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MAIN News Archives for September 2015

09/29 -  GOP bill would cut NC food stamp for thousands
09/29 -  Radical NC GOP lawmaker calls Planned Parenthood 'murder for hire'
09/29 -  Flowing salt water discovered on Mars
09/29 -  China's economy continues slow failure as coal company lays off 100k
09/28 -  Lawmaker calls for prosecution of former DHHS manager
09/28 -  Catalan separatists win elections, claim mandate for separation
09/28 -  Conservative operator with close ties to Art Pope chosen to run NC GOP
09/28 -  Asheville's 'left-wing leadership' a myth
09/27 -  Doubts cast on claim of conservative 13-year-old that White House's @POTUS had blocked his Twitter account
09/27 -  NC pork lobby wants Duke Energy to use in-state pig waste to burn as biogas at plants in Eden and Salisbury
09/27 -  Female reporter receives threats via social media for investigation of sexual assault charges against Blackhawks player
09/26 -  Federal investigation examines DHHS employees charged with hiring friends, wasting millions
09/26 -  'ConnectNC' bond passes Senate with transportation money stripped out
09/26 -  Jeb Bush says he'll win African-American vote with hope, not 'free stuff'
09/26 -  Boehner ally tried to recruit opponent to run against McHenry
09/25 -  BREAKING: Boehner to resign from Congress at end of October
09/25 -  Scientists examine 9,000-year-old decapitated skull from Brazil for clues
09/25 -  VW scandal leaves environmental damage to a degree still unknown
09/25 -  Study of European trees may be indicator of pace of global warming
09/24 -  Comedian Amy Schumer's highly anticipated essays one step closer to publication
09/24 -  Tribes and Central Valley farmers in California disagree over Trinity River management during drought
09/24 -  Hit podcast 'Serial' probing Bowe Bergdahl case as possible new season project
09/23 -  Anthropology student unexpectedly identifies a slave ancestor owned by James Madison
09/23 -  Hindu-language typist receives replacement typewriter after police destroyed his first one and news hit social media
09/23 -  West Virginia University research team found the early evidence of VW emissions test cheating
09/22 -  'State of Obesity' report reveals obesity, hypertension and diabetes cases concentrated in South and Midwest
09/22 -  Ancient whale fossil discovered by construction crew in California's Santa Cruz mountains
09/22 -  A year later, families of 43 missing college students in Mexico still wait for answers
09/20 -  Ann Coulter engages in ugly anti-Semitic Twitter rant after GOP debate
09/20 -  Global warming 'slowdown' is illusory
09/20 -  South America now safe haven for US priests accused of sexual abuse
09/20 -  Despite GOP promises, new budget appears to include tax increases for most consumers
09/18 -  Henderson County to place "In God We Trust" on courthouses
09/18 -  Colorado collects more taxes from pot than alcohol
09/18 -  Mozambique declared free of land mines
09/18 -  NC to privatize Medicaid under GOP
09/17 -  BREAKING: NC representative Michael Speciale (R.-Craven) calls Obama "Islamic SOB" on Facebook
09/17 -  Editorial: The elite's childlike commitment to austerity
09/17 -  Rep. Renee Ellmers, R-N.C, sponsors legislation to strip Title X funding from Planned Parenthood
09/17 -  Greensboro park on hold because of state delays on environmental cleanup
09/17 -  Trump, Carson pander to anti-vaxxers
09/16 -  Survey: 73 percent of NC voters agree public money should not go to private schools
09/16 -  Early childhood educators undervalued, study shows
09/16 -  Court forces non-religious mother to get Christian counseling or lose children
09/16 -  Refugee crisis is result of policies of Western nations regarding 'regime change'
09/15 -  Tim Moore, Shelby's GOP house speaker, loads state budget with $200k for Shelby's Little League playoffs
09/15 -  Koch brothers caught manipulating Wikipedia to conceal their embarrassing past
09/15 -  Secrecy surrounds half-billion federal handout to charter schools
09/15 -  Muskogee Creek Joy Harjo wins $100,000 poetry prize
09/14 -  Mark Meadows: the 'Donald Trump' of the House of Representatives
09/14 -  NC now fourth in nation in solar power
09/14 -  Environmental issues gaining visibility in NC elections
09/14 -  Ben Carson: Motive for helping Syrian refugees is 'political correctness'
09/12 -  Sociologist Bruce Western explains how imprisonment for certain demographics of young black men has become a 'normal life event.'
09/12 -  Marine Corps study reveals persistent negative attitudes toward women's combat service
09/12 -  Obama administration creates interactive website on typical incomes after graduation from colleges
09/11 -  Citing NC's new religious exemption law, magistrates in McDowell County recused from marriage duties
09/11 -  Tennessee mother wants 'pornographic' nonfiction book about Henrietta Lacks pulled from county schools
09/11 -  Two dead, hundreds sickened by cucumbers tainted with salmonella poona
09/10 -  Country's huge backlog of rape evidence kits will receive federal funding to resolve
09/10 -  New study suggests human landscapes like the lawn may be poisoning frogs
09/10 -  Scientists identify a new species of human relative in South African cave
09/09 -  Student objecting to 9/11 course at UNC is connected to Art Pope
09/09 -  Trump says time in boarding school was 'equivalent' to military service
09/09 -  U of Iowa Faculty Senate votes 'no confidence' in Board of Regents over dubious UI president pick
09/09 -  Home-schoolers are under-regulated because of powerful lobbyists
09/08 -  Failure to act on climate change means an even bigger refugee crisis
09/08 -  The dramatic decline in NC funding for public school students
09/08 -  Democracy NC’s Bob Hall: Gambling’s connections to NC pols ‘an ongoing area of concern’
09/08 -  Jeb Bush: A ‘tolerant country’ should allow discrimination based upon ‘religious beliefs’
09/07 -  How the US fueled the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq
09/07 -  McCrory's new branding initiative for NC costly and naive
09/07 -  Elite universities are going full-tilt corporate
09/07 -  Mike Huckabee vows to disobey the Constitution if President when his religion so demands
09/06 -  Poll: 51 percent of UK voters favor leaving EU
09/06 -  A look at the impact of Jewish merchants on Asheville's downtown
09/06 -  American police 300 percent more likely to kill themselves than to be killed by someone else
09/06 -  Kim Davis becoming manufactured Christian martyr
09/05 -  Klan attempts to intimidate Fayetteville police chief
09/05 -  Biden's bankuptcy may complicate contemplated presidential campaign
09/05 -  Children who breathe more pollutants have lower grades
09/04 -  Key radar fails on billion-dollar NASA satellite
09/04 -  Evangelicals support Trump because of his anti-establishment stance
09/04 -  More college students smoke weed daily than tobacco
09/04 -  Pravda now right-wing Christian mouthpiece
09/03 -  BREAKING: Kim Davis found in contempt of court, remanded to custody for refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses
09/03 -  Fifty-four percent of Republicans think Obama is a Muslim
09/03 -  Exposure to products in many plastics may cause miscarriages
09/03 -  NCSU scientists, funded by pork industry, critique government study finding environmental impacts of pork farms
09/03 -  NC considers single March primary for all races
09/02 -  Court says Chiquita most release the documents that detail how they funded terrorists
09/01 -  Three excellent reasons why there is no reason to believe the Fed is acting in our behalf
09/01 -  US lags behind the Russians in exploration of the Arctic
09/01 -  Neonics are both deadly and addictive for bees, but the EPA lacks resources and will to take action
09/01 -  Pope Francis declares the coming year a time when women can gain forgiveness from the church for having abortions