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MAIN News Archives for March 2015

03/31 -  Current wave of 'religious liberty' laws have roots in segregation-era legislation
03/31 -  John McCain suggests Israel start war with Iran to derail negotiations
03/31 -  NC GOP lawmakers want hospitals to be able to turn away gay patients
03/31 -  Guinea declares 45-day Ebola emergency
03/30 -  Seven months after exoneration, McCrory still has not pardoned two African-Americans
03/30 -  Rural GOP legislator propose bill to redistribute NC sales tax monies from urban areas
03/30 -  Krugman: With actual cost of Obamacare lower than projected, GOP liars going full-tilt
03/30 -  Fracking boom and bust has trapped laid-off workers in North Dakota
03/29 -  Indiana gov. says he didn't anticipate 'hostility' over anti-gay law
03/29 -  GOP congresswoman gets surprise when she asked for horror stories about Obamacare
03/29 -  Angie's List won't expand Indianapolis headquarters due to state's new anti-gay law
03/29 -  Jeremy Clarkson issue is about bullying, not free speech
03/28 -  Monsanto lobbyist says Roundup safe enough to drink until reporter offers him a glass
03/28 -  Asheville restaurant workers unite for labor rights
03/28 -  GA legislators on the record: 'Religious liberty' bill is anti-gay
03/28 -  Charles Barkley wants Final Four to move from Indiana after anti-gay law passes there
03/26 -  Indiana gov. to sign bill letting businesses turn away gays
03/26 -  Georgia women arrested protesting bill that would let employers fire women who have had an abortion
03/26 -  Senate GOP urges privatizations of NC ferries
03/26 -  Teaching evolution at a flagship university means having students say they'll pray you don't burn in hell
03/25 -  Costa Rica has used only renewable energy this year
03/25 -  McCrory proposes huge cuts for NC parks
03/25 -  Bird flu mutating in China, threatens pandemic
03/24 -  Despite the facts, America still lies about how US economy built on slavery
03/24 -  Suicide among medical doctors becoming significant problem in US
03/24 -  House bill aims to make all NC school board elections partisan
03/24 -  New Yorker: The political crackdown at the UNC system
03/23 -  House GOP lauds Netanyahu's election tactics, according to Atlantic Monthly
03/23 -  Kerr-McGee, Anadarko pay record EPA settlement
03/23 -  Wilmington film industry fading into obscurity, thanks to NC GOP
03/23 -  Bobby Jindal says immigrants to US must believe in American exceptionalism
03/22 -  NC home-schooled children get free pass on vaccination requirements
03/22 -  Wisconsin abortion restrictions ruled unconstitutional
03/22 -  Study shows average full-time professor puts in 61-hour work week
03/22 -  N&O: Republican Party becoming ever whiter
03/20 -  NC lawmakers put McCrory appointments on hold as spat continues
03/20 -  Lawsuit claims some of the most popular wines in US have high arsenic levels
03/20 -  Netanyahu backtracks comments on Palestinian statehood
03/20 -  The push to charge Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld for war crimes gathers steam
03/19 -  Authentic communities summit coming to Asheville
03/19 -  Promising new ultrasound treatment restores memory functions to Alzheimer's mice
03/19 -  Sanford county officials say Duke Energy lied re coal ash plans
03/19 -  Jeb Bush calls for elimination of federal minimum wage
03/18 -  Gov. Brownback says anti-abortion measures part of economic recovery measures in Kansas
03/18 -  Hagan says Obama didn't do enough to help reelect Democrats, talk about economic recovery
03/18 -  Eight killed in terror attack at Tunisia's Bardo Museum
03/18 -  Mars One project has gone broke
03/16 -  Measles a threat to US in a manner Ebola could never manage
03/16 -  Editorial: McCrory administration showing pattern of omissions
03/16 -  Santa Fe Institute: One of four US citizens employed to guard wealth of rich
03/16 -  Pat Buchanan: Iran doesn't need nukes because they're already achieving their goals
03/15 -  World leaders condemn 47 congresspersons who sent letter to Iran
03/15 -  Study ties conservatism to 'low-effort thinking'
03/15 -  Franklin Graham: Obama's mother 'must have been a Muslim'
03/14 -  Sanders wants to increase taxes on rich to bolster Social Security
03/14 -  SAE may sue U of OK, possibly President Boren
03/14 -  NC GOP tax cuts raised taxes for most
03/14 -  NASA says California has only one year of water left
03/13 -  Reich: Myths plaguing the US economy include that the rich create jobs, we should worry about size of gov't
03/13 -  FCC's full rules to protect net neutrality should squelch Republican fear-mongering
03/13 -  Giuliani: Federal assessment of racism at Ferguson PD is 'just an allegation'
03/13 -  Congress quietly ends federal ban on medical marijuana
03/12 -  Large study concludes homeopathy ineffective at treating any condition
03/12 -  GOP startled by blowback from letter to Iran
03/12 -  Colorado collects $23 million in marijuana taxes for schools in one month
03/12 -  OK House passes bill restricting marriage to people of faith
03/11 -  Durham gun records destroyed in January, meaning Chapel Hill murderer's purchases will remain a mystery
03/11 -  The conservative plan for climate change is to pretend it doesn't exist
03/11 -  DENR fines Duke Energy $25 million for coal ash leaks near Wilmington
03/11 -  Research shows secondhand tobacco smoke has impact on fetuses
03/10 -  Congress proposes bill to forbid cities to start Internet services
03/10 -  U of OK will not help SAE members find housing: "We don't provide student services to bigots"
03/10 -  ISIS calls for demolition of sphinx, pyramids
03/10 -  Photo essay of Wally Bowen, MAIN founder, coping with ALS in walk with daughter
03/09 -  Poll: Fox News most trusted network
03/09 -  Progress NC files second ethics complaint against McCrory
03/09 -  Krugman: Hold off on rate hikes
03/09 -  Senior citizens facing loss of medical deducions in new GOP-led tax structure in NC
03/08 -  George W. Bush cancels trip to Switzerland on fears of being arrested for torture, other crimes
03/08 -  NC bill to legalize medical cannabis approved by House
03/08 -  Republican 'Internet Freedom Act' would do away with net neutrality
03/08 -  Tens of thousands in Tel Aviv demand Netanyahu's ouster
03/06 -  McCrory booed at NCCU for calling Central 'NC State'
03/06 -  Reagan adviser says CPAC attendees are 'rather stupid and not really very well read'
03/06 -  Brother Wolf, Asheville no-kill shelter, adopts vegan diet
03/06 -  Texas Republican wants to legalize pot because 'God doesn't make mistakes'
03/05 -  Air pollution linked to slower cognitive development in children
03/05 -  Limbaugh breaks promise to move to Costa Rica if Obamacare becomes law in US
03/05 -  Two NC lawmakers draft guns for teachers bills for state Christian schools
03/05 -  Ben Carson: Many prisoners go in straight, come out gay
03/04 -  NC House backs off relaxation of air-quality regulations of fracking
03/04 -  Right-wing gets falsehoods about Obama from a few predictable sources
03/04 -  Much, if not most, of rise in college costs attributable to swelling in ranks of administrators
03/04 -  Graphic explanation of gerrymandering explains recent GOP victories
03/03 -  Honduran nightmare is libertarianism run rampant
03/03 -  Lumber Liquidator shares crashing after damning '60 Minutes' report on formaldehyde
03/03 -  North Dakota unprepared to handle radioactive waste from fracking
03/03 -  Charlotte rejects inclusive ordinances after lengthy public comment and debate
03/02 -  Gap between worker pay and productivity is increasing
03/02 -  GOP rep. Peter King describes far right as 'delusional wing' of party
03/02 -  ISIS bans teaching evolution in schools
03/01 -  No one could see color blue until modern times, research suggests
03/01 -  Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Leonard Nimoy's funeral
03/01 -  Sex between lobbyists and legislators ruled legal, at least in NC
03/01 -  'Spocking Fives' tribute to Leonard Nimoy surges in Canada