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MAIN News Archives for March 2016

03/31 -  Children of anti-vaxxers are biggest victims of measles outbreaks
03/31 -  NAND mirroring is likely how law enforcement cracked Apple phone encryption
03/31 -  Boycott threatens NC’s flagship furniture trade show, organizers slam Anti-LGBT law
03/31 -  Moral Mondays leader starts Moral Revolution tour
03/30 -  Trump abandons pledge to support eventual Republican nominee
03/30 -  NC attorney general refuses to defend state from HB2 legal challenge
03/30 -  More Republican legislators arrested for sexual misconduct in public bathrooms than transgender people
03/30 -  Acupuncture equal to placebo in treatment of back pain, says research
03/29 -  Clinton leads Trump in NC polling
03/29 -  Varying prices, new sources of oil, are a sign of, not death of, peak oil
03/29 -  Charlotte tourism arm says LGBT law causing potential conventions to look elsewhere
03/29 -  The rise of the 'Gentleman's A'
03/28 -  Now we know what happens when AI lacks empathy -- it goes full-tilt Nazi
03/28 -  Should Clinton choose Al Franken for vice-president?
03/28 -  State of NC sued over rest-room law
03/28 -  Mainstream media fail to cover anti-ISIL march organized by Muslims
03/27 -  NC Lt. Gov. proposes act to limit campus free speech
03/27 -  Duke Energy's CEO's pay jumps to $10.8 million per year
03/27 -  WaPo: NBA must move All-Star game away from Charlotte due to HB2
03/27 -  Between 2006-2010, Cruz and his wife tithed nothing to churches; he won’t release recent records
03/26 -  McCrory will have a difficult path to re-election
03/26 -  ECU investigating gang beating of African-American student on campus
03/26 -  Global warming may be accelerating
03/26 -  North Carolina discrimination law violates US constitution, experts warn
03/25 -  Calls for Disney to pull 'Dirty Dancing' production from NC over House Bill 2 have begun
03/25 -  Nate Silver: Trump versus Clinton matchup means a big Clinton win
03/25 -  Grade inflation at colleges and universities worse than anyone thinks, research shows
03/25 -  National Enquirer, same source that revealed John Edward's sins, claims scoop re Ted Cruz
03/24 -  Giuliani calls Clinton 'a founding member of ISIS' on Fox News
03/24 -  Ted Cruz' national security adviser says Joe McCarthy was right
03/24 -  About NC legislature's ridiculous and cynical special session
03/24 -  Disney, Marvel to boycott Georgia should anti-gay bill pass
03/23 -  Trump may take Richard Burr down with him
03/23 -  Nixon policy adviser admits he invented war on drugs to suppress ‘anti-war left and Black people’
03/23 -  Decades of Boy Scout sex abuse kept secret in Gainesville, GA
03/23 -  Obama makes sure questions are directed to Castro in press conference in Cuba
03/22 -  Rush Limbaugh’s radio network home facing $20 billion bankruptcy
03/22 -  WashPo editor: ‘I got hit on today by Donald Trump’
03/22 -  Doctor: My patient is dead, but at least N.C. taxpayers saved money
03/22 -  BREAKING: Live updates of attacks on Brussels
03/21 -  A Marshall Plan for rural America
03/21 -  PayPal building new global operations center in Charlotte
03/21 -  ‘It was definitely an inside job': The mystery surrounding missing water files at Flint City Hall
03/21 -  Trump Breaks Promise To His Arrested Supporters: “I Never Said I Was Going To Pay For [Legal] Fees.”
03/20 -  Crisis of confidence in the US reaches toxic levels
03/20 -  Trump voters aren't really angry about the economy
03/20 -  Inside the 'fetal assault law' sending pregnant women to prison
03/20 -  Research: Half of people killed by police nationwide suffer a mental disability
03/19 -  Are charter schools suspending more African-American students?
03/19 -  US public finally realizing that humans actually cause climate change
03/19 -  Highest concentrations of NC provisional ballots were from students
03/19 -  Majority of Americans now oppose nuclear energy
03/18 -  Koch brothers' vision for America involves destroying public libraries
03/18 -  Trump promises to overturn Supreme Court decision on gay marriage
03/18 -  Trump's main consultant on foreign policy matters? Himself
03/18 -  NC coal ash management commission disbanded as risk hearings underway
03/17 -  The Economist rates Trump presidency among its top 10 global risks
03/17 -  Sea level rise could displace 13 million Americans
03/17 -  North Carolina deputies put on probation for botched response to Trump rally attack
03/17 -  State reversal on hexavalent chromium in well water an outrage
03/16 -  Trump and Clinton's big night poses hard question for Sanders' supporters
03/16 -  After Clinton's big win, media is already crowding out Bernie Sanders
03/16 -  Breitbart news site implodes under the weight of its own conspiracy theories
03/16 -  Paul Ryan doesn't rule out accepting GOP nomination at convention
03/15 -  Vote today in NC primaries -- here's where to find your polling place
03/15 -  Trump claims protester punched in face was 'dragging flag on ground,' when video shows he wasn't, while Chuck Todd objects
03/15 -  Polling says voter unhappiness about GOP obstruction of SCOTUS nominee may make NC senate seat competitive
03/15 -  At NC legislature, many emails, schedules are hidden
03/14 -  Israeli tourism minister reportedly feels 'uneasy' visiting Germany, citing Nazi past
03/14 -  Why TV drug ads work despite disclosing terrifying side effects
03/14 -  The NC GOP's prejudicial treatment of college students
03/14 -  Trumpism sucker-punches America
03/13 -  Robots sent to clean up Fukushima have died because radiation fried their circuits
03/13 -  Bill Clinton to campaign for Hillary in Asheville today
03/13 -  As congressional district moves to Charlotte, NC Dem. Rep. Alma Adams says she'll move, too
03/13 -  Amazon Echo, home alone with NPR on, got confused and hijacked a thermostat
03/12 -  Congress is about to take food assistance away from the poorest people in the US
03/12 -  GOP congressman furious after Obama thwarts plan to sell sacred Apache land to foreign mining firm
03/12 -  With no ID, NC Senator Richard Burr casts provisional ballot
03/11 -  Researchers identifying microbial causes of Alzheimer's
03/11 -  Court rules NC free to discriminate in license plate designs by outlawing pro-choice plates
03/11 -  California to permit medically-assisted suicide
03/11 -  Drought is just the beginning of our frightening water emergency
03/10 -  Is the brutal assault on Hillary's integrity a result of gender bias?
03/10 -  Tensions high between Trump, protesters at Fayetteville rally
03/10 -  Southeast Raleigh grapples with the death of a young black man at the hands of police
03/10 -  Science is not faith-based, no matter what the WSJ says
03/09 -  Rocky Mount school board approves spanking for misbehaving students
03/09 -  Can Cruz win NC?
03/09 -  Polls proving increasingly unreliable as Sanders beats Clinton in Michigan
03/09 -  Universities are becoming billion-dollar hedge funds with schools attached
03/08 -  Microsoft begins cooperation with Linux with SQL Server
03/08 -  North Korea threatens preemptive nuclear strike
03/08 -  Oklahoma senator introduces bill to make abortion first-degree murder
03/08 -  Alabama considers castrating sex offenders
03/07 -  Inside the Rubio implosion
03/07 -  MFA programs make your novel sound just like everyone else's novel
03/07 -  Kinston, NC holds Confederate flag rally
03/07 -  Donald Trump leads to nostalgia for old-time political bosses
03/06 -  Why forcing Apple to write code violates the First Amendment
03/06 -  Leonard Pitts: GOP policy of obstruction led to Trump's success
03/06 -  Spellings making changes to UNC system based on report funded by anonymous donor
03/06 -  Alabama Supreme Court concedes to US Supreme Court on same-sex marriage
03/05 -  Another GOP voter suppression scheme found illegal
03/05 -  Arctic sea ice sets new low for February and March
03/05 -  Job growth picks up steam as economy adds 242k jobs in February
03/05 -  Police are killing Native Americans at a higher rate than any other race
03/04 -  DailyKos: Republican debate was an embarrassment for the nation
03/04 -  Raleigh officer-involved shooting brings demands for justice
03/04 -  Anti-Trump Republicans call for a third-party option
03/04 -  Fortune Magazine: Donald Trump does not run a Fortune 500 corporation
03/03 -  Ted Cruz says the Higher Power wants the other candidates to drop out of the race
03/03 -  Six famous documentaries whose evidence was biased or fabricated
03/03 -  Donald Trump is an enemy of freedom of speech
03/03 -  NC must stop, not expand, frightening school voucher program
03/02 -  Reports of voting machine chicanery in Texas
03/02 -  Fox analysis and 9/11 'truther' may be Trump's Supreme Court pick
03/02 -  Trump dominates Super Tuesday
03/02 -  West's historic drought called 'slow moving train wreck'
03/01 -  Apple isn't first: How the government is already forcing companies to give them our data
03/01 -  Meet Paul Singer, the predatory capitalist behind Marco Rubio
03/01 -  Southeast Raleigh woman claims a police officer shot her son in the back
03/01 -  Trump's racial controversies leave GOP in awkward spot