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MAIN News Archives for June 2015

06/30 -  Rally protests teacher assistant cuts, to be largest layoffs in NC history
06/30 -  Obama to expand overtime pay for millions of workers
06/30 -  Crowd confronts Duke Energy spokesman in Charlotte about tainted wells
06/30 -  Carlos Slim scraps projects with Trump Organization after Trump's comments on immigrants
06/29 -  Franklin Graham: US is tempting God's judgment with gay marriage ruling
06/29 -  NC state budget proposes ending driver's education requirement
06/29 -  Supreme Court ruling could affect redistricting policies
06/29 -  Utah Republicans draft bill to get rid of all marriages so the state won't have to perform gay ones
06/28 -  Wall Street is betting NC residents will pay for coal ash cleanup
06/28 -  Why aren't the poor angrier about inequality?
06/28 -  Dale Earnhardt Jr. says Confederate flag is offensive, should be taken down
06/28 -  Who's burning Black churches?
06/26 -  BREAKING: Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage as national right
06/26 -  Thinkprogress: The Supreme Court ruling on health care is the biggest possible win for the Obama administration
06/26 -  Three-d printing may be a technological revolution
06/26 -  Global warming is accelerating loss of species
06/26 -  Black church burned in Charlotte in possible arson case
06/25 -  Stricter emissions standards for trucks proposed
06/25 -  Senate pushes to eliminate health retirement benefits for North Carolina’s teachers and state employees
06/25 -  North Carolina GOPers strip $3 million from UNC law school after professor slams voter ID
06/25 -  Anti-intellectualism is killing America
06/24 -  Whole Foods: America's angriest grocery store
06/24 -  Art Pope considers supporting Scott Walker
06/24 -  Krugman: Slavery's long shadow
06/24 -  Kay Hagan won't run again for Senate
06/23 -  Film proves you should always check your plane for kitties
06/23 -  Adjunct professors: Low pay, little say
06/23 -  Robert E. Lee wanted Confederate symbols gone from the US
06/23 -  Dylann Roof's cousin says he was spurned by a woman for a Black man
06/22 -  Scott Walker's toxic contempt for women
06/22 -  Draconian NC Senate plan will rob cities to pay counties
06/22 -  Lawmakers reduce NC voter ID requirement
06/22 -  True costs of multiple wars appears at VA
06/21 -  Study shows drinking water from wells near fracking sites has more carcinogens
06/21 -  Rick Perry says Dylann Roof’s shooting rampage was an ‘accident’ caused by ‘prescription drugs’
06/21 -  Texas just built a Confederate memorial on MLK Drive in Orange, TX
06/21 -  Colorado teen dies from rare case of plague
06/20 -  New NASA data show how the world is running out of potable water
06/20 -  NRA official: I was speaking as a ‘private citizen’ when I blamed Clementa Pinckney for his own death
06/20 -  Kim Jong-un claims to have cured AIDS with miracle water
06/18 -  Sony's robotic dogs are dying a slow death - and their owners are heartbroken
06/18 -  Building collapses on Haywood Road in West Asheville
06/18 -  As HIV makes a comeback, will politics triumph over good sense?
06/18 -  Rachael Dolezal's most disturbing claims are about her own victimization
06/17 -  Jeb Bush joins GOP backlash against Pope on climate change
06/17 -  Concern grows over unregulated pesticide use among marijuana growers
06/17 -  Funding cut to NC biotechnology center
06/17 -  Trump is wealthiest, least charitable man to run for presidency
06/16 -  Roy Cooper speaks out against magistrate opt-out law
06/16 -  Bamiyan Buddhas, destroyed by ISIL, resurrected as holograms
06/16 -  Rachel Dolezal once sued Howard University for discriminating against her as a white woman
06/16 -  Model shows that humans could live ten times longer with genetic reprogramming
06/15 -  The changing Carolina coast: Camp Lejeune and climate change
06/15 -  Militarism and the malpractice of diplomacy in America
06/15 -  First systematic study published examining health benefits of organic foods
06/15 -  Dan Rather got it right: George W. Bush did go AWOL
06/14 -  Colorado court to decide case on marijuana use in workplace
06/14 -  Bill in NC legislature may allow legislators to carry firearms to work
06/14 -  GOP's 'Carolina Comeback' falling far short of national averages
06/14 -  Tom Apodaca is GOP's Senate enforcer
06/13 -  Atlantic hurricane risk down, Pacific hurricane risk up this year
06/13 -  Almost half of French approve of taking bosses captive for better wages, conditions
06/13 -  NCDOT plans big changes for I26 corridor
06/13 -  Why Bernie Sanders excites students, young voters
06/12 -  Editorial: NC Republicans willing to do extreme contortions to legalize discrimination against gays
06/12 -  Study shows Americans waste more food than they think
06/12 -  Idaho Republicans propose making Christian Bible official textbook for science classes
06/12 -  In Wyoming it’s now illegal to collect data about pollution
06/11 -  Brother Wolf plans to build animal sanctuary
06/11 -  Decline of public religion will impact political landscape
06/11 -  G7 leaders promise urgent climate action
06/11 -  DENR orders Duke Energy to halt ash pond leaks at Wilmington plant
06/10 -  Georgia woman charged with murder for taking abortion pill
06/10 -  Jeb Bush in 1995: Unwed mothers should be publicly shamed
06/10 -  The decline of Rush Limbaugh
06/10 -  Nobel-prize winning scientist calls female scientists cry-babies
06/09 -  US maternal death rate now highest in western world, thanks to GOP war on women
06/09 -  Researcher suggests polling indicates Sanders may win White House
06/09 -  Bill O'Reilly says there's no income inequality; some Americans are just stupid
06/09 -  Indiana religious freedom law backfires as state recognizes Church of Cannabis
06/08 -  For every dollar of marijuana sold in Colorado, 2.60 enters local economy
06/08 -  RFK Jr: Seventy percent of news advertising revenue comes from big pharma
06/08 -  Sen. Joni Ernst: US troops ready to go back to fight a new war in Iraq
06/08 -  Retention elections may mean NC judges run unopposed for reelection
06/07 -  California oil spill pipeline had previous issues, report says
06/07 -  Floating solar farm could change how we grow vegetables
06/07 -  China builds major database on US citizens through hack attacks
06/07 -  Western black rhino officially extinct due to poaching
06/06 -  McCrory trailing Cooper in potential gubernatorial matchups
06/06 -  Scott Walker says women only concerned about rape pregnancy in early months
06/06 -  Asheville scientists (Karl, McMahon) show that global warming hasn't slowed
06/05 -  Most wells near Duke Energy ash ponds contaminated
06/05 -  UNC program cuts part of GOP war on educators
06/05 -  Texas approves textbooks with Moses as founding father of US
06/04 -  Survey shows Republicans and Democrats agree that campaign financing is a disaster
06/04 -  Wikileaks releases more documents, this time on trade deals negotiated in secret
06/04 -  Five hundred million dollars was donated to the Red Cross for Haiti relief, resulting in only six houses built
06/04 -  The real rationale for the Second Amendment was militias to put down the Whiskey Rebellion
06/03 -  Rick Santorum says Pope Francis is 'not credible' on climate change
06/03 -  Monsanto is buying up heirloom seed suppliers
06/03 -  Religious freedom of magistrates gained at greater expense of others
06/03 -  NC legislature's failures on film incentives moves tv show to California
06/02 -  Black Americans killed by police twice as likely to be unarmed as whites
06/02 -  Data show underperforming schools are weak because of economic conditions, not lazy teachers
06/02 -  Massive ocean cleaning system to be launched next year
06/02 -  New study links autism to toxins, such as environmental lead, before birth
06/01 -  What happens now that the Patriot Act has expired, at least temporarily
06/01 -  Greenwald: Media should be ashamed for Patriot Act propaganda
06/01 -  Krugman: Inability of Greece, Eurozone to come to accord indicates troubling problems in Europe
06/01 -  World's first tidal energy plan prompts debate