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MAIN News Archives for February 2016

02/29 -  Florida hunters catch 106 Burmese pythons, one 16 feet long
02/29 -  NYC nuclear plant leaking radioactive waste into Hudson river
02/29 -  Seth Abramson: The media is misreading SC results on Sanders
02/29 -  Has the moment of the GOP implosion arrived?
02/28 -  US military strategy doesn't fix any of the problems it attempts to address
02/28 -  GOP will drop Trump 'like a hot rock' if he wins nomination
02/28 -  Kasich says he'll drop out of race if he loses in Ohio
02/27 -  Joint Chiefs chairman rejects Trump's claims about torture
02/27 -  Melissa Harris-Perry walks off her MSNBC show after pre-emptions
02/27 -  Raspberry Pi 3 information leaks
02/27 -  Trump vows to make libel suits easier if elected
02/26 -  WCU professors emails demanded by Pope Center in wake of her protest over Koch-funded center
02/26 -  Lindsey Graham calls Trump 'a loser,' says GOP has gone 'bats--t crazy'
02/26 -  Decline of bees poses major threat to world crops, according to UN
02/26 -  Concentrated attack on Donald Trump at debate may be too little, too late
02/26 -  Nestle CEO: Water is not a human right and should be privatized
02/25 -  Study shows higher Camp Lejeune death risk from cancer
02/25 -  Duke Energy sued in Florida over costs of uncompleted nuclear plants
02/25 -  Iowa House passes bill to allow children to have handguns
02/25 -  Only six percent of public knows US deficit is shrinking
02/24 -  Last all-Black swim team at a US college is being disbanded
02/24 -  Justice Thomas hasn't asked a question for a decade
02/24 -  Robert Reich: Is this the death of the political establishment?
02/24 -  Clinton brings back popular 'public option' for healthcare
02/23 -  Poll: Trump beats rivals, but not Sanders or Clinton, in NC
02/23 -  McCrory: If Charlotte passes LGBT protections, immediate state response is likely
02/23 -  Why oil prices keep defying all predictions
02/23 -  Telecom firm abandoning Georgia after anti-gay legislation passes legislature
02/22 -  Art Pope among top donors to Rubio super-pac
02/22 -  Juicing is bad for you and for the planet
02/22 -  After years of lies and abuse, Clinton now won't return Fox News phone calls
02/22 -  Inside the $150 million campaign failure of Jeb Bush
02/21 -  Duke Energy's switch to natural gas may prove to be climate nightmare
02/21 -  Fifty years later, US still doesn't understand the Black Panthers
02/21 -  New refugees in Germany met by mob shouting 'Go home'
02/21 -  Humbled and outmaneuvered, Bush suspends race for president
02/20 -  Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, dies
02/20 -  Ex-Black Panther freed after record 43 years in solitary confinement
02/20 -  Growing marijuana uses about one percent of all electricity in US
02/20 -  Katy Perry's Clinton endorsement scrutinized after revelation she was paid thousands
02/19 -  France declares all new rooftops in commercial zones must be topped with plants or solar panels
02/19 -  New congressional map still maintains NC GOP lock
02/19 -  Was Scalia an intellectual phony?
02/19 -  Scalia seldom voted in the interest of Native Americans
02/18 -  Jeb Bush's last-ditch effort to look tough totally backfires
02/18 -  Bundy militia used Paiute sacred spaces as latrines
02/18 -  Life expectancy of rich is increasing in US, but not the poor
02/18 -  Bank of Canada urges Star Trek fans to stop Spocking their five dollar bills
02/17 -  NC's 12th district is almost certain to change because illegal 'point continguity' used in its construction
02/17 -  MSF condemns 'deliberate attacks' after two hospitals bombed in Syria
02/17 -  How the candidates score on animal rights issues
02/17 -  Sixteen percent of Trump supporters in SC say whites are 'superior race'
02/16 -  Why Obama wants a Supreme Court fight
02/16 -  Encryption as a mass liberation strategy
02/16 -  Terrorist attack thwarted at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate for third day in a row
02/16 -  Sanders says Snowden deserves leniency
02/15 -  WaPo food columnist goes to bat for Monsanto - again
02/15 -  Four billion people at risk as water table level drops all over the world
02/15 -  NYT rewrites what Scalia said to make him sound less racist
02/15 -  Results of the latest study of connection between vaccines and autism are in: vaccines don't cause autism
02/14 -  Why Obama may be able to outlast the Republicans on replacing Scalia
02/14 -  Thousands rally in Raleigh for voting rights
02/14 -  Senior citizens destined to die in prison for marijuana possession
02/14 -  Research shows that not expanding Medicaid hurt North Carolina economy
02/13 -  BREAKING: Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court justice, dies at 79
02/13 -  Union membership up in the South
02/13 -  Argentine and Brazilian doctors suspect mosquito insecticide as cause of microcephaly
02/13 -  Latest Nevada poll: Clinton and Sanders tied
02/13 -  NC legislature to begin to work on new congressional maps Monday
02/12 -  Schools are doing a terrible job educating about global warming
02/12 -  Research describes virtual schools as virtually worthless
02/12 -  Clinton leads Sanders in NC polling
02/12 -  Former UNC Board of Governors chair arrested for carrying gun in airport
02/11 -  NC Republicans supported independent redistricting council -- until they gained power
02/11 -  Internal war at Fox News over how to handle Trump's continuing ascendancy
02/11 -  Snyder refuses second request to testify re Flint water crisis
02/11 -  NC begins drug tests for welfare applicants
02/10 -  European forest management programs fail to combat global warming
02/10 -  NC redistricting battle heads to US Supreme Court
02/10 -  Duke Energy will request rate hike -- for coal ash disposal
02/10 -  Texas governor vetoes mental health bill because he doesn't believe mental illness is real
02/09 -  Sanders is very dependent on the most infrequent voters
02/09 -  Michigan lawmakers renew 'sodomy' law, making all non-reproductive sex illegal
02/09 -  CIA veteran says intelligent people know US empire is declining
02/09 -  Sen. Curtis (R-NC) says no regrets about harsh emails to teacher about no pay raise
02/08 -  Research shows that vegetarianism linked to poorer health outcomes
02/08 -  Fox News host says liberals are using Flint water crisis, Zika virus to scare people
02/08 -  Chemical used in antibacterial soaps impairs muscle function
02/07 -  BREAKING: Despite controversy over deflated football, Team Ruff wins Puppy Bowl after unprecedented double touchdown
02/07 -  Ten reasons to watch the Puppy Bowl today instead of the Super Bowl
02/07 -  Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel peace prize
02/07 -  Madeline Albright: There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other
02/07 -  Gloria Steinem: Young women support Sanders to attract men
02/06 -  Poor bearing NC GOP's refusal to expand Medicaid health insurance to 500,000 residents
02/06 -  New evidence that 'voter ID' laws skew democracy in favor of white Republicans
02/06 -  The Nation: Why does Hillary Clinton keep praising Henry Kissinger?
02/06 -  BREAKING: Federal court strikes down NC congressional district maps
02/05 -  Many layoffs in NC in 2016 so far
02/05 -  State health plan to delay discussion of controversial cuts
02/05 -  Eastern Band of Cherokee will not display 'In God We Trust' on tribal building
02/05 -  Powell, Rice received sensitive info through private emails
02/04 -  Coffee pod machine and pod sales decline as economy improves as tastes change
02/04 -  Scientists in Germany take a major step toward controlled nuclear fusion
02/04 -  Mark Meadows (R-NC, 11th District) endorses Ted Cruz
02/04 -  Legionnaire's Disease in Flint linked to water supply problems
02/03 -  Democrats seeking aid for Flint through bipartisan energy bill
02/03 -  Diversity low among NC charter schools
02/03 -  School accused of genetic discrimination after barring student for his DNA
02/03 -  Generals say women should have to register for draft
02/02 -  Duke Energy-funded 'advisory board' says ash basins are all low-risk, can be left in place
02/02 -  WHO declares Zika virus global emergency
02/02 -  Nigeria begins high-speed rail project; US still debating feasibility
02/02 -  CDC unable to trace cause of outbreak at Chipotle
02/01 -  Wind power increases substantially in 2015
02/01 -  Koch brothers spent $400 million on right-wing political causes in 2015
02/01 -  Controversial academic testifies for state in NC voter ID case
02/01 -  Food stamp change concerns advocates for poor in NC