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MAIN News Archives for July 2015

07/31 -  DoE assists Native tribes with renewable energy projects
07/31 -  First new species of canid discovered in 150 years
07/31 -  UK's denial of six-month business visa to Ai Weiwei under review
07/31 -  Garbage and recycling surveillance on the radar of the ACLU
07/30 -  Prestigious Man Booker 2015 longlist revealed
07/30 -  Photo essay on Obama's ancestral home reveals human landscape of optimism and struggle
07/30 -  Colorado county's education board members stir debate over proposed revisions to AP history courses
07/30 -  Harry Potter superfan turns her powers to creating inclusive fan conference spaces
07/29 -  Non-lethal traps set in Milwaukee to capture 'lion-like' animal spotted recently
07/29 -  Hawaiians confront agrochemical companies over pollution of Kauai
07/29 -  Peruvian government attempts formal contact with isolated clan of the Mashco Piro Indians
07/29 -  Compounded crises threaten 'salad bowl of the world'
07/28 -  First female coach joins NFL team
07/28 -  Apache activists open for Neil Young during his latest tour
07/28 -  Blue butterfly discovered by Nabokov makes partial comeback after 20 years of work
07/27 -  NC library one of 203 to receive national grant to highlight Latino American history and culture
07/27 -  Thirty-five women appear on cover on NY Magazine to put faces to accusers of Bill Cosby
07/27 -  Eight First Nations in Canada face legal challenge for lack of compliance with financial transparency act
07/27 -  Two companies collaborate to expand images of women that challenge stereotypes
07/26 -  Ocean acidification is harming important plankton systems
07/26 -  Tillis injects politics into veteran's health bill
07/26 -  McConnell sets up another vote to repeal Obamacare
07/26 -  Huckabee says Obama's Iran negotiations marching Israelis 'to the doors of the ovens'
07/25 -  Reports say Syria continues to develop chemical weapons
07/25 -  Polling: Sanders does better than Clinton in swing states
07/25 -  Trump bans Iowa's biggest newspaper from event for calling him 'feckless blowhard'
07/25 -  Despite GOP fear-mongering, voter fraud 'exceedingly rare' in NC
07/24 -  US Army doesn't want armed civilians 'guarding' their recruiting centers
07/24 -  Pharmacies can not cite religion to deny medication to clients, appeals court rules
07/24 -  San Francisco could be hit by major earthquake any day, says USGS scientist
07/24 -  Chomsky: How America's great university system is being destroyed
07/23 -  Thousands flee new flooding in China
07/23 -  SC's Catawba Indian Reservation to build 350 million film studio near Charlotte
07/23 -  Nine NC GOP lawmakers leave budget deliberations behind to attend Koch Bros.' ALEC conf. in sunny California
07/23 -  NC GOP lawmaker offers plan to further delay action on EPA rules
07/22 -  Study shows sea level rise appears now to be inevitable and disastrous
07/22 -  Six NC GOP representatives support the firing of unwed mothers
07/22 -  Jerry Brown's climate warning: "We are talking about extinction"
07/22 -  Louisiana's infectious disease outbreaks often go unreported
07/21 -  Study shows those describing themselves as experts more vulnerable to made-up information
07/21 -  Three Supreme Court justices have substantial stock holdings in firms upon whose cases they've ruled
07/21 -  Obama task force misses deadline on plan to save bees from neonicotinoid insecticides
07/20 -  Whole Foods exploits prison labor to gain higher profits
07/20 -  Bill in NCGA will protect Confederate monuments around the state from removal
07/20 -  Trump won't rule out third-party run if he doesn't win Republican nomination
07/20 -  NC Klan heads to SC for Confederate flag protests
07/19 -  Can California meet its tough environmental goals?
07/19 -  Royals urged to open archives on past connections to Nazis
07/19 -  Study shows marijuana dispensaries save lives by reducing dependency on opiates
07/19 -  McCrory's legal counsel kept board member's conflict of interest a secret for over a year
07/18 -  Sense of ISIS domestic threat evoked by by FBI stings and lack of discerning media
07/18 -  Highly edited video attacking Planned Parenthood made by group that misrepresented itself to the public and the IRS
07/18 -  Some 70,000 rape kits unprocessed rapists get a pass because processing cost about out $1000 per kit
07/18 -  Black lives matter activist brutalized and arrested for improper lane change dies of"self inflicted asphyxiation"
07/17 -  Current 2016 presidential candidates postions on marijuana policy
07/17 -  21st Century slavery nurse seeking work enslaved in Middle East
07/17 -  Young girls of South Sudan subject to multiple and severe abuses including their use as "blood money"
07/17 -  Eat more kale? Yes if you know and trust your source
07/16 -  Reviewed by Jane Goodall new book on Genetic Engineering exposes FDA, industry and a much of the scientific community
07/16 -  Nowadays1956 Republican party platform would be considered leftwing, Poll shows strong support for many Sander's positions
07/15 -  Little diversity amongst NPR commentators
07/15 -  NC GOP claims unions are paying Moral Mondays demonstraters fact checkers say not true
07/15 -  Likened to Mohammed Ali for athletic prowess and political convictions Serena Williams also endures racist and in her case sexist attacks
07/14 -  NC's restrictive voting Law being challenged trial begins
07/14 -  Prominent outside psychologists enabled CIA torture program
07/13 -  Wealthy right wingers keep conservative authors on NYT best sellers list with bulk purchases
07/13 -  Denmark generates all of its energy with wind. Sells excess to neighbors.
07/13 -  Republican analyst says Sanders can beat Hillary, she is nervous Bernie has raised more money than Barack did at same point.
07/13 -  Report bemoans "climate poker" .Identifies Africa as potential low carbon leader points out African countries already frontrunners
07/13 -  Living with pervasive drone presence causes illness,heart attacks and suicides as remot operators suffer PTSD
07/12 -  Avian flu outbreak sweeping US moves NC to ban public poultry sales for the last half of this year
07/12 -  Bacteria discovered that could reduce fertilizer need / usage
07/12 -  14 years after Portugal's decriminalization of drugs use remains steady but collateral damage drops significantly
07/12 -  David Stockman Reagan's budget director agrees with 61% of Greek voters on debt crisis
07/12 -  Research focused on Native Americans indicates PTSD may be inherited
07/11 -  Marco Rubio vows to end abortion in US and everywhere else
07/11 -  Trump leads GOP field in NC
07/11 -  Highway fatalities in Colorado at near-historic lows since marijuana legalization
07/11 -  Climate change causing decline in bumblebee populations
07/10 -  Pope Francis drinks tea with coca, camomile and anise during flight from Ecuador to Bolivia
07/10 -  Disney's Hollywood studio theme park in Fla. to remove statue of Bill Cosby
07/10 -  Actor John Amos of Good Times says his firing result of undiplomatic complaints of black stereotypes on show
07/10 -  Obama designates 3 new national monuments, protects more than 1 million acres of public lands
07/09 -  NC DMV sells out of Confederate flag license plates
07/09 -  Working guns prohibited at NRA convention
07/09 -  Thom Tillis: Greece needs to try real austerity, like NC
07/09 -  Jeb Bush says people need to work longer hours
07/08 -  Texas officials say schools should teach that slavery was 'side issue' to Civil War
07/08 -  Ninety-five percent of elected prosecutors are white
07/08 -  KKK leader describes group as "Christian organization"
07/08 -  Computer problems ground all United Airlines flights for two hours
07/06 -  Milk as staple of Western diet a recent and orchestrated phenomenon
07/06 -  U.S. companies that claim overseas addresses to avoid taxes might compete for government contracts
07/06 -  Slow death of Colorado River symbol of larger water crisis and mismanagement in CA
07/06 -  Life on Rikers Island: violence, boredom and vigilance for inmates and workers
07/05 -  'Spockumentary' in the works by Nimoy's son
07/05 -  Native peoples find others 'playing Indian' an all-too-common spectacle
07/05 -  Tiny house movement in Charlotte restrained by zoning laws
07/05 -  Solar-powered plane finishes another leg of voyage around the world
07/04 -  Vote in Greece is referendum on neoconservative economics
07/04 -  Clinton tells wealthy donors she'll be a better friend to Israel than Obama
07/04 -  Amazing levels of ignorance about slavery persist in US
07/04 -  Nervous super-rich are already planning secret hide-aways
07/03 -  NC Democrats losing on social media opportunities
07/03 -  Problems in Greece highlight structural problems in Eurozone
07/03 -  BP to pay largest fine in US history for Gulf oil spill
07/03 -  Equal protection protests lead to arrests at NC legislature
07/02 -  People believe myths about the Civil War because textbooks are wrong
07/02 -  Donald Trump is now Republican Party's front-runner, at least in some polls
07/02 -  NC legislature seeks review to lax coastal environmental rules
07/02 -  Sixth shark attack in three weeks along NC coast
07/01 -  Crowds light up as marijuana becomes legal in Oregon
07/01 -  DENR opposes bill that would overhaul environmental regulations
07/01 -  Another Black church burns in the South; this one was burned 20 years ago by the Klan
07/01 -  Forty-one percent of US citizens believe humans and dinosaurs co-existed