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MAIN News Archives for August 2015

08/31 -  Regenerative Agriculture goes beyond sustainable ag. potentially sequestering 100% of problematic greenhouse gases
08/31 -  Organic foods have more cancer fighting antioxidants
08/31 -  NC subjected to the most agressive partisan gerrymadering in US
08/30 -  New England Journal Medicine challenges proposed GMO release calls for labeling
08/29 -  Buncombe will lose 41 percent of teaching assistants under GOP budget plan
08/29 -  New evidence US cluster bombs used in Yemen
08/29 -  US has freaked out about birthright citizenship before
08/29 -  Carly Fiorina says the Republican Party is discriminating against her
08/28 -  Report: 'Anyone who says Trump can't win is in deep denial'
08/28 -  AP files suit for info on FBI 'fake reporter' operations
08/28 -  Who owns WNC's water?
08/28 -  The children of the rich and powerful are increasingly well suited to earning wealth
08/27 -  Jeb Bush lied about meeting with Black Lives Matter activists
08/27 -  Ten years after Katrina, despite privatization hype, New Orleans' schools are failing
08/27 -  Rove's new ads attacking Kay Hagan contradict themselves
08/27 -  Does the NC Senate want to cut mental health care funding to speed privatization?
08/26 -  Ferguson, MO to withdraw thousands of arrest warrants
08/26 -  Sandra Bland's death now being investigated as a murder
08/26 -  Latest poll numbers bad news for RNC
08/26 -  Deborah Ross may be Democratic opponent to Richard Burr
08/25 -  Obscure PACs with links to Karl Rove make big media buys to support NC Senator Richard Burr
08/25 -  Wildlife officers probe Macon County elk shooting
08/25 -  Jeb Bush says his use of term 'anchor babies' is about Asians, not Mexicans
08/25 -  Why the rich love Burning Man
08/24 -  New Medicare payouts incentivize doctors to talk to patients about end-of-life decisions
08/24 -  The humanities are under attack worldwide
08/24 -  Jared Fogle's foundation was a sham, funded extravagant lifestyle
08/24 -  Tom Ross firing related to conservative reshaping of UNC system
08/23 -  Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders: was interrupting the most liberal candidate justified?
08/23 -  Florida sinkhole that ate a man reopens
08/23 -  China's 'airpocalypse' leading to huge investments in green technologies
08/23 -  The mystery of McCrory's role in sweepstakes scandal
08/22 -  Political column by Canadian author Margaret Atwood pulled from newspaper's website
08/22 -  Dr. Dre apologizes to 'women I've hurt' after women go public about abuse
08/22 -  NC Supreme Court rules public access to criminal database can be limited
08/21 -  Regal cinema chain initiates bag searches of film-goers in effort to address security concerns
08/21 -  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service launches initiative to support monarch butterflies
08/21 -  A clash of policies over prostitution: Sweden versus Amnesty International
08/20 -  Navajo Nation's president concerned about drinking water in tanks after mine spill
08/20 -  Waynesville Planning board denies permit to charter school
08/20 -  Who has the honor of having the first name we know in history?
08/20 -  Trump and Deez Nuts polling well as presidential candidates in North Carolina
08/19 -  Federal legislation from 2010 spurs growth of 'hyperlocal' radio stations in Seattle
08/19 -  Jury enters second day of deliberations in trial of police shooting of unarmed man
08/19 -  Greensboro city council increases minimum wage for city employees
08/18 -  New archaeological discovery reveals connections between Neolithic farmers' lives and violence
08/18 -  First female students graduate Army Ranger School
08/18 -  New brand of political correctness spreads through higher education in U.S.
08/18 -  Shell receives oil drilling permit for Alaska's arctic region from Obama administration
08/14 -  Senate plan would shift NC Medicaid to a managed care system while eliminating case management
08/14 -  Democrat wins solid Republican seat in Ga. by running against anti-gay law
08/14 -  40 plus yrs. of extreme right wing activity and funding explains why many doubt Koch's Brothers new found passion for justice.
08/14 -  Bail causes innocent poor people to plead guilty the system would crash without these easy convictions.
08/13 -  Obama's carbon emissions reduction plan resisted by NC's McCrory and the legislature.
08/13 -  The Shield in reality 560 convictions based on the actions of elite narc squad vacated
08/13 -  Cultural affinity makes the Congo a prime proving ground for the introduction of insects as a protein source for the exploding human population
08/12 -  Prisoners claim torture
08/12 -  American Psychological Ass. finally bars member participation in government sponsored torture
08/11 -  25% more NC children living in poverty since 2008 GOP's elimination of earned income credit a contributing factor
08/11 -  Making corporate directors accountable key to controlling CEO pay.Here's why.
08/11 -  Pyschologist makes a killing teaching cops to shoot first then gets paid to testify in their defence
08/11 -  Ecuador trades US frying pan for Chinese fire illustrating a global trend
08/11 -  Black and Hispanic students disciplined more frequently and severely for the same infractions committed by whites
08/11 -  Forensic evidence suggest possibility Shakespeare smoked pot
08/11 -  Supressed study shows air traffic controlle'rs work schedules cause chronic fatigue & they say errors
08/10 -  FBI investigation of Black Mountain College may have contributed to its demise
08/10 -  155 Death row inmates exonerated time spent on death row from 1 to 39 years
08/10 -  29 Top nuclear scientists send letter in support of Iran treaty
08/10 -  Despite the skepticism of many Koch brothers join the likes of the ACLU and Van Jones to reform criminal justice system
08/09 -  NC requires all poultry owners large and small to register in preparation for presumed avian flu onslaught
08/09 -  NC Sen.Tillis and SC Sen. Graham get a pass from the media on racist comments because their target is the people of Iran
08/08 -  US's only coup d'etat occured in Wilmington in 1898 white supremacists violenty deposed progressive interacial goverment
08/08 -  Peer reviewed MIT study predicts formaldehyde concentrations in GMO soybeans
08/07 -  Heath Shuler is exploring NC senate run
08/07 -  Head of NC DHHS resigns; outsider with no government experience appointed by McCrory
08/07 -  Berger used flawed information to eliminate teaching assistants
08/07 -  How did Trump make his fortune? Inheritance and protection by the government
08/06 -  Copper network, mainstay of US landline communication, may be phased out
08/06 -  Climate change nightmares are already here
08/06 -  Charles Koch: I don't have too much power; I don't completely control the government
08/06 -  MAIN co-founder Wally Bowen to be honored by United Church of Christ media justice organization
08/05 -  Journalist's death underscores dangers of being a reporter in Mexico
08/05 -  Jeb Bush says women's health issues are 'overfunded'
08/05 -  Texas public-school district promotes Christianity with made-up Reagan quote
08/05 -  Fact-checking site finds that Fox News is correct 18 percent of the time
08/04 -  The new 'climate normal' involves abrupt changes of sea level, fears of disaster
08/04 -  Jeb Bush says climate change will fix itself
08/04 -  Meadows overthrow of Boehner finds little support
08/04 -  The war on women becomes literal as Huckabee proposes using troops to prevent abortions
08/03 -  US Jewish groups urge Israel to rein in right-wing extremists after stabbing at gay-rights parade
08/03 -  How Scott Walker's office obstructed probe of missing veterans' funds
08/03 -  Kentucky duplicates film incentive program that NC just eliminated
08/03 -  Group behind Planned Parenthood hoax under investigation
08/01 -  Eastern Cherokee court prosecutes first non-Indian member under Violence Against Women Act
08/01 -  One man tries to bring environmental practices to professional sports
08/01 -  Plight of pets in wake of Hurricane Katrina spurs federal legislation to protect and rescue animals