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MAIN News Archives for June 2014

06/30 -  Existence of emperor penguin threatened by global climate change
06/30 -  New "rollin' coal" fad involves trucks modified to spew smoke at pedestrians, "liberal-looking" cars
06/29 -  US-supported Egyptian government sentences three Al Jazeera journalists to at least seven years in prison
06/29 -  More than three-quarters of conservatives say the poor 'have it easy'
06/29 -  Reduction of CO2 emissions still best way to combat climate change
06/29 -  How the Koch Brothers, Rove, and Jeb Bush split on 'toxic' candidates like Thom Tillis
06/28 -  'Economic suicides' due to neoconservative policies now at about 5,000 per year, research suggests
06/28 -  Study shows that few doctors warn expectant mothers about environmental hazards
06/28 -  Supreme Court rules that warrants are needed for searches of cellphone records of arrested people
06/28 -  Proposed House budget includes $75 million in cuts for university system
06/27 -  "Kafkaesque" no-fly list ruled unconstitutional
06/27 -  UN study shows environment clearly tied to economic health
06/27 -  Life choices necessitated by student debt spoil the American Dream
06/27 -  NC lottery official says she was told to stay quiet about faulty budget numbers
06/26 -  U.N. rejects Australia's bid to strip rainforest of heritage status
06/26 -  Research: Voters of Cuban descent shifting toward the Democratic party
06/26 -  Bill requiring Duke Energy to pick up entire cost of coal ash cleanup defeated in NC Senate
06/26 -  Groups appeal to UN for assistance as Detroit shuts off water to thousands
06/25 -  Thirty-nine women prisoners in California were sterilized without consent
06/25 -  Hamid Karzai saw war against Afghanistan as a 'conspiracy' of foreign powers
06/25 -  Conservatives training 'poll watchers' in Mississippi to monitor Black voters
06/25 -  McCrory's '600 new jobs with Advance Auto Parts' are smoke and mirrors
06/24 -  DEA, for decades, has impeded and rejected research on medical uses of marijuana
06/24 -  Well-funded right-wing groups plan expansion of voucher scheme for unaccountable charter schools
06/24 -  DOT funds are used to pay salaries of McCrory staffers
06/24 -  Moral Mondays spread from North Carolina to Wisconsin
06/23 -  Eighty employees may have been exposed to anthrax at CDC
06/23 -  10853 of 10855 reputable scientific studies concur that global warming has human causes
06/23 -  Obama addresses seafood fraud, illegal fishing
06/23 -  NC Commerce Secretary on board of Art Pope's Family Dollar - and Ethics Commission has no comment
06/21 -  US scientists, oil giant stole indigenous blood from Amazoni tribal members
06/21 -  Oil and gas CEO says fracking is 100 percent safe
06/21 -  Taxpayer money being used by Koch brothers organizations to support seizures of public lands
06/21 -  NC's new restrictive voting laws will effect mostly African-Americans
06/20 -  Supreme Court to hear arguments about whether free speech rights protect social media harassment
06/20 -  Conservation group demands U.S. restore grizzly bears to native range
06/20 -  Republican's budget overestimates revenues from gambling for NC, documents show
06/20 -  Architects of Iraq disaster now reappearing to tell US what to do next
06/19 -  Fox News hosts describe Robert Bergdahl's father's beard as 'Islamic', 'suspicious'
06/19 -  Wells near coal ash sites leaching deadly toxins -- but Duke says 'more study is needed'
06/19 -  Hagan leading Tillis in polls
06/19 -  High student debt major cause of inequality, shrinking middle class
06/18 -  Right-wing war on science now includes war on science museums
06/18 -  Genes found in nature yield 1918-like influenza virus with pandemic potential
06/18 -  Judge rules that NC lawmakers violate speech rights in new attempts to limit Moral Monday protests
06/18 -  Koch brothers start a new super-PAC devoted to financing conservative candidates
06/17 -  Artificial pancreas offers hope to diabetes patients
06/17 -  Record ivory seizures show that elephants are at greatest risk ever
06/17 -  Majority of NC charter schools not ready for upcoming school year
06/17 -  How the 'gospel of innovation' gets it wrong
06/16 -  North Carolina Center for Advancement of Teaching would be eliminated under next budget
06/16 -  Movement of continents appears to be speeding up -- but why?
06/16 -  Despite public perception, there's no evidence that e-cigs are safer than traditional cigarettes
06/16 -  Asian slave labor providing cheap shrimp for WalMart
06/15 -  'Rewilding' program brings back the wisent, Europe's largest animal
06/15 -  South Carolina Democratic primary voters overwhelmingly support medical marijuana
06/15 -  European Union states seek option of banning genetically modified crops
06/15 -  Have Obamas purchased retirement home near Asheville?
06/15 -  NC House budget overestimates lottery revenues, documents show
06/14 -  Pigeon River Fund Board membership cleared of Democrats by Raleigh?
06/14 -  Gulf oil spill results in oil appearing on gulf coast even now, scientific data shows
06/14 -  Texas governor Rick Perry compares homosexuality to alcoholism
06/14 -  NAACP challenges Anti-Moral Monday rules in court
06/13 -  Too much fertilizer is bad for crops, helps encourage global warming
06/13 -  SBI conducts probe into sweepstakes industry campaign donations to McCrory, Tillis, Berger
06/13 -  US government seeks to cover up deaths at Guantanamo as 'suicides'
06/13 -  College student debt endangers economy -- and Obama is doing nothing
06/12 -  Research: Concentrated solar power projects in California can reduce bills by six cents per kilowatt-hour
06/12 -  College professor who defeated Cantor is a 'paid follower of Ayn Rand'
06/12 -  Even NC legislators don't want to accept McCrory's coal ash plan
06/12 -  Judge blocks Moffitt's powerplay to take over Asheville's water system
06/11 -  Whistleblower describes how EPA faked all the science around sewage sludge 'safety'
06/11 -  Despite court's repeal of ban, Wisconsin's Republican administration won't accept same-sex marriage certificates
06/11 -  Recently-revealed documents show that Big Tobacco had hopes of getting into marijuana business in 1970s
06/11 -  "Man in moon" mystery solved - crust on dark side is too tough for lava flows
06/11 -  Florida GOP Congressman: Global warming is impossible because dinosaurs became extinct
06/10 -  National nutritionists' conference is sponsored by McDonald's, similar firms
06/10 -  Ezra Klein: Seven reasons America will fail on global warming
06/10 -  Change proposed by Republican legislators in NC would effectively dismantle controls on car insurance industry
06/10 -  Saving trees in rain forests could curb global warming by 30 percent
06/09 -  Climate risk to island nations focus of World Environment Day
06/09 -  Privatized inspection systems threaten worldwide food safety
06/09 -  Republican mayor from eastern NC issues emotional call for Medicaid expansion
06/09 -  New NC budget includes millions in subsidies for fracking industry
06/08 -  Amy Goodman: Bowe Bergdahl and the darkening of the American soul
06/08 -  NC set to lower protection for wetlands
06/08 -  German nuclear waste may be heading to South Carolina site
06/08 -  Research: WalMart's low pay, treatment of workers have led to low reputation among shoppers
06/07 -  Teamsters: Ending worker exploitation key to healthy economy
06/07 -  Cheap solvents used in Oregon's marijuana snack industry lead to unexpected health hazards
06/07 -  World Health Organization: Deteriorating environment threatens human health worldwide
06/07 -  WalMart slashed tax bill by giving top execs huge bonuses
06/06 -  UNC legal center holds clinics for victims of NC's eugenics policies
06/06 -  ALEC supported 131 anti-environmental bills, leaked internal document reveals
06/06 -  Staple crops will have lower levels of necessary nutrients due to global warming, experts warn
06/06 -  Higher minimum wage will prove to be boost for the economy, economists argue
06/05 -  Russia suspends hog imports from US as result of pig virus scare
06/05 -  Rural versus urban split deepens nations liberal versus conservative divide
06/05 -  Physician shortage important factor in VA 'secret list' scandal
06/05 -  McCrory says Senate budget proposal is 'unworkable,' but thinks giving him control of SBI is fine
06/04 -  Dangerous levels of Roundup now showing up in urine, breast milk from GMO products
06/04 -  Research: Raising wages in retail industry is best avenue for economic gender equality
06/04 -  As Florida vote on medical cannabis nears, schools proliferate on pot cultivation
06/04 -  Today's acidification of oceans ten times faster than ancient maximum that led to mass extinctions
06/03 -  UN backlash as Uganda's 'anti-gay' minister heads for human rights top job
06/03 -  Destructive fishing methods are turning seas into 'deserts'
06/03 -  Research shows that 'war against religion' is a myth
06/03 -  Fox News: College slayings in California caused by liberals, homosexuals, and everything but lax gun laws
06/02 -  Complaint filed against four Florida insurers for discriminating against people with HIV/AIDS
06/02 -  NC funds phony 'teacher pay raise' by cutting school budgets, tenure
06/02 -  Federal control of health exchanges a result of Republican intransigence
06/02 -  Driving and car ownership in steep decline
06/01 -  National Park Service to begin commemorating LGBT historic sites
06/01 -  New Orleans now has only charter schools in major school district
06/01 -  NC Senate tries to move State Bureau of Investigation control from Attorney General to Governor
06/01 -  Elizabeth City State University, a predominantly Black university, may be closed under new budget