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MAIN News Archives for January 2015

01/30 -  Despite gerrymandering, Buncombe one of most liberal counties in state -- and nation
01/30 -  NC Republicans planning new assault on abortion rights
01/30 -  Were Moral Monday leaders provoked at legislature? See for yourself --
01/29 -  In last 30 years, most Americans have gotten poorer
01/29 -  Legislators invited to closed meeting on 'religious freedom' with right-wing group
01/29 -  Esquire: Art Pope is why NC is 'newly insane'
01/28 -  Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in CO at near-historic lows
01/28 -  Grayson may run for Rubio's seat in 2016
01/28 -  NC offshore wind energy moves forward
01/28 -  Atlantic: The Netanyahu Disaster
01/27 -  Former NC GOP leader pleads guilty of theft of $300k from a non-profit
01/27 -  Koch bros. plan to spend $900 million on 2016 campaign
01/27 -  More beekeepers quit as winter die-offs continue
01/27 -  Cheap gas as a result of fracking aids Saudis in quest to delay work on climate change
01/26 -  UK parliamentary committee calls for ban on fracking due to uncertainties on environmental impacts
01/26 -  US-led forces launch 34 air strikes in Syria, Iraq
01/26 -  Former environmental regulator turns down Asheville job to serve as policy advisor
01/26 -  NC GOP cuts legal aid to migrant farmworkers
01/25 -  King Tut's burial mask 'irreversibly damaged' by museum during repair efforts
01/25 -  High number of suicides in recent months at ASU haas administrators concerned
01/25 -  Study shows American liberals and conservatives think as if from different cultures
01/25 -  Doctor now discredited and disgraced single-handedly responsible for measles outbreaks
01/23 -  New research calls asteroid theory of dinosaur extinction into doubt
01/23 -  Anti-Defamation League calls Netanyahu appearance before Congress 'political stunt'
01/23 -  Tillis promotes offshore drilling in first Senate speech
01/23 -  Art Pope's Civitas Institute publishes map of left-wing network in NC
01/22 -  Argentina's president now believes Nisman's death was not suicide
01/22 -  Nigerian outbreak of H5N1 bird flu spreading in west Africa
01/22 -  GOP drops vote on abortion bill, fearing revote from female lawmakers
01/22 -  Wilson, NC will ask FCC for expansion of civic rights to provide broadband services
01/21 -  Chris Kyle, 'American Sniper,' left unverifiable legacy
01/21 -  Multiple serial rapists identified in Detroit after crime lab finally processes backlog of rape kits
01/21 -  Mystery goo killing birds in San Francisco Bay
01/21 -  Bodies of missing teens found in French Broad river
01/20 -  Mysterious loud booms wake WNC residents
01/20 -  Genetic variation shown to interact with nerve-gas pill to cause Gulf War illness
01/20 -  The conspiracy to deny the conspiracy to fire UNC president Tom Ross
01/20 -  Barber: Moral Monday movement similar to Civil Rights movement
01/19 -  Memorial held for victim of Paris grocery-store massacre in Tunis
01/19 -  US maternal mortality figures increase, likely because of income inequality
01/19 -  Rumors swirl that Art Pope to be next UNC president
01/19 -  Ross, appearing shocked, removed as UNC president
01/16 -  Scientists discover oldest intact skeleton in New World
01/16 -  NC ACLU turns 50 today
01/16 -  Were Paris shooters part of international terrorist conspiracy?
01/16 -  Bill permitting registrars-of-deeds to opt-out of gay marriage laws on way to NC legislature
01/15 -  BREAKING: Belgian TV says two dead in counter-terrorism raid
01/15 -  European parliament backs GMO choice for member states
01/15 -  New Republican congress hopes to privatize Social Security
01/15 -  NC Demoratic Party broke and in debt
01/14 -  Sudden dispersals of methane may hasten climate change, scientists say
01/14 -  Bipartisan bills would make the Bible the state book of Mississippi
01/14 -  NC revenue shortfall under McCrory's economic miracle at 1/2 billion
01/14 -  Local opposition to coal ash dumps grows in central NC
01/13 -  Greenwald: Obama's NSA reforms do little to change bulk surveillance
01/13 -  Republicans poised to push 20-week ban on abortions
01/13 -  Looming budget shortfall facing new NC legislature
01/13 -  McCrory facing ethics complaint
01/09 -  Leader of Hezbollah says extremists harm Islam more than do cartoonists
01/09 -  BREAKING: Explosions at Paris hostage sites
01/09 -  EPA finds higher concentrations of medicines in drinking water than expected
01/09 -  NC agency ends sole-source availability of Koch-funded history materials
01/08 -  Catholic League president blames Charlie Hebdo publisher for own death
01/08 -  More results of the anti-vaccine movement: seven southern Calif. residents infected with measles at Disneyland
01/08 -  Kay Hagan versus the skinny-dipping senators
01/07 -  Scientists hunt for Ebola virus in bats in Asia
01/07 -  Haaretz: Israel must abandon policies of occupation and fire Netanyahu
01/07 -  At least twelve dead in Paris shooting at satirical magazine that published cartoons about Islam
01/07 -  Foster children used in dangerous drug trials
01/06 -  Safeway grocery chain to pay millions for environmental violations
01/06 -  USAF reportedly running short of drone pilots
01/06 -  Keystone pipeline not in national interest
01/06 -  Ocean's rise necessitates huge sandbag wall on Topsail Island
01/05 -  New congress most anti-science body since Scopes Monkey Trial
01/05 -  Al Jazeera: Fareed Zakaria is making plagiarism mainstream
01/05 -  Study: IMF austerity programs led to Ebola deaths
01/05 -  FCC sets deadline for vote on net neutrality
01/04 -  The Frommer's blunder: How to repair the damage of a badly done good travel rating
01/04 -  Made-up study connecting autism and vaccines has had serious public health effects
01/04 -  Local radio does story on Silver Shirts, Asheville's Nazi organization of the 1930s
01/04 -  Flu mutated while this year's vaccine in production
01/03 -  Pat Robertson: "Gay people will die out because they don't reproduce"
01/03 -  Maryland governor commutes all remaining death sentences to life without parole
01/03 -  Florida clerks cancel all courthouse weddings to avoid same-sex weddings
01/03 -  GMA: Asheville is 2015's No. 1 travel destination
01/01 -  SC governor defends Confederate flag at statehouse: not a single CEO has complained
01/01 -  Asheville number 6 on Top 10 sickest metro areas in US list
01/01 -  Firestorm Books has a new West Asheville home