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MAIN News Archives for October 2014

10/31 -  Maine obtains temporary restraining order to restrict nurse's movements due to Ebola fears
10/31 -  Poll shows Ager with substantial lead on Ramsey
10/31 -  Guilford voting machine repeated switches Hagan vote to Tillis
10/31 -  McCrory's reclassification of worker's comp workers makes it harder to get judgments against employers
10/30 -  Kay Hagan sign burned in Huntersville family's front yard
10/30 -  Digital divide worsens financial inequality
10/30 -  Netanyahu says relationship between Israel and US is still strong despite administration comments
10/30 -  Democrats strongly outpacing Republicans in early voting in NC
10/29 -  Asheville labeled 'the next Green tech town'
10/29 -  Pope Francis says Big Bang theory is how universe was created
10/29 -  NC now sending checks to victims of state's eugenics program
10/29 -  300,000 workers have dropped from work-force calculations since 2010 in NC
10/28 -  Almost half of CA Muslim students report being bullied for their beliefs
10/28 -  SC GOP congressional candidate describes same-sex marriage as 'pestilence'
10/28 -  Research shows marijuana use not correlated with changes in IQ
10/28 -  Director of state board of elections married to lawyer defending controversial voting reforms
10/27 -  Brazil's Rousseff, candidate of the poor, reelected in narrow victory
10/27 -  Some senior citizens still paying off student loans
10/27 -  US federal court to hear arguments on whether marijuana is misclassified as dangerous drug
10/27 -  Editorial: Quarantine of Africa is as sensible as quarantine of Texas
10/26 -  Research: Abundant natural gas will not slow climate change
10/26 -  Arizona Republican congressman says 'secular left' will bring down US
10/26 -  NYT: Does Pope Francis put papal infallibility at risk?
10/26 -  NC legislature injects partisan politics into NC supreme court races
10/25 -  NC has largest number of negative political ads in nation
10/25 -  Manufacturing moving from China to US in reversal of years-long trend
10/25 -  Oldest human genome reveals that our ancestors interbred with Neanderthals
10/25 -  Chicago Tribune: Why we link Ebola to movies like 'Contagion'
10/24 -  Russian social network hosts "Miss Hitler" contest
10/24 -  Decriminalization of marijuana leads to no adverse effects on teens, study shows
10/24 -  Massachusetts most energy-efficient state; NC ranks 24th
10/24 -  "Paper classes," widespread misconduct inflated athletes' grades at UNC
10/23 -  New lax regulations in Brazil lead to spike in Amazon deforestation
10/23 -  Chris Christie says he's 'tired' of hearing about the minimum wage
10/23 -  Poll: Confidence in ability of gov't to handle Ebola drops
10/23 -  Conservative group runs anti-Hagan ads on Hulu -- for stoners
10/22 -  Research: Wind may provide 30 percent of world power by 2050
10/22 -  Poll shows Hagan continuing to hold small lead
10/22 -  Court of Appeals reopens ASU early voting site
10/22 -  More than three quarters of new voter registrations in NC are 'unaffiliated'
10/21 -  Study: Antibiotics can lead to increased transmission of disease
10/21 -  In Texas, concealed carry permit serves as voter ID -- but a student ID won't
10/21 -  National journal cites Moffitt race as bucking national trend
10/21 -  NC house candidate says 'drill here so troops won't have to keep drill sites open over there'
10/20 -  Major oil spill strikes Louisiana; cleanup underway
10/20 -  Janet Yellen: Inequality continues to rise
10/20 -  Clinton to campaign for Kay Hagan
10/20 -  NC 'values coalition' urging registrars of deeds not to issue marriage licenses to gay couples
10/19 -  Pope Francis loses battle with cardinals as welcoming language for gays removed from announcement
10/19 -  Study shows electric cars are bad for the environment in countries where coal is main source of energy
10/19 -  Rev. Barber's book to be released in November
10/19 -  NC senate race now highest in outside spending
10/17 -  Hillary Clinton expresses support for net neutrality
10/17 -  Research report praising charter schools withdrawn because of faulty methodology
10/17 -  Carolina Public Press wins Innovation Fund award
10/17 -  Feminist cancels speech at Utah university because open carry laws mean security can't be provided
10/16 -  Elon Musk predicts driverless cars will be safer than human-driven cars in a decade
10/16 -  Research suggests 21-day quarantine for Ebola may be insufficient
10/16 -  UNCC will host inclusive senate debate featuring write-in candidates
10/16 -  Duke identifies 830 wells at risk for pollution from coal ash ponds
10/15 -  Doctor accused of medical experimentation over botched execution
10/15 -  Early voting data sign of hope for Democrats in Senatorial campaigns
10/15 -  NC House election in Harnett, Lee becoming referendum on fracking
10/15 -  Former Charlotte mayor sentenced to prison term in bribery case
10/14 -  Bill to legalize recreational marijuana in DC takes lead in polls
10/14 -  Earth just had its hottest September on record, according to NASA
10/14 -  Judge orders reinstitution of ASU early voting site in rebuke to GOP
10/14 -  Editorial: Why comments about "how Islam leads to violence" are wrong
10/13 -  Young black males 21 times more likely to be shot by police than their white counterparts
10/13 -  NIH head says budget cuts killed Ebola vaccine
10/13 -  Most reporting on Ebola is fearmongering; outbreaks in US will be stopped quickly, expert says
10/13 -  Philadelphia students go on strike for teacher benefits
10/12 -  Study shows tropical fish moving poleward 26km per decade in new proof of global warming
10/12 -  State commissioner says anti-fracking comments "don't count"
10/12 -  Cash seizures fuel police spending on a variety of strange purchases
10/12 -  Study finds that NC is worst state in US for teachers
10/11 -  Editorial: GOP searches for alternative position to climate-change denial
10/11 -  Same-sex marriage begins in Asheville
10/11 -  Gay marriage now legal in NC
10/11 -  First same-sex couple marries in NC in Guilford County
10/10 -  Susan Koman Foundation comes up with pink fracking drill bit for cancer awareness; critics befuddled
10/10 -  Boone Ebola threat proves to be false alarm
10/10 -  Tillis, Berger file motion to intervene in NC same-sex marriage ruling
10/10 -  NC GOP hires anti-gay leaders in effort to stop same-sex marriage
10/09 -  Ebola vaccine in rush development
10/09 -  N&O: Tax and spending cuts raised jobless rate in NC
10/09 -  Judge takes step toward gay marriage in NC
10/09 -  Ad buys in NC Supreme Court election pass $ 1 million
10/08 -  Poll: Ramsey trails Ager in Buncombe County
10/08 -  Editorial: Appelate court blocks access to abortion in Texas
10/08 -  Rule to make Ferguson protesters keep in constant motion declared unconstitutional
10/08 -  So far, Democrats at 41 % of early ballot requests in NC, to Republican 36 %
10/07 -  Supreme Court ruling may lead to same-sex marriage in 30 states
10/07 -  Long-term warming of ocean has been significantly underestimated, study shows
10/07 -  Americans for Prosperity's tax cuts for corporations have gutted public education in NC
10/07 -  Tillis advocated legislation to increase value of trailer park he owns