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MAIN News Archives for April 2016

04/30 -  McCrory still peddling myth of 'Carolina Comeback,' using faulty metrics
04/30 -  Clinton camp says she's been forced to the left enough
04/30 -  Sen. Burr blocks nomination of Fayetteville woman for federal judgeship
04/30 -  Bank of America CEO reiterates call for HB2 repeal at annual meeting
04/29 -  NC senator Buck Newton: 'We must fight to keep our state straight'
04/29 -  Belgium issues iodine pills to all citizens in new nuclear emergency plan
04/29 -  Thirteen small earthquakes near Weaverville since Sunday
04/29 -  The librarian who saved Timbuktu's cultural treasures from Al Qaeda
04/28 -  Thousands take to streets in Costa Rica to demand more taxes for rich
04/28 -  These guys discovered one weird trick for building a clickbait empire
04/28 -  Young workers today have lower wages despite more education
04/28 -  Who really benefits from the HB2 boycott?
04/27 -  Majority of NC voters oppose HB2, new poll shows
04/27 -  Alabama voters to decide whether women who get abortions to be prosecuted as murderers
04/27 -  After inflation, NC teacher pay has dropped 13 percent in the past 15 years
04/27 -  Research shows a wider ideological gap between more and less educated adults
04/26 -  James Fallows on why Asheville is so nice
04/26 -  FCC commissioner calls low-power FM a 'phenomenal success story'
04/26 -  Trump may have exposed division between oligarchs and poor white males in GOP
04/26 -  NC United Methodist Church calls for repeal of HB2
04/25 -  This Democratic primary has been unusually substantive and low-key, insiders say
04/25 -  Beyond milkweed: Monarchs face habitat, nectar threats
04/25 -  NC judges try their hand at drawing congressional districts
04/25 -  San Francisco mandates solar panels on new buildings
04/24 -  McCrory won't discuss HB2 in announcing budget
04/24 -  Obama administration sends letter to all fifty states: Defunding Planned Parenthood is illegal
04/24 -  Sanders adviser says campaign may have to 'reevaluate' after Tuesday
04/24 -  How the US military got hooked on a high-caffeine energy drink that's unknown stateside
04/23 -  Shift in global winds caused record flooding in the Balkans
04/23 -  The racist history of tipping
04/23 -  Middle-aged white people now make up one-third of US suicide deaths
04/23 -  Is NC's head of DEQ just talking nonsense now?
04/22 -  Here's a list of whom the GOP has proposed as candidates to stop Trump
04/22 -  Richest Americans now live ten to fifteen years longer than the poorest
04/22 -  NC has more Confederate monuments than 48 other states
04/22 -  After HB2, trans suicide hotline calls double
04/21 -  BREAKING: Singer Prince dead at 57
04/21 -  Why world leaders are terrified of water shortages
04/21 -  Springsteen may be a great performer, but he's not a community activist
04/21 -  Solar now cheaper than coal, says India prime minister
04/21 -  UK Foreign Office issues advisory to nationals traveling to NC due to HB2
04/20 -  Shin Bet uncovers Jewish terrorist cell responsible for attacks against Palestinians
04/20 -  World's oldest dog, 30, dies in Australia
04/20 -  Appeals court rules for transgender teen in Virginia bathroom case; ACLU suit re HB2 uses same arguments
04/20 -  Mitsubishi Motors says it manipulated fuel economy tests, shares tumble
04/19 -  Love It Or List It sued by Raleigh couple for shoddy renovations
04/19 -  Creationist says Stonehenge was built by Satanic giants
04/19 -  Art Pope-backed Civitas Institute opposes NC wind farm
04/19 -  Raleigh visitors bureau: Event cancellations due to HB2 quadruple economic losses
04/18 -  Pope: Sanders encounter sign of good manners, 'nothing more'
04/18 -  NC Supreme Court rejects state’s repeal of teacher tenure
04/18 -  Rewarding children to eat healthy can be a mistake
04/18 -  New strain of drug-resistant 'super-gonorrhoea' identified
04/17 -  Peabody Coal Co., most notorious defender of dirty coal and climate change denier, goes bankrupt
04/17 -  Microsoft goes on the offensive re keeping encryption strong
04/17 -  Indian lunar satellite photographs Apollo 15 moon landing site
04/17 -  HB2: The story of a bill Republican lawmakers thought was a coup but was a costly mistake
04/16 -  Cattle Cliven Bundy released on rangeland now starving to death
04/16 -  Phil Berger doubles down on HB2
04/16 -  More nonsense from DEQ: deregulation of e-waste in landfills
04/16 -  QuickTime is a security problem, says Homeland Security
04/15 -  NASA calls out climate change deniers on Facebook
04/15 -  McCrory campaign clamping down on conservative critics
04/15 -  Air-blown hand-dryer spreads more germs than paper towels, study finds
04/15 -  Elon law professor to challenge Phil Berger for state senate seat
04/14 -  Is the NC GOP melting down?
04/14 -  Do Easter Island's statues really have bodies?
04/14 -  Asheville City Council calls for HB2 repeal
04/14 -  Retired NC judges to simulate independent redistricting panel
04/13 -  Yes, Ted Cruz attempted to ban self-pleasuring at one point
04/13 -  McCrory and gang going 'full Trump' in trying to shift blame for NC boycott to liberals
04/13 -  HB2: How the pursuit of fairness through boycotts can itself be unfair
04/13 -  Donald Trump, American preacher
04/12 -  BREAKING: McCrory issues executive order calling for repeal of section of House Bill 2 making lawsuits in state courts for discrimination impossible
04/12 -  Climate change is altering how Earth rotates
04/12 -  Spellings criticized for telling UNC campuses to follow bathroom law
04/12 -  Why VR is a dud
04/12 -  Possible disruption from protesters keeps UNC Board of Governors from meeting in Asheville
04/11 -  Buncombe County loses 500 tech jobs because of HB2
04/11 -  Head of LGBT group named to NC legislature by Democrats
04/11 -  Screentime makes kids moody and lazy
04/11 -  NC funding churches: 93 percent of ‘scholarship program’ vouchers go to religious schools
04/11 -  New study claims Walmart hid 76 billion dollars of assets in foreign tax havens
04/08 -  Emissions may have peaked, but global warming continues unabated
04/08 -  Surprise! Margaret Spellings disappoints in response to HB2, further confusing colleges and universities
04/08 -  Mother Jones asks NC police how HB2 will be enforced; the answer is that nobody knows
04/08 -  How the Atari Democrats remade the party of FDR
04/08 -  Report says upward mobility is worse in NC than in US
04/07 -  Why did the CDC stop researching gun violence?
04/07 -  TN legislature passes bill allowing therapists to deny service to people whose goals don't match therapist goals
04/07 -  Federal funding for NC at risk, thanks to HB2
04/07 -  Virtually no cases of sexual predators benefiting from transgender anti-discrimination laws
04/06 -  Authorities just raided the home of the person behind the fake 'baby-parts' video
04/06 -  Corporate media gatekeepers protect US 'one-percenters' from Panama Papers
04/06 -  Block of downtown buildings in Asheville sold to local investors for development
04/06 -  Retired judge at The Hague predicts international court will try Dick Cheney
04/05 -  Climate change could erase 2.5 trillion USD off world asset sheets
04/05 -  'Moral Revolution' tour kicks off in NYC
04/05 -  NC will be a swing state in 2016
04/05 -  Students occupy Duke administration building to protest administrator who drove into parking attendant
04/04 -  Migrations fueled by climate change are major threat to democracy
04/04 -  Pharmaceutical firm reconsidering RTP expansion after HB2 passage
04/04 -  One percent of Blacks in US South lack clean water
04/04 -  Huge data leak reveals money network tied to Russian leader
04/03 -  House Bill 2 really part of NC GOP's ongoing attack on cities
04/03 -  Why NC's HB2 demands clarification from the Supreme Court on Romer v. Evans
04/03 -  ALEC, and its GOP followers, plan to eliminate local school boards
04/03 -  NC woman suing for age discrimination gets caught up in HB2 bill fallout
04/02 -  The 'solar bee' cleanup experiment in Lake Jordan has failed
04/02 -  The most frightening thing about Trump is his actual personality disorder
04/02 -  Experts skewer Tillis, NRA excuses for blocking Merrick Garland
04/02 -  Former CIA officer's memoir details how little the agency seemed to know about Afghanistan
04/01 -  FCC votes to propose new privacy rules for Internet service providers
04/01 -  Women's national soccer team files wage discrimination suit
04/01 -  British firm will buy first 12 of Lockheed's new blimp-like hybrid airships
04/01 -  Medical professionals condemn House Bill 2