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MAIN News Archives for December 2015

12/31 -  Trump blasts Obama for watching Star Wars
12/31 -  Keurig recalls nearly seven million coffee machines for burn problems
12/31 -  Oklahoma's fifty all-Black towns find renewed historic interest
12/31 -  GOP congressperson Marsha Blackburn: 'Women don't want equal pay laws'
12/30 -  Number of police officers killed in line of duty by gunfire fell 14 percent in 2015
12/30 -  Does I-40 really need 12 lanes through Asheville?
12/30 -  Sumatran rhino now extinct in the wild due to poaching, habitat loss
12/30 -  A storm caps off season of strange weather, may unfreeze North Pole
12/29 -  After search, 'affluenza' teen detained in Mexico
12/29 -  Interpol reports that only one percent of terrorism in Europe in 2014 was carried out by Muslims
12/29 -  Two thousand white teens brawl at Kentucky mall; no arrests
12/29 -  Pentagon deliberately thwarting efforts to close Guantanamo
12/28 -  Edward Snowden still hopes someday to return to the US
12/28 -  Opinion: Racism in a medically segregated world
12/28 -  New report says 2016 very likely to be warmest on record
12/28 -  Report: Army bowed to political pressure in prosecuting Bergdahl
12/27 -  Pentagon says it has killed 20,000 ISIL fighters, and only six civilians
12/27 -  Ronald Reagan's daughter says he would be 'appalled' by today's GOP
12/27 -  Documentary links Peyton Manning to human growth hormone abuse
12/27 -  The awful reign of the Red Delicious apple
12/26 -  A selfie prompts Netanyahu's call for early Likud primaries
12/26 -  French boules lovers push for recognition, Olympic status
12/26 -  Study shows wild bee population dwindles in main US crop regions
12/26 -  Opinion: The real war on Christmas
12/25 -  Netanyahu's wife may be his political downfall
12/25 -  Experiments continue on a vaccine against depression
12/25 -  NYU to keep endowed professorship in Martin Shkreli’s name
12/24 -  How Apple hurts the American taxpayer
12/24 -  New Kentucky governor rescinds felon voting rights
12/24 -  Jeb Bush abandons Jeb! trademark
12/23 -  In dramatic transformation, 95 percent of Uruguay's power is now from clean energy sources
12/23 -  Evergreens in US southwest at risk due to climate change
12/23 -  Internet steering group authorizes Error Code 451: Requested page blocked by state interference
12/23 -  Assad reaching out to DC power brokers
12/22 -  Rubio's campaign may be making big bet on superior organizing
12/22 -  BLS projections for next decade indicate job prospects are not good
12/22 -  GOP campaign arm launches fake web sites against Democrats
12/22 -  In first, SpaceX rocket launches satellites, then lands for reuse
12/21 -  Christmas toy charity bans Harry Potter, Pokemon toys
12/21 -  Affluenza teen on the run with mom after probation violation
12/21 -  CDC says drug overdose death rate at all-time high
12/21 -  Mayor calls state of emergency in Flint because of lead levels in children's bloodstreams
12/20 -  Crimes against Muslim-Americans rise sharply
12/20 -  University of Chicago non-tenured professors vote to form union
12/20 -  Big pharmaceutical firms force delay of CDC effort to curb prescriptions of opioid painkillers
12/20 -  Environmental groups call for 'people's injunction' to block Canadian pipelines
12/18 -  Massive exam cheating scandal engulfs India's middle class
12/18 -  Steve Miller says he will be inducted into 'elitist' and 'exclusive white men's club' - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
12/18 -  Suspension, fights increase nearly 60 percent in St. Paul high schools this quarter
12/17 -  New baby orca joins pod near Pacific Northwest islands
12/17 -  Hawaii's Supreme Court revokes telescope building permit on conservation land
12/17 -  Norway is still the best country to live in, according to UN report
12/16 -  Remains of 16th-century sultan Suleiman the Magnificent may be discovered in Hungary
12/16 -  Darth Vader, a resident of Ukraine, is a man-about-town and sought political office
12/16 -  World's stockpile of cotton amounts to 17 shirts for every person on the planet
12/15 -  Actor Mandy Patinkin and Ted Cruz spar over best delivery of famous 'Princess Bride' line
12/15 -  Somalia has highest rate of FGM in world; two people are working to change that
12/15 -  Bill Cosby sues some women accusers with claim they sought monetary gain
12/14 -  York, SC, resident finishes his 11-foot steel T-Rex in front yard
12/14 -  Dueling protests in Texas: one is pro-gun with a mock shooting, counter-protestors wield fart machines and dildos
12/14 -  U.S. college student helped develop app that stops food waste and spurs food donation
12/13 -  Citizens in NC town object to new solar farm because it would use up all the sunlight, endangering crops
12/13 -  Ted Cruz implies he would nuke ISIL targets
12/13 -  Why the media should be skeptical of Anonymous versus ISIL stories
12/13 -  Is Trump the disease or just the symptom?
12/11 -  Cell-site simulators, used for government surveillance, aren't a secret anymore
12/11 -  Conservatives decry liberal 'war on football' with concussion research
12/11 -  Atheist billboard urges Triad residents to skip church on Christmas
12/11 -  Archaeologists put Buddha's birthday 300 years earlier
12/09 -  Supreme Court could use statistical analysis to limit gerrymandering
12/09 -  Report: Trump's father arrested in 1927 Klan brawl with police
12/09 -  Muslims in US have high levels of education, low levels of religious dogmatism
12/08 -  Fortunately, US falls behind Iraq, Lesotho in gun deaths
12/08 -  Supreme Court leaves Chicago suburb's assault weapon ban intact
12/08 -  Trump's comments about Muslims may get him banned from entry into the UK
12/08 -  Ohio man faces fines for refusal to remove zombie manger scene
12/07 -  Thom Tillis (R-NC) received more in total donations from NRA than any other senator
12/07 -  ISIL recruits scientists for possible chemical, biological war
12/07 -  Holy hypocrites: the false piety of public prayer
12/06 -  Carrie Fisher (with dog Gary) goes off script in hilarious Star Wars promo interview
12/06 -  Texas GOP moves forward on secession vote
12/06 -  How oil fuels the ISIL terrorists
12/06 -  DOJ to prosecute anti-Muslim hate speech
12/06 -  Coal ash removal begins at four Duke Energy power plants in NC
12/06 -  Nearly all of Uruguay's power generation comes from renewable energy
12/05 -  Highest radiation levels yet from Fukushima found off US coast
12/05 -  New strain of e. coli has evolved resistance to antibiotic of last resort
12/05 -  American Muslims fear demonization after San Bernadino shooting
12/05 -  Gun industry execs say mass shootings are good for business
12/04 -  Pentagon opens all combat roles to women without exception
12/04 -  Coffee trays contain bacteria not fit to drink
12/04 -  Science teacher in Statesville on leave for placing student in choke hold; incident caught on video
12/03 -  Neurotoxins found in crabs off California's coast
12/03 -  Videographer sues in NC over 'Blackbeard's Law'
12/03 -  Study shows some sillier words are predictors of what we find humorous
12/02 -  No economic basis for whale hunting in Japan, yet practice continues
12/02 -  Eastern Europe leads developed world with most female doctors, but pay still lags behind men
12/02 -  Citing successful shift of NC politics from moderate to conservative, key players leave the stage
12/01 -  Life as a sitting judge in Britain, wig and all
12/01 -  33-year-old 'Christmas in Washington' holiday special is ending
12/01 -  Saudi Arabia plans to build the world's tallest skyscraper