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MAIN News Archives for November 2014

11/30 -  Hopes rise for global climate deal after US - China agreement
11/30 -  Multimillion-dollar Christian organization seeks to make gay sex illegal
11/30 -  State budgetary issues lead to troubling decrease in number of autopsies conducted
11/30 -  GOP seeks to disqualify votes in entire heavily-Democratic precinct in NC
11/28 -  Sheldon Adelson gives millions to send Israel to the moon
11/28 -  Fracking industry suing over drilling bans
11/28 -  Militarization of oil fields major issue in OPEC summit
11/27 -  Progressives will rebuild by thinking long-term
11/27 -  US pays heavy price for refusal to be honest about need for taxes
11/27 -  Charitable giving down in NC
11/27 -  Rampant prosecutorial misconduct is rarely punished
11/26 -  Ferguson: Baffling decisions continue to provoke a traumatized community
11/26 -  EU court rules UK must limit diesel exhaust
11/26 -  World Economic Forum: How to make capitalism more ethical
11/26 -  Chris Christie isn't back -- his moment has passed
11/25 -  Climate change will double likelihood of 'super El Nino' events
11/25 -  Surveys show climate skeptics opinion unchanged by recent abnormal weather
11/25 -  Darren Wilson wasn't indicted -- the system was
11/25 -  In wake of Ferguson decision, Darren Wilson's testimony released
11/24 -  UVA students protest in wake of damning Rolling Stone article
11/24 -  Reviewer misses the point: Slavery may have been what made US rich
11/24 -  Republican purge of voters may have led to victories in NC, other states
11/23 -  Remembering transgendered victims of hate crimes
11/23 -  In Mexico, massive march against narco-state fueled by antiquated US drug laws
11/23 -  Interpol targets nine in environmental crimes
11/23 -  Thomas Frank: Maybe this time, Democrats won't buy "contest for the center" lie
11/22 -  Research suggests that erosion may trigger earthquakes
11/22 -  Court rules state of Michigan not responsible for quality public education
11/22 -  Senator says White House doesn't want public to know scope of CIA torture
11/22 -  Survey finds few employers dropping health benefits as result of Obamacare
11/21 -  UNCA student wounded in shooting near campus
11/21 -  Study shows racial disparities in arrests the norm in US
11/21 -  Court says NC emails on redistricting must be released
11/21 -  McCrory uses Duke-affiliated lawyers to block appointments to coal-ash commission
11/20 -  Medical groups back nurse who refused to force-feed inmates at Guantanamo
11/20 -  NC mining commission ignores public request on fracking
11/19 -  One in thirty American children are homeless
11/19 -  Forest Service approves fracking in largest national forest on east coast
11/19 -  Duke plans to dump coal ash near Sanford, NC
11/19 -  Kay Hagan, lamest of lame ducks, signs on to sponsor Keystone Pipeline
11/18 -  Super typhoon Haiyan strongest on record with over 10,000 feared dead in Philippines
11/18 -  NATO warns of Russian buildup around Ukraine
11/18 -  Four killed in Jerusalem synagogue attack near Holocaust museum
11/18 -  Texas plant where chemical leak killed four hadn't been inspected in seven years
11/17 -  NC coal ash comission wants consumers to pay for cleanup
11/17 -  Kiribati: First nation in the world to face extinction from global warming
11/17 -  Hollywood left turns out to celebrate Howard Zinn's legacy
11/17 -  Rev. Barber: "We will fight until hell freezes over"
11/16 -  Major firms want net neutrality - but won't say so in public
11/16 -  Will American bishops follow progressive lead of Pope Francis?
11/16 -  New NC in House may be 'trouble' for Republicans after comment that US should invade Mexico
11/16 -  NC tax revenues down through first third of fiscal year
11/15 -  Glenn Greenwald: There is genuine excitement over a Clinton candidacy
11/15 -  Despite midterms, American majority is progressive
11/15 -  Chris Christie's worst enemy as Presidential candidate -- his temper
11/15 -  NC's Economic Development Partnership - unaccountable and unmonitored?
11/14 -  Use of domestic drone surveillance rapidly expanding, report shows
11/14 -  Fukushima radioactive cesium found off California coast
11/14 -  State coal ash commission contains no Democrats, tilted toward industrial concerns
11/14 -  Forest Service proposes opening Pisgah-Nantahala forests to logging
11/13 -  National legalization of gay marriage could lead to 2.5 billion economic boom
11/13 -  Climate change alters even groundwater systems
11/13 -  Obama outmaneuvers Republicans on climate change in deal with China
11/13 -  SELC continues crusade to clean up coal ash
11/12 -  California's passage of Prop 47 reclassifies many nonviolent crimes, will ease prison crowding
11/12 -  Friends of the Earth petitions NRC to release seismic data re California reactor
11/12 -  The surprise was that Hagan loss was a surprise
11/12 -  Ted Cruz' statements on net neutrality are dangerous
11/11 -  Three-D printers are now a reality and making daily goods
11/11 -  In rural US, teaching science is becoming increasingly difficult
11/11 -  First solar-panel bike path planned in Amsterdam
11/11 -  Communities fight laws that prohibit municipalities from creating broadband networks
11/10 -  New strain of Ebola emerges in Congo
11/10 -  Airbag manufacturer knew of risk in product that killed four, injured hundreds, as early as 2004
11/10 -  Hagan not expected to launch 2016 campaign
11/10 -  Special interests invited to attend meeting about drilling off NC's coasts -- but not public
11/09 -  Anti-semitism in the spotlight in Poland
11/09 -  Success of votes on marijuana push us closer to weed business boom
11/09 -  Urban farming big success in Wheeling, WV
11/09 -  Leonard Pitts: Democrats had nothing to say, and said it poorly
11/08 -  Ignored by West, Russian economy is disintegrating
11/08 -  DENR rejects Duke coal ash testing plan as 'insufficient'
11/08 -  McCrory holds closed meetings on offshore oil drilling
11/08 -  Hartmann: The GOP plan to deprive Obama of a legacy worked
11/07 -  Vehicle exhaust linked to ADHD
11/07 -  Moderate 'Blue Dog' Democrats lost seats; Congressional Progressive Caucus lost none
11/07 -  Editorial: States likely to set progressive agenda for near future
11/07 -  A new crop of climate-change deniers heads to the US Senate
11/06 -  Despite 2014 election, GOP base is still white and aging -- and vanishing
11/06 -  Kentucky teacher resigns over forced Ebola scare leave
11/06 -  Today in history: TB vaccine perfected -- in Asheville!
11/06 -  The real winner in the election is weed
11/05 -  Despite redistricting, Democrats gain seats in NC assembly, but GOP still has control
11/05 -  Ager defeats Ramsey in NC House 115
11/05 -  Turner defeats Moffitt in NC House 116
11/05 -  Tillis wins most expensive Senate race in US history
11/04 -  Anti-abortion "personhood" movement up to voters in ND
11/04 -  Minimum wage raises may be big midterm winner
11/04 -  Justice Department to monitor election in Robeson County
11/04 -  Final analysis of NC senate elections: Hagan ahead, but it will be close
11/03 -  Thousands of Native Americans protest racist Washington team mascot
11/03 -  New UN report says climate change dangers are higher than ever
11/03 -  Principal accused of blocking gay-straight alliance in Hillsborough school resigns
11/03 -  Ben Stein, GOP pundit, calls Obama "most racist president ever"
11/02 -  Scientists attempt to predict number of US Ebola cases -- in worst case scenario, 130
11/02 -  Europe strives for global leadership on climate change
11/02 -  FCC's new 'net neutrality' plan doesn't really support net neutrality
11/01 -  AlterNet: Fundamentalists are freaking out in Texas
11/01 -  WaPo: Ferguson civil rights charges are unlikely
11/01 -  Pinochet's grandson to start new right-wing political party in Chile
11/01 -  Former Florida GOP congressman has his cocaine bust expunged