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MAIN News Archives for May 2015

05/31 -  The charges against Laura Kipnis and the current campus climate of political correctness
05/31 -  ISIS believes it is an agent of the upcoming apocalypse
05/31 -  NC failing on women's health issues
05/31 -  Research shows dinosaurs were probably warm-blooded
05/30 -  Global warming expected to fuel gigantic storms
05/30 -  NAACP announces investigation into environmental racism in NC
05/30 -  More Americans now pro-choice than pro-life
05/30 -  Oklahoma House passes bill limiting marriage to people of faith
05/29 -  California's snowpack is now gone
05/29 -  Appeals court strikes down Idaho law outlawing abortions at 20 weeks
05/29 -  Fox News spent almost no time covering Duggar child-molestation issue
05/29 -  Payments by Hastert linked to accusation of sexual abuse
05/28 -  Court of Appeals rejects Arkansas' strict twelve-week abortion ban
05/28 -  North Carolina's power source is shifting to natural gas
05/28 -  US is paying the price for not investing in rail transit
05/28 -  Pentagon accidentally ships live anthrax to Maryland lab
05/27 -  Why did the Republicans love the Duggars so much?
05/27 -  New documents suggest Bush administration planned Iraq war well before 9-11
05/27 -  Koch Brothers unveil new 'policy shop for freedom' in NC
05/27 -  Lassa fever, a hemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola, appears in New Jersey
05/26 -  Virtual charter schools are failing in Ohio -- and NC legislature wants them here
05/26 -  NC coastal communities devise ways of dealing with sea level rise -- while legislature ignores the issue
05/26 -  For once and for all, college students are not 'customers'
05/26 -  Board of Governors eliminates 46 degress programs across UNC system
05/25 -  Hezbollah calls on rivals to join fight against ISIS
05/25 -  New study details risks of reporting sexual assaults in military
05/25 -  Despite GOP myths, Medicaid spending is not out of control
05/25 -  NC GOP leaders added measures to finance bill without due process
05/24 -  Heat and drought pose threat to US power supplies
05/24 -  Media has ignored Seymour Hersh's revelations on Osama bin Laden
05/24 -  NC Senate panel rushes energy bill through
05/24 -  NC, led by Art Pope, example of what happens when funding is slashed for higher ed
05/23 -  California growers approve voluntary water restrictions in hope of avoiding mandatory limits
05/23 -  Nebraska may be next state to repeal death penalty
05/23 -  USA Freedom Act fails in Senate
05/23 -  Ice loss in Antarctica is having effect on Earth's gravity field
05/22 -  Flames fan lasting fallout from Chernobyl, study shows
05/22 -  Judge temporarily halts fracking permits in NC
05/22 -  Walmart's anti-union training video just got leaked
05/22 -  Kansas caps cash withdrawals for welfare recipients at twenty-five dollars
05/21 -  TN politician pleads guilty in mass murder plot against Muslims
05/21 -  New voter registrations in NC have inexplicably plummeted
05/21 -  Artificial segregation rampant in NC public high schools
05/21 -  Maryland to drop parallel parking from driver's test
05/20 -  Who reads your email? A summer seminar by MAIN
05/20 -  Why you never saw the CIA's interrogation tapes
05/20 -  Pipeline off Calif. coast near Santa Barbara spills oil into ocean
05/20 -  Recycling electronics gets more difficult as devices get smaller
05/19 -  Who reads your email? A summer seminar by MAIN
05/19 -  NC seeks to be first in nation to regulate Bitcoin
05/19 -  Duke University professor stands by racially-charged comments
05/19 -  Chris Hedges: US is on the edge of rebellion
05/19 -  Fox News: 'Where's the justice in letting inmates appeal?'
05/18 -  Pat Robertson: Second-hand clothes could have demons in them
05/18 -  A bad job is harder on your mental health than unemployment, research shows
05/18 -  Moderate coffee consumption leads to reduction in cancer risk
05/18 -  Climate talks must succeed, since we have 'no other planet,' French minister says
05/17 -  Repeal of background checks for gun purchases in MO, same as now proposed in NC, led to spike in crime
05/17 -  Fox News denial that it calls the poor 'leeches' is disproven by Jon Stewart
05/17 -  Why Warren is right, and Obama wrong, on the trade bill argument
05/17 -  Judge sold children to private prison system for cash payoffs
05/16 -  Luxembourg prime minister to marry same-sex partner
05/16 -  Jeb Bush's foreign policy team has significant overlap with his brother, his father, and Reagan
05/16 -  Racism still rampant in real-estate sales, study shows
05/16 -  Diet fads like 'paleo' are harmful, research suggests
05/15 -  Justice Scalia says society is 'eroding' because women use vulgar language
05/15 -  In wake of disease outbreaks, Calif. senate passes law restricting vaccination opt-outs
05/15 -  US cited for police violence, racism in UN review
05/15 -  Duke Energy pleads guilty to coal ash charges, will pay $102M
05/14 -  Chomsky: Islamic State grew out of Iraq War
05/14 -  Oregon lawmakers proposing weed delivery services for no-weed counties
05/14 -  Lethal injection has become cruel, surreal -- and usual
05/14 -  Why can't America have great trains like Europe?
05/13 -  Why the Right has declared war on the public schools
05/13 -  NC NAACP probes votes suppression by DHHS
05/13 -  How Capitalism Created 'Cool'
05/13 -  Study: Anti-abortion views linked to sexist attitudes towards women
05/12 -  Despite response, paper trail indicates DHHS aware of voting problems in NC
05/12 -  Short-term rentals may be harmful to Asheville downtown
05/12 -  Cuba has a lung cancer vaccine -- and US wants it
05/12 -  Rand Paul: Universities are 'left-wing indoctrination centers'
05/11 -  Dr. Oz admits mistake in touting 'miracle' weight loss cures
05/11 -  White House lied repeatedly about search for Osama bin Laden
05/11 -  Absent Black father myth debunked by the CDC
05/11 -  Greenhouse gas benchmark reached
05/10 -  Four-state high-speed rail compact being discussed; to include NC
05/10 -  Analysis: Over half of statements on Fox News are false
05/10 -  Lincoln County, NC says only Christian prayer welcome to open meetings
05/10 -  Nearly half of states expect to confront big budget shortfalls
05/09 -  With sea-level rising due to global warming, some parts of NC shoreline can not be maintained
05/09 -  China's high test scores mask major problems re creativity, initiative
05/09 -  Chapel Hill to bring free Internet to public housing
05/09 -  Board of Elections data reveal registration irregularities under McCrory
05/08 -  Liberal win in Alberta may spell the end for KXL pipeline
05/08 -  Court rules NSA bulk data collection illegal
05/08 -  Scott Walker's tax cuts in Wisconsin prove that tax cuts for rich don't work
05/08 -  Jeb Bush names George W. Bush as his most trusted Middle East advisor
05/07 -  Bernie Sanders To Introduce Bill To Break Up The Big Banks
05/07 -  More residents are warned of coal-ash contaminated water -- which Duke says are 'naturally occurring'
05/07 -  Queen tried to use state poverty funds to heat Buckingham Palace
05/07 -  Huckabee defends Bible cancer cure scam
05/06 -  Nebraska woman sues all homosexuals
05/06 -  Just in time for summer swimming season -- ton and a half shark tracked on east coast
05/06 -  Study shows broad public support for unions
05/05 -  Water used to irrigate vast agricultural fields in Calif. tainted by oil fields
05/05 -  Scott Walker says he would crush what's left of unions if elected president
05/05 -  Article on income mobility shows Buncombe county among worst in US
05/05 -  Christian video-game developer launching game involving 'shooting' gays
05/04 -  Mysterious 'post-Ebola' syndrome emerging in Africa
05/04 -  Court OKs disallowing potential cops for having IQs that are too high
05/04 -  'Fifty Shades of Grey' author to publish writing guide
05/04 -  Kansas GOP rep wants to criminalize 'harmful' books
05/01 -  ALEC-tied politicians urge NC to gut its environmental protections
05/01 -  Templeton, Pope funding 'Austrian-school' economics courses in colleges
05/01 -  As state considers legalization, DEA warns Utah about stoned bunnies
05/01 -  New GOP argument against gay marriage: "Look at Baltimore"