of Environment
02/10 -  Boyle: Buncombe school board member suggests money for vacant communication officer be spent on teachers, is snubbed
02/10 -  Research finds that 7 of 10 women who get abortions are religious
02/10 -  CBO report demonstrates that Obamacare will free millions of workers to retire on time, return to college without fear - but media misses point
02/09 -  Former Rep. Bob Barr says he is serious about impeaching Obama
02/09 -  US 'falling way behind' in Internet provision, speeds
02/09 -  NC's Democratic attorney general to appeal ultrasound provision of abortion legislation
02/08 -  High-income Baton Rouge suburb seeks to 'secede' school system from poorer minority neighborhoods
02/08 -  Nearly half of Americans now live paycheck-to-paycheck
02/08 -  Three states propose tuition-free higher education for high school graduates at community colleges
02/08 -  NC offers $683 million dollar incentive to Boeing for construction of non-union jetliner plant in NC
02/07 -  British spy agency carries out cyber "false flag" attacks to justify crackdown on internet surveillance
02/07 -  Watauga County board of election Republicans propose early sites which exclude ASU locations
02/07 -  NC educators gather in Raleigh to protest legislation that ends tenure for teachers
02/07 -  VA lawmakers to vote on making electrocution the default method of execution since lethal injection drugs are not available
02/07 -  Saudi royalty declares peaceful dissent as "terrorism" punishable by indefinite detention
02/06 -  NCSU to hold screening of documentary on climate change, coastal development rejected by NC museum
02/06 -  Colleges require students to submit fee-based forms for financial aid, violating federal law
02/06 -  Black college student harassed by racist roommates for months; belief that "it would eventually stop" meant no report was filed
02/06 -  NC sees sharpest decline in the country for teacher pay in the last decade
02/05 -  Despite higher production, lower US consumption, world still at or near "peak oil"
02/05 -  Failure of NC "Read to Achieve" program means only 45 % of state's third-graders pass reading exam
02/05 -  Duke Energy spills coal slurry into Dan River; 27-acre pond drains through storm pipe
02/05 -  Arizona proposes firearm bill that attempts to nullify federal control of weapons
02/04 -  Moffitt releases distressing video rationalizing war on poor, etc., as 'destiny'
02/04 -  North Carolina’s education association is asking teachers to refuse to sign no-tenure employment contracts
02/04 -  Common Cause: Obama's use of big-money donors has weakened his leadership on issues of interest to progressive majority
02/04 -  Key environmental report from State Department fails to give President justification for rejecting Keystone pipeline
02/03 -  Minnesota lawmakers propose single bill to wipe out male advantages in the workplace
02/03 -  NC governor advocates "market-based pay" for teachers, proposing educators of technology, science and math should be paid higher wages
02/03 -  Almost four million gallons of sewage spills into Haw River at Burlington; authorities wait days to inform public
02/03 -  Secret court ruling could undermine Wisconsin's campaign laws preventing collusion between 'nonprofits' which supported Republican Scott Walker
02/02 -  Irish prime minister apologizes for slave labor at Catholic workhouses, operating from 1922 to 1996
02/02 -  Roundup brand herbicide may be major contributor to coral reef degradation
02/02 -  Obama says he is open to compromise with Republicans about immigrant reform policies -- which may exclude citizenship opportunities for illegal immigrants
02/02 -  Minimum-wage workers make half the actual cost to raise a family in NC, research suggests
02/01 -  Movement of doctors to hospitals means higher costs for patients for tests once conducted in doctor's office
02/01 -  Recent findings reveal that two highly respected epidemiologists had unacknowledged financial ties to industry which may have tainted their research on health risks
02/01 -  Despite economic recovery, middle class shrinks in size as Americans find it harder to maintain their standard of living
02/01 -  Colorado airports enact new rules discouraging travelers from carrying marijuana on board to protect state's tourists from trouble when arriving in weed-illegal states
02/01 -  Monarch butterfly populations decline sharply due to loss of reproductive regions and the use of herbicides on food sources