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MAIN News Archives for August 2014

08/31 -  Dupont fined $1.275 million in West Virginia toxic pollution case
08/31 -  The true American exceptionalism: A nine-year old mows down a gun instructor with an Uzi
08/31 -  Indicted paving company owner is major donor to McCrory
08/31 -  GOP pushes online charter schools in NC
08/30 -  Despite decrease in particulate pollutants, secondhand smoke from e-cigs has increased levels of toxic metals
08/30 -  PA governor accepts Medicaid expansion to bolster reelection bid
08/30 -  America's workers need faster wage growth
08/30 -  North Carolina may once again deserve "Rip Van Winkle State" moniker
08/28 -  Ancient Mayan cities' ruins discovered in Mexico
08/28 -  Coalitions of environmental groups file suits against U.S. Forest Service to stop sale of old-growth timber in Alaska
08/28 -  Union report says NC loses millions from airline tax breaks
08/28 -  NC fall ballot to include amendment on right to a jury trial
08/27 -  4 out of 10 restaurant workers live in near-poverty conditions
08/27 -  NC officials fine Duke Energy for coal ash dumps seeping pollution into groundwater near Wilmington
08/27 -  Gay club's advertisement of two of 19th century's most prominent cultural figures kissing sparks controversy in Kazakhstan
08/27 -  Study finds link between states with legal marijuana use and lower painkiller overdose deaths
08/26 -  New analysis shows combined sources of pollution kill ten million annually in developing world
08/26 -  Time's 'no angel' comment about Michael Brown is race-baiting, Melissa Harris-Perry argues
08/26 -  Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Hobby Lobby president to lead 'Star Spangled Sunday' event at Charlotte's First Baptist
08/26 -  Citizen-Times: Tillis' plan to move to 'user fees' is part of ALEC's plan to move US back to 19th century
08/22 -  VA drafts revised marriage license in anticipation of same-sex marriage
08/22 -  Supreme Court delays ruling on VA same-sex marriage ban
08/22 -  NC coal ash legislation passes with broad majority
08/22 -  NC budget provision requires three judge panel to rule on any constitutional challenge to state law
08/21 -  With little oversight, millions of dollars from Homeland Security given to US law enforcement for military-grade equipment since 9/11
08/21 -  Little League player appears for first time on Sports Illustrated cover
08/21 -  Birds burnt in midair by solar plant highlight fact that no energy source is without dangers
08/21 -  McCrory violates campaign promise by signing new restrictions on abortion rights
08/21 -  Companies illegally using diesel fuel in fracking compounds
08/21 -  Ferguson courts harass poor and minority citizens, report shows
08/19 -  Research explores how 'values voters' systematically distort information to suit their own biases
08/19 -  New mental health act in Congress would encourage coercive state laws, says psychiatric association
08/19 -  Protest, and working class-solidarity with indigenous people, on rise in Canada
08/19 -  Despite Republican promises, business recruitment declines in NC
08/18 -  Norway is world leader in converting trash into energy - and getting paid for it
08/18 -  Leonard Pitts: In Ferguson, the whole world is watching
08/18 -  NC tax credit that helped rescue historic businesses and homes faces likely extinction
08/18 -  Racial profiling in Alamance County makes national news
08/17 -  Documents reveal Charles Koch was a member of the John Birch Society
08/17 -  Legally, any American can take any police officer's photo
08/17 -  Ferguson police charged a man with destruction of property for bleeding on their uniforms after they beat him
08/17 -  McCrory: "We haven't broken any rules" in sale of Duke Energy stock
08/16 -  Growth hormone treatments linked to higher risk of stroke
08/16 -  NAACP, coalition plan week of rallies in Raleigh
08/16 -  Of nation's 50 largest cities, Charlotte has worst economic mobility
08/16 -  Texas Governor Rick Perry indicted by grand jury
08/16 -  Anonymous released incorrect name of shooter in Ferguson case
08/14 -  AP staffers killed in violence in Gaza
08/14 -  Mississippi continues legal battle to shut down state's only abortion clinic
08/14 -  NC now has three-judge panel to rule on any challenge to constitutionality of rulings; only state in US with such shielding
08/13 -  Marijuana legalization has not increased highway fatalities
08/13 -  Nigeria's third death of Ebola confirmed
08/13 -  Koch brothers and DC conservatives spending millions on nonpartisan state supreme court races
08/13 -  NC's new charter school law bypasses oversight of state education commission
08/12 -  Rioting erupts in Ferguson, Missouri, amid protests after law enforcement official shoots unarmed 18-year-old black male
08/12 -  Tourist crashes drone into famed Yellowstone National Park hot spring
08/12 -  Washington state farmer designs high-yield greenhouse food to address pending global food shortages
08/12 -  Pew Research study finds Americans view atheists as "cold"
08/11 -  New Mexico woman sues employer over medical marijuana
08/11 -  EPA to ban common refrigerant in cars, grocery stores to speed climate mitigation
08/11 -  Climate change means average rate of "very heavy precipitation" rises 71 percent in New England
08/11 -  Rockingham county, already site of Dan River spill, braces for fracking
08/10 -  Tillis and Hagan receive campaign donations from coal companies
08/10 -  Wikimedia and photographer in dispute over who owns the "selfie" taken by a macaque
08/10 -  New law in Brazil protects country's 7 million domestic workers' rights
08/10 -  Debate erupts over claim that first all-female team climbed K2
08/08 -  Street performer in D.C. sues to keep his guitar case open, cites free speech
08/08 -  Lag in public transit disproportionately in the South
08/08 -  Obama states position on net neutrality and "Internet fast lanes"
08/08 -  Hagan visits Easter Band of Cherokee reservation, learns of several tribal initiatives
08/07 -  FBI report states black civil rights activist was killed at Wounded Knee occupation in 1973
08/07 -  Investigation of Air Force Academy reveals endemic rape culture
08/07 -  So go the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so goes crime in New York
08/07 -  Federal legislation to legally unlock your cellphone passes
08/06 -  Graphic evidence demonstrates how Dollar Stores, related chains target poor consumers
08/06 -  Tornado clusters linked to climate change
08/06 -  Obama administration will attempt to stem tide of corporate tax flight
08/06 -  Art Pope steps down as NC state budget director
08/05 -  Marijuana tourists flock to Colorado
08/05 -  Nixon's media strategy still staple of Republican party politics
08/05 -  McCrory gives his cabinet generous raises
08/05 -  NC state senator Goolsby resigns early after complaints about his investment firm
08/04 -  Reports indicate that Hamas may not have kidnapped Israeli teens after all
08/04 -  Toledo water system turned off because of algae bloom
08/04 -  Statue of homeless Jesus startles wealthy Charlotte community
08/04 -  General Assembly may no longer fund driver education
08/02 -  Research suggests that hardship could leave a genetically-inherited mark
08/02 -  Proposed pay increase raises ire of veteran NC teachers
08/02 -  Cargill, one of major buyers of palm oil harvesting connected to rainforest depletion, announces a change
08/02 -  Guatemala's Ixil Mayans killed by army in 1982 receive burial
08/01 -  Charlotte missionary fights for her life after contracting Ebola virus
08/01 -  Argentina's looming default contains high-level intrigue between president and creditors
08/01 -  Female condom needs better PR and more respect as viable contraceptive device
08/01 -  Louisiana chemical plant that was site of 2011 explosion did not receive fine