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MAIN News Archives for January 2016

01/31 -  NC Supreme Court rules that sheriffs can fire employees for not 'donating' to their campaigns
01/31 -  Immune response during pregnancy linked to autism-like behavior
01/31 -  News and Observer: What is White privilege?
01/31 -  How the Koch brothers have transformed US politics
01/30 -  NC environmental chief backs restrictions on solar, new nuclear plants
01/30 -  Voting rights activists are challenging GOP gerrymandering in the South
01/30 -  The Night Wolves: Putin's motorbiking militia
01/30 -  Mystery illness strikes second American Airlines flight
01/29 -  Little girls' reactions to 'curvy Barbie' show why the new toy was a good idea
01/29 -  Michigan Court of Appeals rules state has 'no compelling reason' to provide quality education to children
01/29 -  Nevada GOP lawmaker compares slain Bundy militiaman to Jesus and Moses
01/29 -  No 10 percent raise for teachers, NC House speaker says
01/28 -  State College of Florida scraps tenure
01/28 -  Only female senators showed up for work after the big blizzard
01/28 -  Confederate flag tattoo stops man from joining Marines
01/28 -  Mystery man follows Ted Cruz to hold poster at rallies accusing him of liking Nickleback
01/27 -  Cooper slightly ahead of McCrory in polls, but McCrory claims 'internal polls' show he's ahead
01/27 -  Dangers of offshore drilling in NC outweigh the benefits
01/27 -  Jeb Bush backs immediate hike in Social Security age
01/27 -  Ammon Bundy and other militia leaders arrested, one killed
01/26 -  Grand jury indicts creators of videos that smeared Planned Parenthood
01/26 -  Eight people on trial after botched repair job on King Tut's burial mask
01/26 -  Rick Snyder donor picked to lead investigation of Flint water crisis
01/26 -  Plastic now pollutes every corner of earth, research shows
01/25 -  Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Dissenting for democracy
01/25 -  Legislative changes intended to move many undergraduates into community colleges for first two years at UNC system schools
01/25 -  Battle over voting rights restrictions moves to NC
01/25 -  Blizzard Jonas and the slowdown of the Gulf Stream system
01/24 -  Fox News spent three hours promoting new movie about Benghazi attacks, linking it to Clinton 'failures'
01/24 -  Research shows the homeless population is becoming older and sicker
01/24 -  Sarah Palin's quixotic quest for relevance
01/24 -  Donald Trump: "I could shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters"
01/23 -  NC Supreme Court disregards US Supreme Court in redistricting case
01/23 -  GOP elites hate Ted Cruz enough to back Donald Trump
01/23 -  Bundy militia seen rifling through Native American artifacts at site of siege
01/23 -  Scientists at CERN did not break the speed of light -- it was a faulty wire
01/22 -  Kerry says 'fight' between Obama and Netanyahu is finished
01/22 -  Judge orders Wal-Mart to rehire workers it fired for striking
01/22 -  National Review denounces Trump -- and gets disinvited from RNC debates
01/22 -  Dismissed and ridiculed, Virginia Tech researchers fought to prove Flint water unsafe
01/21 -  Report suggests that giving by huge donors often benefits corporations, not poor
01/21 -  Iowa men's dislike for Clinton are what give Bernie Sanders possibility of win there
01/21 -  Researchers find evidence of giant new planet orbiting sun
01/21 -  Report: NC pension fund faces shortfall 10 times reported estimates
01/20 -  Track Palin charged with weapons, assault charges in 'drunken brawl'
01/20 -  Haywood County, after budget cuts, may have to close a school
01/20 -  Memories of Tuskegee Experiment fuels tuberculosis outbreak in rural Alabama
01/20 -  Waking Life owner profiled in New York magazine
01/19 -  Nation magazine endorses Bernie Sanders for president
01/19 -  Research: One hookah tobacco smoking session delivers 25 times the tar of a single cigarette
01/19 -  Smile or Die: how positive thinking fooled the US (and the world)
01/19 -  Battle of Hayes Pond: The day the Lumbee ran the Klan out of NC
01/18 -  As campaign crumbles, Christie hit with huge document dump on BridgeGate
01/18 -  Obama to halt new coal mining leases on public lands
01/18 -  Drug overdoses propel mortality rise in young Whites
01/18 -  The one trait that predicts Trump supporters? Authoritarianism
01/17 -  The time has come for the Democrats to have a debate about electability
01/17 -  Removal of protections has caused return of black lung in Appalachia
01/17 -  Glenn Greenwald: US changes its story about boats in Iranian waters -- to an even fishier version
01/17 -  Study shows network news coverage of Trump off-the-charts
01/16 -  NRA transforms fairy tales to promote gun ownership
01/16 -  Lawsuit challenges NC law enabling employers to punish whistleblowers
01/16 -  Conservative myths on minimum wage increases have dangerous implications
01/16 -  Anglicans suspend US Episcopal Church over same-sex marriage
01/15 -  What's wrong with Sean Penn's article about El Chapo -- and does it even matter?
01/15 -  Asheville City Council adopts Indigenous Peoples' Day
01/15 -  Planned Parenthood sues group behind undercover videos
01/15 -  Suit argues Duke Energy knew of power plant coal ash violations for years
01/14 -  Ted Cruz failed to disclose $500,000 Goldman Sachs loan for his 2012 Senate run
01/14 -  Why the GOP's Mexico fence fantasy is a farce
01/14 -  Supreme Court strikes down Florida law on death penalty in which guilty verdict doesn't have to be unanimous
01/14 -  Senate pushes to eliminate health retirement benefits for North Carolina’s teachers and state employees
01/13 -  Father of Koch brothers helped build Nazi refinery, hired Nazi to help raise children
01/13 -  Ben Carson, in interview, labels LGBT community 'abnormal'
01/13 -  Nikki Haley's troubled economic record in SC
01/13 -  Scientists discover giant plasma tubes floating above earth; cause is ionizing sunlight
01/12 -  Another Big Pharma company dramatically hikes drug prices
01/12 -  Ringling Bros. to end elephant acts this May
01/12 -  Antigovernment militia groups grew more than one-third in number last year
01/12 -  Doctors must send ultrasound pics to North Carolina officials under ‘creepy’ new anti-abortion law
01/11 -  Gun permits on the rise in NC after Obama's action
01/11 -  Insurance firm turns to planting trees in South Africa to combat drought risk
01/11 -  People take more risks when wearing helmets, potentially negating benefits
01/11 -  The discovery of Roscoe Holcomb and the 'High Lonesome' sound
01/10 -  Western clothing designers are embracing the hijab
01/10 -  Texas governor calls for constitutional changes that would end the existence of the US as we know it
01/10 -  Ben Carson says home schooling is the solution for education crisis in US
01/10 -  Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists
01/09 -  The Clinton's paid-speech bonanza
01/09 -  New science shows milk is harmful to adults - so why does the government advocate its consumption?
01/09 -  Maine governor defends saying drug dealers come from NYC to impregnate 'white women'
01/09 -  Obama's new gun law proposals may be bad news for Bernie Sanders
01/08 -  Report: Sheldon Adelson offered Obama $1b to provide additional Iron Dome anti-missile missiles for Israel
01/08 -  Thousands of Californias flee methane leak from natural-gas well
01/08 -  Median inflation-adjusted household income still behind 2008 peak
01/08 -  CDC: New swine flu risk has emerged
01/07 -  US professor who says Christians and Muslims worship same god condemns move to fire her
01/07 -  Conservative Christians using anti-bullying and sex-ed classes to conceal classes promoting their religion
01/07 -  Alabama chief justice Roy Moore issues order blocking same-sex marriages
01/07 -  Map demonstrates that most of the Middle East's oil reserves lie beneath Shiite populations
01/06 -  Robert Reich: We're teetering on the brink of recession
01/06 -  Oklahoma is the earthquake center of the US, due to fracking
01/06 -  Poll: For millenials, unions in, religions and media out
01/06 -  Fox News host says Obama put a raw onion in his podium so he could cry during Presidential address
01/05 -  Virgin births common among snakes
01/05 -  Melting Arctic is having important role in global warming patterns
01/05 -  Tax hikes on rich in 2013 did not hurt job growth, economy
01/05 -  Leader of Oregon standoff hates US government -- except when he took six-figure small-business loan
01/04 -  Henderson County to endorse Duke Energy plan for new power plant
01/04 -  How hedge funds are pillaging Puerto Rico
01/04 -  The Great Economic Malaise continues
01/04 -  Bundy occupation in Oregon is insurrection, pure and simple
01/03 -  Roots of 'science of gratitude' lie in conservative think-tanks
01/03 -  Concept of different learning styles one of the 'great myths' of neuroscience
01/03 -  New Year's Eve ISIL plot in Rochester news story is 'totally bogus'
01/03 -  Big Oil redesigned its infrastructure to defend against climate change -- while denying it existed
01/02 -  What Cuba can teach us about food and climate change
01/02 -  Why the US spies on Netanyahu
01/02 -  Taliban undergoing resurgence in Afghanistan
01/02 -  Bakery owners finally pay fine for discriminating against Lesbian couple
01/01 -  Radioactive waste still stacked in bags across landscape at Fukushima
01/01 -  Carly Fiorina promises to nominate anti-choice Supreme Court justices
01/01 -  Poll shows Americans worry about religious rights of Christians far more than those of other religions
01/01 -  Alabama's governor is fixing mansion with BP fund money