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MAIN News Archives for April 2014

04/30 -  Sarah Palin at NRA: "Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists"
04/30 -  Where do your WalMart dollars go? Into reshaping education under a regime hurting those most at need
04/30 -  Research shows that recovery has created mostly low-wage, low upward-mobility jobs
04/30 -  BlueNC.Com: Tuition rates at NC community colleges skyrocket under GOP
04/29 -  Sixty-nine percent of State Department Afghan reconstruction funds went to only one recipient
04/29 -  Native Americans protest appearance of band featuring daughter of Oklahoma governor in which fake war dance was featured
04/29 -  Six tornadoes strike eastern NC
04/29 -  "Zero tolerance" policies for schoolkids are being replaced by counseling, training programs
04/28 -  Recent news that US middle class no longer world's wealthiest misses larger point: we haven't been for some time
04/28 -  Georgia congressman says giving CDC funding to research gun violence would be "propaganda"
04/28 -  Aetna CEO says firm is making profits under new Obamacare regime, in line with CBO projections
04/28 -  Maureen Dowd: The amazing thing about Fox's "patriot hero" Cliven Bundy's racist rant? Among rancher's gathered to hear, no objections
04/27 -  Banks still engaging in massive fraud against homeowners; government still fails to prosecute
04/27 -  New thermal storage technologies may be solution to energy storage problems for large-scale solar enterprises
04/27 -  Poll shows majority of all voters in NC support some legal recognition of same-sex couples
04/27 -  Research shows number of physicians in WNC drops nine percent in four years while GOP cuts rural health care funds
04/26 -  Restaurant industry maintains highest CEO-to-worker pay ratio in 2012: 1,200 to 1
04/26 -  New report quantifies for first time the connection meat and dairy consumption have to water and air pollution
04/26 -  Cherokee eye care clinic opens in Yellowhill community in WNC to meet demand
04/26 -  Preliminary report from U.S. Census of Agriculture indicates women farmers remain 14 percent of principal farm operators
04/25 -  NC's payday lending practices part of spotlight on vulnerability of the poor
04/25 -  NC environmental commissions meets to review data and updates on Dan River spill and other coal ash sites, including Asheville
04/25 -  Outspoken Nevada rancher in dispute with Bureau of Land Management makes remarks about "the Negro," benefits of slavery
04/25 -  Oregon's railway safety overseer reduces railroad reports of transportation of crude oil through state
04/24 -  Winston-Salem charter school uses taxpayer dollars to recruit out-of-state players for elite basketball team
04/24 -  Food activists launch campaign to change food laws, releasing varieties of "open source" seeds for fair use
04/24 -  As states recover revenue from recession, state lawmakers debate how to allocate surplus funds
04/24 -  Supreme Court upholds Michigan constitutional amendment banning affirmative action in public universities
04/23 -  Sixty-three percent of public watched online news video content in 2013, survey research says
04/23 -  NC fracking commission reviews 48 rules in rushed day-long session, approving them all
04/23 -  Tuscaloosa, AL, students attend schools nearly as segregated as in 1960s
04/23 -  Christie's legal bills for bridge scandal exceed cash on hand for 2016 campaign
04/21 -  Asheville GreenWorks hosts Hard-2-Recycle event on April 26
04/21 -  Deadline approaching for filing compensation claims in cases of NC's sterilization programs
04/21 -  New resegregation patterns emerging across public schools in the South
04/21 -  Lawsuits assert the tribes of North Dakota cheated of land worth nearly $1 billion
04/20 -  Cleveland county animal shelter to cease using gas chamber for euthanization
04/20 -  Residents of Latta, S.C., attend town council meeting to express views on mayor's decision to fire town's lesbian police chie
04/20 -  Study reveals half of jailed NYC teens have traumatic brain injury before incarcerations
04/20 -  Dr. Adrianne Wadewitz, feminist scholar and seminal contributor to Wikipedia, has died
04/20 -  Disagreement growing over control of quinoa, an increasingly popular 'superfood' in the U.S.
04/19 -  Scientists and food activists create Open Source Seed Initiative, pledge seeds will be available without restrictions
04/19 -  Studies suggest long term unemployment has become "a trap that is difficult to escape"
04/19 -  Bureau of Land Management criticized for selling herd of Wyoming horses to Canadian slaughterhouse
04/19 -  NC scientists say Dan River surface water safe for farming despite recent coal ash spill
04/18 -  Army begins integrating women into platoon artillery jobs, with Fort Bragg as a first site
04/18 -  Same-sex couple files joint NC tax return to protest of ban on gay marriage
04/18 -  Obamacare insurance premiums to rise less than expected
04/18 -  Housing is becoming less attainable for the middle class due to rising rents, home costs
04/16 -  Obama claims GOP attempts to restrict voting rights for elderly, women, minorities and impoverished to cast ballots in swing states
04/16 -  States crack down on for-profit colleges to protect students with loan debts
04/16 -  Homeless Jesus statue in Davidson, NC receives both praise and scrutiny
04/15 -  Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources finds possible link between seismic activity and fracking
04/15 -  New CBO budget predictions for Obamacare for the 20152024 period: $104 billion less than the previous projections; it's working
04/15 -  NRDC: With only 100 or so panthers still alive in Florida, EPA still considering oil-wastewater disposal well near prime habitat
04/15 -  New NC tax code results in higher taxes for middle class, less revenues available for public works, more money for wealthy
04/14 -  Latest voter suppression trick: Miami-Dade blocks voters standing in line from using bathroom
04/14 -  WaPo: "Republicans kiss votes from women goodbye"
04/14 -  Polling data says McCrory's approval ratings still "under water"
04/14 -  Bureau of Labor Statistics: Economic recovery limited to high-income households
04/13 -  National Hispanic University in CA to close in 2015
04/13 -  Black Girl Travel, an international travel club, addresses criticism that it encourages black women to date men from other countries
04/13 -  Jackson county teachers share views on NC education reform
04/13 -  National Wildlife Federation report concludes wildlife is still being affected by BP oil spill of 2010
04/13 -  Medicaid requires substance abuse treatment to the newly insured, but barriers remain that limit access
04/09 -  Former actress from 'Star Trek: Voyager' and 'Star Trek: Nemesis' narrates new documentary that argues the sun revolves around the Earth
04/09 -  Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma opens new $2-million center for veterans
04/09 -  New dust bowl blows into southern Colorado after four years of drought
04/08 -  Despite hysteria, little if any evidence of voter fraud in NC
04/08 -  Healthcare reform brings coverage to millions of Americans; number of uninsured citizens reaches new low
04/08 -  Democratic governors reluctant on marijuana legalization despite widespread public support
04/08 -  American Civil Liberties Union investigates NC prisons for compliance with federal prison rape law
04/07 -  NC ban on gay marriage my be overturned by Court of Appeals
04/07 -  Kalamazoo, MI turns to free higher education as a way to revitalize community
04/07 -  NC enacts law requiring marijuana grown in state to have tax stamps affixed; prior law struck down as double jeopardy
04/07 -  NC receives 'B' from SPLC on teaching about civil rights; twenty states receive failing grades
04/06 -  Search for missing plane reveals a world's oceans clogged with trash
04/06 -  NC judge denies Duke Energy's motion to shield records on coal ash leaching into groundwater at 33 sites in the state
04/06 -  Lumbee Supreme Court reduces sanctions against former Tribal Council Speaker Pearlean Revels
04/06 -  Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to consider same-sex marriage ban that could affect North Carolina's Amendment One
04/06 -  Retrospective of works of murdered AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus span war zones to London 2012 Olympics
04/05 -  California wait-list for Obamacare at least 1/2 million -- meaning signups will easily beat expectations
04/05 -  NC statewide school board calls for test of online charter schools
04/05 -  Mississippi legislature passes ban on abortion at 20 weeks of gestation without exception for rape or incest
04/05 -  Students paid $1 to watch film about meatpacking industry in effort to raise awareness about animal cruelty
04/04 -  Brad Pitt to produce movie about "hacktivist" group Anonymous and Steubenville rape case coverup
04/04 -  Archaeologists and FBI confiscate extensive collection of Native American and other artifacts and relics from rural Indiana home
04/04 -  Social Progress Index ranks New Zealand first in the world on social and environmental performance; U.S. scores low on ecosystem sustainability
04/04 -  Limits on campaign financing found unconstitutional by Supreme Court in 5-4 decision
04/03 -  March was first month in 11 years that no US soldiers were killed in Iraq or Afghanistan
04/03 -  With seven million enrollments, Obamacare critics lose a primary argument
04/03 -  Rep. Moffitt tries to get Board of Elections complaint dropped; Moffitt accused of suggesting opponent Turner could run UNC-TV rather than running against him
04/03 -  RJ Reynolds reveals funding of "dark money" group which, in turn, funded McCrory campaign
04/02 -  NC Board of Transportation committee considers taxing drivers by the mile to raise revenue
04/02 -  Advocacy group challenges California teacher tenure and dismissal rules
04/02 -  Federal judge refuses to block Arizona bill that limits the use of abortion drugs
04/02 -  In sworn affidavit, SeaWorld reveals their orcas are given psychotropic drugs
04/01 -  Young voters increasingly likely to identify as Democrats
04/01 -  Christie wins support of Sheldon Adelman, right-wing kingmaker and casino mogul
04/01 -  NC failure to elect Medicare opt-in may result in as many as 1,145 needless deaths
04/01 -  DENR finds thallium, other deadly poisons, near coal ash ponds -- including Duke's Arden location