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MAIN News Archives for October 2015

10/30 -  Women likely to have to register for draft soon
10/30 -  Last UK Guantanamo Bay detainee released after 13 years without trial
10/30 -  Trigger warnings promote culture of privilege
10/30 -  Jeb Bush says psych majors end up working at Chik-Fil-A
10/29 -  Anonymous vows to reveal identities of KKK members
10/29 -  Cuts to food assistance and health services leading to rise in Victorian-era diseases in England
10/29 -  McCrory signs bill outlawing sanctuary cities in NC
10/29 -  Ben Carson says he'll turn Department of Education into an investigator of professorial political bias
10/28 -  Students revive extinct squash with 800-year-old seeds
10/28 -  New UNC system president has homophobic statements in past record, according to Slate
10/28 -  Hobby Lobby owners under investigation for importation of artifacts from Iraq
10/28 -  Medical marijuana activist arrested in Asheville
10/27 -  Morocco to launch solar-energy superproject
10/27 -  Russia proposes superhighway that would enable driving from NYC to London
10/27 -  Fennebresque steps down as chair of UNC Board of Governors
10/26 -  Why the Left doesn't talk about rural American poverty
10/26 -  Concealed carry makes life more dangerous
10/26 -  Bacon, ham and sausage equal to smoking as cause of cancer, WHO says
10/25 -  Self-driving cars must be programmed to resolve complex ethical dilemmas -- including killing humans
10/25 -  Sales of paper books up as readers abandon e-books
10/25 -  The real reason college costs more today is increase in number of administrative positions
10/25 -  Adjunct professors teaching five courses earn less than pet-sitters
10/24 -  Coal country eyes pending federal regulations
10/24 -  Photo retrospective: How the Other Half Lived in the Last Gilded Age
10/23 -  Two thousand dead mice full of painkillers deployed via parachutes in effort to eradicate invasive brown tree snakes on Guam
10/23 -  Man who founded now defunct Museum of Menstruation wages one-man battle against stigmas
10/23 -  FCC sets stricter rules for costs of prison phone calls
10/22 -  Appalachian State University and faculty plan walkout to protest school's priorities
10/22 -  Temporary remedy to bus stop near airport changes due to concerns over safety and convenience
10/22 -  South African students protest increase in college tuition, turn ire toward parliament
10/21 -  Advocates convene at human rights court to discuss sexual abuse of girls in Paraguay after news of 11-year-old rape victim forced to give birth
10/21 -  Genealogy research through DNA can leave customers open to law enforcement inquiries
10/21 -  Garner police raise funds to repair mural defaced with anti-police graffiti
10/20 -  Decline in oil prices affects budgets and ambitions of some U.S. colleges
10/20 -  U.S. porn icon and staunch conservative Jenna Jameson takes to Twitter about Israel, plans conversion to Judaism
10/20 -  Dollarydos: Australians petition to change their currency's name to this
10/19 -  Inside corporate America's plan to ditch worker's comp
10/19 -  USFS sued over Nestle water pumping from San Bernadino national forest
10/19 -  Legislature's refusal to expand Medicaid will cost NC billions
10/18 -  Glass-Steagall one of factors in 2008 financial crisis
10/18 -  Jefferson-era chemistry lab discovered at UVA campus
10/18 -  'Church of the Sword' fights for legal recognition as a religion
10/17 -  The 'Southern strategy' is coming undone
10/17 -  Some Virginia drivers refusing to return Confederate-flag license plates
10/17 -  Joseph's Tomb: Palestinian rioters set fire to Jewish holy site, officials say
10/17 -  NYPD now has 'x-ray vans' to see inside houses, cars
10/16 -  Sensors may soon give prosthetics a sense of touch
10/16 -  Environment North Carolina says Duke Energy leading opponent of solar power
10/16 -  Top choice for UNC president job calls for chair of UNC Board of Governors to resign
10/15 -  NC lawmakers pass ban on anti-fracking ordinances
10/15 -  Anti-free-speech movement gains traction at UCLA
10/15 -  Strange star has serious scientists talking about 'alien megastructure'
10/14 -  The moral case against the TPP
10/14 -  Cat parasite linked to development of mental illness in owners
10/14 -  The case for more fuel-efficient cars is still strong
10/13 -  NASA reveals plan for settlements on Mars
10/13 -  Brother Wolf asking for donations to help animals saved from SC floods
10/13 -  First international dark-sky park dedicated in WNC
10/12 -  EU climate boss says emissions cuts insufficient
10/12 -  Massive El Nino now 'too big to fail'
10/12 -  US deportees have been murdered shortly after return to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
10/11 -  Native Hawaiians protesting construction of telescope on sacred land receive a favorable circuit court ruling
10/11 -  One year after popularity of podcast Serial peaked, web interest still active
10/11 -  Canada's e-cigarette and cannabis oil use dilemma
10/09 -  CA commission approves orca whale tank expansion on condition of banning captive breeding
10/09 -  Atlanta radio host suspended for calling female ESPN analyst 'Tits McGhee'
10/09 -  City of Charlotte settles with police officer acquitted in voluntary manslaughter trial; he resigns
10/08 -  Are there lessons to learn from SC flooding and connection to climate change?
10/08 -  Former executioner for Virginia's Dept. of Corrections confronts moral dilemma now
10/08 -  Ohio residents sue DuPont for health problems related to contaminants in Ohio River
10/07 -  Student's poster for lost helmet sparks worldwide Twitter response
10/07 -  Liza Minnelli uses Uber to make gig in Wilmington
10/07 -  Indigenous groups in Amazon form militias to stop illegal logging
10/06 -  Flandreau Santee Sioux tribe in SD set to open first tribal marijuana lounge
10/06 -  Sec of Interior says government agency has large backlog of inspections of high-risk oil and gas wells
10/06 -  Partner of Sally Ride pens children's book about her life
10/05 -  Photographer tackles the misrepresentation of Appalachia's coal country
10/05 -  Texas mother complains that ninth-grade geography textbook identifies slaves as 'workers'
10/05 -  Church and Raleigh News & Observer broken into and vandalized
10/04 -  GOP-controlled NC legislature makes last-minute attempt at limiting ability of municipalities to raise minimum wage, etc.
10/04 -  NC teacher exodus continues
10/04 -  Alabama, where ID is required to vote, closes DMVs in most predominantly-Black counties
10/04 -  The real, and racist, origins of the Second Amendment
10/03 -  Colin Powell jokes he stays in the Republican Party 'because it annoys them'
10/03 -  Search continues for source of huge plume of pollution that blanketed South Texas last year
10/03 -  South Park takes on Whole Foods and gentrification
10/01 -  How the progressive left has turned against Israel
10/01 -  NC GOP-controlled General Assembly seeks to scale back protection against discriminatory housing, employment
10/01 -  Duke Energy settles past, present and future groundwater issues from coal ash for $7 million
10/01 -  Hog farmers staging rally in Raleigh to protest waterkeepers' ads