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MAIN News Archives for May 2014

05/31 -  Obama to unveil historic plan to lower carbon pollution
05/31 -  US House approves law forbidding interference with state medical marijuana laws
05/31 -  Wind turbines appear on NYC roofs for power generation
05/31 -  Proposed NC Senate budget would lead to cuts of elderly from Medicaid rolls
05/30 -  BREAKING: Shinseki resigns amid controversy of VA 'waiting lists'
05/30 -  Atmospheric CO2 levels in northern hemisphere reach new milestone
05/30 -  Research: prenatal exposure to flame retardants can lead to lower IQ, hyperactivity
05/30 -  Taxing capital is key to countering inequality
05/30 -  In historic vote, Verizon salespeople join same union as installers, technicians
05/30 -  OPINION: Net neutrality concerns everyone
05/29 -  Mecklenburg representative proposes NC constitutional amendment for medical marijuana
05/29 -  Baltimore's National Aquarium may soon relase its dolphins
05/29 -  More insurers plan to join Obamacare health exchanges
05/29 -  Richard Burr continues attacks on veteran's groups
05/28 -  Cheap foods a key factor in rising obesity
05/28 -  Research: Global warming increases hybridization between native and invasive species of fish
05/28 -  Survey shows primary barrier to enrolling in Obamacare during enrollment period was lack of accurate information
05/28 -  Duke Energy shareholders sue over coal ash spill
05/27 -  Despite mainstream media narrative, southern Senate Democrats close or ahead in many red states
05/27 -  Prices likely to drop as organic food goes mainstream
05/27 -  Interstate charter school management firms object to NC board rejections of their applications
05/26 -  ALEC-sponsored bill would offer sweeping immunity to big pharma in NC
05/26 -  Research shows emerging marijuana industry in Colorado employs many minorities, females while using new technologies to grow product
05/26 -  Honeybee health and activity provides important clue to health of environment
05/26 -  The case for reparations for slavery and Jim Crow
05/24 -  Senate OKs fracking in North Carolina
05/24 -  Historical parallels suggest that inevitable outcome of income equality is violence
05/24 -  Spread of drug-resistant HIV means new wave of infections is a real possibility
05/24 -  Second case of measles confirmed in DC metro area
05/23 -  West Coast cities begin preparing for unstoppable Antarctic ice melts, global ocean rise
05/23 -  States that have declined expansion of Medicare have denied health care to 250k uninsured war vets
05/23 -  Duke Energy has no plans for Mountain Island coal ash now that Charlotte's airport doesn't want it
05/23 -  Cutting unemployment benefits doesn't move people back to work
05/22 -  Putin moves to form alliances with European far-right groups
05/22 -  Pat Sajak, of 'Wheel of Fortune,' calls those concerned with global warming 'racists' and 'unpatriotic'
05/22 -  Technologist wins huge prize for development projected to reduce price and increase efficiency of solar panels
05/22 -  In NC Senate Commerce Committee, GOP chair has reporter's tape recorder confiscated, then returned -- and nobody knows why
05/21 -  BREAKING NEWS: MAIN issues position on Net Neutrality
05/21 -  Despite myths, hookah use is at least as dangerous as smoking
05/21 -  ATT and DirectTV merger is move to create streaming TV giant
05/21 -  College is double disaster -- loans for students, low pay for untenured adjuncts
05/21 -  Judge rules NC legislature's move to end tenure is breach of contract
05/20 -  Research suggests correlation between wealth and selfish behavior
05/20 -  A new medical use of marijuana is emerging -- the prevention of Alzheimer's
05/20 -  Krugman: Fiscal policy in this recession has been a success -- but only for bankers
05/20 -  NC's SB 786 would invalidate local bills outlawing fracking
05/19 -  Federal judge orders halt to force-feeding, 'forcible cell extractions' of prisoner at Guantanamo
05/19 -  Microbeads in cosmetics are "tiny plastic timebombs" for environments
05/19 -  Leonard Pitts: Ann Coulter ridicules attempts to raise awareness of Boko Haram's kidnapping of girls in Nigeria
05/19 -  Climate change will create never-before seen ecosystems in tropics
05/18 -  Climate change means increased chance of military conflict in the Arctic
05/18 -  Income and education levels make organic food chains avoid West Virginia
05/18 -  Judge rules NC lawmakers must share voter ID ruling correspondence
05/18 -  Dozens of dog owners urge NC lawmakers to take up puppy mill bill this session
05/17 -  Has Mark Pryor found winning strategy -- to point out that most GOP Senate candidates voted to reduce Medicare benefits?
05/17 -  Bosnia and Serbia hit by worst floods in over a century; 200k without power
05/17 -  Minority leader McConnell slams DEA for obstructing Kentucky hemp research
05/17 -  NC's next sea level forecast will only look 30 years into the future -- since 90 year forecast is too threatening
05/16 -  Elephants slaughtered by poachers in Congo
05/16 -  Was Jill Abramson fired at NYT because of sexism -- or because of her support of basic journalism?
05/16 -  Rising atmospheric CO2 causing droughts in Australia, more rain in Antarctica
05/16 -  Louisiana passes draconian abortion bill that will likely close most clinics in state
05/15 -  Grey wolf appears for first time in 89 years in Iowa -- and is shot dead
05/15 -  European court rules that citizens have 'right to be forgotten;' Google must change search records on request
05/15 -  In first post-primary poll, Libertarian candidate appears to be draining support from Thom Tillis
05/15 -  Magistrates sue state for lack of raises; McCrory, Art Pope named as defendants
05/14 -  Stanford University removes coal stocks from its portfolio
05/14 -  Marco Rubio: Doing anything about climate change will wreck the economy
05/14 -  McCrory, facing charges he doesn't matter to policy process, says he'll be more 'assertive'
05/14 -  The irreversible collapse of the West Antarctica ice sheet has begun, due to global warming
05/13 -  Increased spectrum availability in microwave band should lead to more and faster Internet in remote areas
05/13 -  Kansas proves a point: Tax cuts for the rich lead to a financial morass
05/13 -  Continuing controversy over emerging governmental policies of allowing non-organics in organic agriculture
05/13 -  NC mining commission board members met with Halliburton, other companies promoting fracking
05/12 -  Research shows that home-made stinkbug trap is environmentally-friendly, outperforms store-bought models
05/12 -  Apple and Google involved in wage-fixing cartel, agree to settlement -- but clout of firms mean news is released slowly, and ignored
05/12 -  Workers in fast-food joints worldwide plan strikes on May 15
05/12 -  McCrory proposes fracking on state-owned lands
05/11 -  With 600 teacher resignations in Wake County since last year, pundits fear mass exodus of teachers in NC
05/11 -  Half of Fox News viewers are 68 or older
05/11 -  Raped Peace Corps volunteer gets no help from US government for abortion, then suffers second sexual assault
05/11 -  Koch brothers pouring more cash into upcoming elections than Democratic and Republican party committees combined
05/10 -  FBI investigating supporters of Cliven Bundy, racist rancher at heart of BLM standoff, for threatening federal agents with guns
05/10 -  Seattle's $15/hr minimum wage agreement may be model for collective bargaining in areas without unions
05/10 -  Snafus at NC Board of Elections mean that real-time election results of dubious quality
05/10 -  Kay Hagan presents strong case for Obamacare, surprising pundits
05/09 -  Teachers wary of McCrory's latest education proposal
05/09 -  Colorado lawmakers approve plan to permit banks to handle marijuana money
05/09 -  Bernie Sanders asks Fed chair: Is the US an oligarchy?
05/09 -  CNN commentator S. E. Cupp accuses Bill Nye of "bullying" people when he uses facts about global warming
05/08 -  Five Nobel-prize-winning economist call for end on war on drugs
05/08 -  Dangers from toxic factories hit minorities and poor most of all
05/08 -  Research shows Obamacare is saving lives
05/08 -  Despite millions spent and Superfund categorizations, CTS site remains site of little work
05/08 -  State's largest private water provider gains right to no-contest rate increases
05/07 -  BREAKING NEWS: Judge to decide whether descendants of Cherokee slaves to be included as citizens of Cherokee nation
05/07 -  GE tops Bernie Sanders' list of corporate tax avoiders
05/07 -  Supreme Court decision on public prayer permits the sort of state-sponsored worship the Founders avoided
05/07 -  Democrats outperformed Repulicans in NC early-voting turnout
05/07 -  Closing of education department at historically-Black university in Charlotte highlights effects of low teacher salaries
05/06 -  Carl Hiaasen: No execution is painless; all executions are cruel and unusual
05/06 -  Donald Sterling case illustrates problems of racism and low-income housing
05/06 -  Brookings Institute: It's time for religious progressives to speak up for social justice and economic equality
05/06 -  'Test prep' kills enthusiasm for learning, but persist in most schools despite calls for its reduction
05/05 -  Plants thrive on organic food, too
05/05 -  Wall Street bosses, Jeb Bush, CNN bigwigs support NY charter school chain
05/05 -  Scalia makes notable factual blunder in EPA opinion
05/05 -  Don't let myths, aimed at voter suppression, keep you from voting
05/04 -  CDC announces first case of MERS in US
05/04 -  Body of weather data leads to one conclusion: climate change leads to more extreme weather events
05/04 -  NC revenue shortfall to hit $445 million; is McCrory's 'economic miracle' in shambles?
05/04 -  Research: NC ranked last in nation for minority health
05/02 -  Piketty’s new book reveals reason for the turmoil among the upper classes: light is shining on exactly how they steal their riches from the poor
05/02 -  Research suggests that the reason for decreased worker mobility is that new jobs aren't worth a move
05/02 -  PA school board says student newspaper can't avoid use of defamatory Native American nickname for school's team
05/02 -  Looming antibiotic crisis may be "bigger than AIDS," WHO warns
05/01 -  Research shows that majority of Senate ads are from outside groups rather than from candidates themselves
05/01 -  Despite evidence, majority still thinks Obamacare isn't working; PR is more important than truth
05/01 -  New bill -- similar to last year's ALEC-sponsored legislation -- would let students cross county lines in move to disable power of teacher's unions