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MAIN News Archives for April 2015

04/30 -  Apodaca says corporal punishment is answer to problems in public schools
04/30 -  Cruz: Obama has 'inflamed' racial tensions
04/29 -  GOP senator from Alabama calls veteran's care unaffordable 'entitlement'
04/29 -  Bernie Sanders expected to announce presidential run
04/29 -  Vatican official calls for moral awakening on climate change
04/29 -  Pesticides harm wild bees, too
04/28 -  New NC bill could disallow mention in sex-ed classes of 'morning-after' pill
04/28 -  Bogus science at UNC underlies anti-abortion legislation
04/28 -  Images show double standard of reactions to riots in Baltimore
04/28 -  Andrew Cuomo may face primary challenges from future presidential candidates
04/27 -  Photojournalists detained by police in Baltimore protests
04/27 -  Clinton family wealth intertwined with charities
04/27 -  Angela Davis: There is an unbroken line of police violence against Blacks back to slavery
04/26 -  NC environmental law under threat by GOP
04/26 -  A cruise ship pollutes as much as 13 million cars in a day - and dumps raw sewage straight into the ocean
04/26 -  Tom DeLay: America must remember that God, through the Bible, wrote US constitution
04/26 -  Half of US fracking firms projected to go bankrupt this year
04/24 -  New restrictive abortion rules reminder that far right still in charge in Raleigh
04/24 -  NC Speaker of the House says "religious freedom" bill dead for this session
04/24 -  Comcast - Time Warner merger is dead
04/24 -  Abortion services return to WNC - with waiting period
04/23 -  NRA caught illegally moving donations to GOP candidates
04/23 -  Band of Ojibwe Native Americans eliminates blood quantum requirement for membership
04/23 -  FBI's forensic department lied in dozens of cases for decades
04/23 -  Jimmy Carter leaves Southern Baptist convention
04/22 -  GOP lawmaker in TN tables abortion bill exceptions because rape, incest are 'not verifiable'
04/22 -  Kansas governor claims forced pregnancies are good for the economy
04/22 -  Staff at Windsor Castle on strike for first time in 900 years
04/22 -  Residents near Duke ash dumps told not to drink the water
04/21 -  Noam Chomsky: Greek debt must be written off
04/21 -  PA students organize "anti-gay day" in high school
04/21 -  How Washington derailed Amtrak
04/21 -  Supreme Court rejects NC redistricting
04/19 -  Study: Some insurers failing to cover all prescribed contraceptives
04/19 -  GOP presidential candidates, used to kid glove treatment at Fox, are failing when asked real questions
04/19 -  Duke Energy spends big on governors
04/19 -  Tillis votes 'no' on Lynch confirmation, earns scorn in NC opinion pages
04/17 -  US sends 300 troops to train Ukrainian forces
04/17 -  FBI director makes Holocaust program mandatory for new agents
04/17 -  Child poverty in US among worst in developed world
04/17 -  Ninety-five percent of Americans believe it is a civic duty to pay taxes
04/16 -  Researchers to study large methane plume above the Four Corners
04/16 -  Lincoln Chafee is running for President as Democrat
04/16 -  Duke Energy says guilty plea will mean no power to military bases
04/16 -  Charter schools are resegregating the NC educational system
04/15 -  Dozens of on-the-job deaths go unexamined by state labor commissioner
04/15 -  Western black rhino declared extinct due to poaching
04/15 -  California's experiment in online education MOOCs is another huge fail
04/15 -  Fifty-three percent of Americans support legalization of marijuana
04/14 -  Nestle has been stealing water in California
04/14 -  Christian Sharia has taken over GOP
04/14 -  NC higher education bill would require all professors to work as hard as UNCA professors
04/14 -  Texas approves textbooks describing US democracy as descending from Moses
04/13 -  Helicopter parents are ruining college students (and college)
04/13 -  GOP-proposed wage-garnishment bill will be blow to families
04/13 -  Gun owners face higher murder rates -- but NRA stifled research
04/13 -  Unpredictability constant with influenza
04/11 -  UNC Asheville listed in most beautiful college campuses in US
04/11 -  Vancouver, in midst of toxic spill, resolves to move to renewable power
04/11 -  Ted Cruz accuses gay community of waging 'jihad' against Christians
04/10 -  Koch bros. seek to ban mass transit in Tennessee
04/10 -  Seven months after exoneration, NC prisoner still awaits exoneration
04/10 -  Kansas cuts budget to spur growth under 'supply siders' - and ends up with huge deficit
04/09 -  Tom Cotton: Threatening a quick bombing raid on Iran 'always improves diplomacy'
04/09 -  Some business owners seeking to preserve UNC system against GOP tyranny
04/09 -  Police lied about events in North Charleston shooting until video surfaced, reports indicate
04/09 -  Yadkin county GOP candidate and supporter of anti-gay legislation once worked as drag queen
04/08 -  Media ignores Christian terrorist groups
04/08 -  Atlantic: How Black middle-class children become lower-class adults
04/08 -  Study finds that limiting climate change could have huge economic benefits
04/06 -  NC anti-gay law in works; may cause huge backlash
04/06 -  Asheville now Number One US travel destination
04/06 -  Slow response to Ebola 'cost thousands of lives'
04/05 -  NC GOP representative says extreme anti-abortion bill would mean 'more little taxpayers'
04/05 -  DiFi: Iran deal does not threaten Israel's survival
04/05 -  Why does college cost so much? The rise in the number of administrators
04/05 -  Bill to make Christian Bible Tennessee's State Book makes it through committees
04/02 -  How 'one nation' didn't become 'under God' until the 1950s religious revival
04/02 -  Pizza joint in IA that denies service to gays receives thousands in donations
04/02 -  Atlanta educators convicted in school cheating scandal