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MAIN News Archives for December 2014

12/30 -  Environmentalists criticize TVA plan to expand coal-ash landfills
12/30 -  Despite enrollment shortfalls, more charter schools to open in NC metro areas
12/30 -  Sanders: We must fight for our progressive vision
12/30 -  Fallows: The tragedy of the American military
12/27 -  Four hundred feet of AVL airport retaining wall, with coal ash behind, crumble after heavy rains
12/27 -  Iran's army test suicide drone in drills
12/27 -  Low wages, tip structure make food service the trade most likely to report sexual harrassment claims
12/27 -  NC has lost $6 billion by not expanding Medicaid
12/27 -  Female vets fight for help after sexual assaults
12/26 -  The real war on Christmas is the war on the poor
12/26 -  Alternet's 10 most important environmental stories of 2014
12/26 -  NASA maps CO2 emissions over entire planet
12/25 -  Stop the War on Jewish Christmas!
12/25 -  New study adds to skepticism that North Korea was behind Sony hack
12/25 -  Lanes closed on I40 as tractor spills beef jerky
12/25 -  Glaciers in China that are critical to India's ecosystem are melting fast
12/24 -  Baltimore Fox affiliate edits protest footage to sound like 'Kill a Cop'
12/24 -  What we need to learn from Malala is to value education in the US
12/24 -  Now that the Dow has hit 18000, let's remember when Bush advisors said Obama would 'kill the Dow'
12/24 -  Americans are sick of both political parties
12/24 -  What about the CIA's torture victims NOT covered by the official report?
12/23 -  Pope Francis warns Vatican of pathology of power
12/23 -  NASA Goddard instrument makes first detection of organic material on Mars
12/23 -  Districts most at risk from climate change most likely to be represented by climate change deniers
12/23 -  Appeals court strikes down NC abortion law, calling it ideological in intent
12/22 -  Republicans have 52-47 edge in county commissions in NC
12/22 -  UNC Board review of research centers may be driven by Art Pope
12/22 -  Biden increasingly unlikely as presidential candidate
12/22 -  GAO says FBI anthrax investigation was flawed
12/21 -  WHO says death toll continues to climb in West Africa
12/21 -  CIA's torture should be reframed as experimentation on humans
12/21 -  Thirty-six Senate, House Democrats release letter urging FCC to act on Net Neutrality
12/21 -  Diesel truck pollution improves due to California restrictions
12/20 -  New EPA standards label toxic coal ash as 'non-hazardous waste'
12/20 -  US Supreme Court denies Florida request for stay of same-sex marriage ruling
12/20 -  Haaretz: Israel should welcome Palestinian UN bid seeking end to occupation
12/20 -  Today's lawmakers unprepared for interest rate hikes expected in 2015
12/19 -  McCrory attacks AP after release of story about donations to him from online mortgage broker
12/19 -  Chomsky: "America is not a pretty sight"
12/19 -  Witness 40 in Michael Brown case has past as racist, fraudster
12/19 -  Subprime lending has returned with a vengeance
12/18 -  Greenwald: Clinton versus Bush tells you everything you need to know about US politics
12/18 -  GOP lawmaker wants women to get permission of father to get an abortion
12/18 -  AP: McCrory received huge donations from online mortgage broker accused of bilking clients
12/18 -  Legal maneuvering absolves Duke of resposibility for coal ash dumps
12/17 -  First African-American woman confirmed as lifetime appointed federal judge in NC
12/17 -  NC Policy Watch: McCrory has failed to keep his word on almost every campaign promise
12/17 -  Jeb Bush, now playing the moderate, has far-right legacy
12/17 -  Young women love Elizabeth Warren
12/16 -  BREAKING: "Frozen" director apologizes for "Let It Go" song
12/16 -  Rick Perry says the Bible justifies Texas' poverty levels
12/16 -  Sandy Hook families sue weaponmaker for gun made to goverment specifications for killing humans
12/16 -  WaPo: Art Pope at heart of transformation of NC into conservative Mecca
12/16 -  NC rep McHenry brags about slashing EPA budget
12/15 -  UN members agree to deal at climate talks
12/15 -  Greensboro husband and former police officer wife in deadly shootout
12/15 -  Rove says Bush "intimately involved" with torture
12/15 -  Kirk Cameron's apology for Christmas, 'Saving Christmas', now rated worst movie of all time
12/14 -  Jeb Bush to GOP: Give up nostalgia for Ronnie
12/14 -  CIA chief: What the CIA did was legally not torture
12/14 -  Although the doctors responsible for torture are identified, it is unlikely they will be brought to justice
12/14 -  Most important terror detainees not interviewed in report on US torture
12/13 -  Hasidic organization must repay $850k of Homeland Security funds diverted to payroll, other uses
12/13 -  By refusing to take sides, NPR gives torture deniers equal status with critics
12/13 -  FBI to investigate hanging death of teenager in Bladenboro
12/13 -  Ohio charter schools, on average, perform worse than public schools
12/12 -  Bank of America ordered to pay family $1M for harassing them with 700 collection robocalls
12/12 -  Scientists explore link between ALS and algae
12/12 -  NC revenue shortfall at 200 million due to Art Pope's budgetary brilliance
12/12 -  Cheney says Bush knew "everything" about torture program
12/09 -  NC constitution still says atheists can't hold public office
12/09 -  WaPo: Democratic Party's long-term problems even worse than you think
12/09 -  2014 was last year in which US could claim to be world's largest economy
12/09 -  Michigan house passes bill allowing almost all service providers right to refuse services to gay people
12/08 -  New racial profiling rules won't apply at airports or borders
12/08 -  Scientists may have found early warning signs of abrupt climate change to come
12/08 -  Rep. Peter King: Health issues led to Eric Garner's death
12/08 -  No jail time for SC electronic gambling operators; industry has ties to McCrory, Tillis
12/07 -  There is no national database on police shootings, and the data is hard to gather
12/07 -  EU countries granted right to ban GMO crops
12/07 -  Conservation group says Duke Energy plant is leaking coal ash into Yadkin River
12/07 -  Rand Paul's opthamology certification comes from -- himself!
12/05 -  Eugene Robinson: African-American men are being taught a lesson about how much US values their lives
12/05 -  Report: Wind energy could reduce pollution equal to five coal plants for NC
12/05 -  Ferguson protestor photo, edited into racist image, goes viral on the right
12/05 -  WaPo: Net Neutrality essential to our democracy
12/04 -  Research shows that economic mobility is dead in US
12/04 -  Kennesaw, GA refuses to permit mosque to operate in shopping center
12/04 -  Hagan will probably not run for office again
12/04 -  Mitt Romney still number one with Republican voters
12/03 -  GOP wants CBO to change the way it does math
12/03 -  Florida abandons clean energy, cutting subsidies and gutting efficiency goals
12/03 -  British oil giant forced to cut CEO pay in half
12/03 -  New NC high school course that doesn't call US 'exceptional' draws fire from ALEC
12/02 -  Haaretz: Israel's tilt to the right was start of the road to oblivion
12/02 -  At climate talks, UN calls fossil fuels 'high risk' investment
12/02 -  Over 450 reported police homices in US last year; in UK, none
12/02 -  Tillis calls for debate on strikes on ISIS
12/01 -  Geoengineering is no quick fix for global warming, scientists say
12/01 -  Ohio Republicans push law to keep all details of executions secret
12/01 -  Cairo erupts as Mubarak declared innocent
12/01 -  Pro-democracy activists surround government buildings in Hong Kong