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MAIN News Archives for May 2016

05/31 -  Donald Trump's advisor on religion says he is a prophet and has stopped a tsunami by prayer
05/31 -  In first, NDRC endorses Clinton for President
05/31 -  Congress targets military housing stipends
05/31 -  Study suggests benefits of rooftop solar outweigh costs for all
05/30 -  NCDOT plans for new I-26 in West Asheville include a new Amboy Road to be constructed north of current I-26
05/30 -  How cognitive biases make smart people stupid
05/30 -  Trump says he supports slashing Social Security from a ‘moral standpoint’
05/30 -  Fifteen SC families will find themselves living in NC Jan 1 due to border redrawing
05/30 -  Head of CDC pleads for more Zika funding
05/29 -  State lifts 'do not drink' notice near Duke's coal ash pond at Belmont; residents protest
05/29 -  Trump says there is no drought in California; shortages are caused by regulations
05/29 -  UNC system says it will not enforce bathroom provisions of HB2
05/29 -  Trump campaign may have far less money than he says
05/28 -  Australia pulls Great Barrier Reef damage from UNESCO tourism report
05/28 -  Low sales even as economy improves signals 'complete shift in shopping'
05/28 -  California looks less like a sure thing for Clinton
05/28 -  The fall of
05/28 -  "Game-changing" study links cell-phone radiation to cancer
05/27 -  McCrory's frequent and unnecessary use of state jet costing taxpayers big money
05/27 -  Ru Paul's Drag Stars bringing politics and poses to Durham while protesting HB2
05/27 -  NC GOP proposal on tuition could devastate WCU
05/27 -  First structure ever built was constructed by Neanderthals
05/27 -  America's largest maximum security prison is basically a plantation
05/27 -  WaPo: Were Clinton's disregard for email rules willful and inexcusable?
05/26 -  Nikki Haley approves 20-week abortion ban in SC
05/26 -  Iraqi troops retake key town from ISIS in Falluja offensive
05/26 -  Trouble on Everest: Sherpas square off against racist Western climbers
05/26 -  HB2 could cost NC almost five billion dollars a year
05/25 -  Charlie Daniels insults Ivy League, threatens Iran in NRA video
05/25 -  As Lindsey Graham falls in line, GOP becomes the Trump Party
05/25 -  Millennials roommates more likely to be parents than partners
05/25 -  Restaurant owner found guilty of manslaughter after diner dies of peanut allergy
05/24 -  The first big test for the Paris climate accords is coming soon
05/24 -  Shrinking access to higher education: Disappearing minority scholarships
05/24 -  Be sure to remember June 7 primary in NC
05/24 -  NC GOP rep: Eliminating retiree health benefits “should have been done a long time ago”
05/23 -  HB2 boycott impacts union workers, others whose livelihoods depend on concerts
05/23 -  George Takei urges fellow Sanders supporters: Abandon ‘family squabble’ and back Clinton
05/23 -  Why NC should be boosting, not hurting, renewable energy
05/23 -  University of Tennessee disbands diversity office, eliminates four positions
05/22 -  David Gergen says 'enough is enough' in NC
05/22 -  Trump paid no taxes for two straight years
05/22 -  The horrifying reality of the academic job market
05/22 -  Wyoming GOP passes law criminalizing collecting evidence of pollution on public land
05/21 -  The world's largest cruise ship is a supersized ecological problem
05/21 -  Koch Brothers have trained over 100,000 volunteers in NC, report says
05/21 -  Moore County to review funding for Sandhills Community College over op-ed piece about HB2
05/21 -  The dangerous acceptance of Donald Trump
05/20 -  Ben and Jerry's introduce new ice cream, EmpowerMint, at NC NAACP rally
05/20 -  Art Pope denies funding HB2 backers despite clear records
05/20 -  College students run crying to Daddy Administrator, and its bad for everyone
05/20 -  Oklahoma passes a bill making it a felony to conduct an abortion
05/20 -  RIP, GOP: How Trump is killing the Republican Party
05/19 -  The 'Common Core' industry sues individuals who criticize it online
05/19 -  Research shows even in cities, bees find flowers to avoid processed sugars
05/19 -  Political hack Margaret Spellings appoints political hack Cecil Staton chancellor of ECU
05/19 -  How fascism could come to the US
05/18 -  NC GOP's statements on HB2 direct reminders of segregation; the victimizers cry victim
05/18 -  Closure of Burlington College after land deal under Jane Sanders soured may be problem for campaign
05/18 -  US is 'world leader' in child poverty
05/18 -  City, state argue Asheville water control case before state Supreme Court
05/17 -  BREAKING: DeBruhl resigns from county commissioners; is pressure on failed Deschutes deal the reason?
05/17 -  Ethics group lists McCrory among worst governors in US
05/17 -  Trump poses a dilemma for NC GOP
05/17 -  EU says HB2 violates UN treaty with US
05/17 -  Doctor: My patient is dead, but at least NC taxpayers saved money
05/16 -  Duke Energy and Gov. McCrory ignored cancer-risk estimate for polluted well water approved by CDC
05/16 -  New Yorker: Trump is symptomatic of American despair
05/16 -  Defunct Land of Oz theme park to open for limited time in June
05/16 -  Critics decry HB2s lesser-known elements
05/15 -  Old Fort business cuts ties to town over its HB2 support
05/15 -  Franklin Graham: School boards must be run by Christians
05/15 -  Why are the highly educated so liberal?
05/15 -  How Donald Trump crosses the line with women
05/14 -  Almost half of US honeybee hives collapsed last year
05/14 -  UK energy generation from coal is essentially at zero
05/14 -  Duke Energy lobbied state officials to reverse water warnings near coal ash dumps
05/14 -  Missing 64-year-old female Buncombe County hiker was tied to tree, emergency radio calls reveal
05/13 -  Marijuana use in pregnancy is major risk factor for pre-term birth
05/13 -  In wake of HB2, US gives directive to schools on transgender bathroom access
05/13 -  Fox News brand at three-year low among Republicans after feud with Trump
05/13 -  Koch group launches ad campaign against NC GOP lawmaker
05/12 -  Clinton proposes Medicare buy-in program
05/12 -  Will NC Senate Bill 873 doom North Carolina's Black universities?
05/12 -  Lobbyists told that if their businesses object to HB2, their firms will suffer
05/12 -  Pat McCrory: Congress should ‘revisit the 1964 Civil Rights Act’ to allow segregated bathrooms
05/11 -  Salisbury high school to allow students to carry pepper spray in case wrong gender students enter rest rooms
05/11 -  Publix is recalling two items that may contain listeria
05/11 -  The NC GOP's attack on solar farms continues
05/11 -  Local activist Isaac Coleman dies
05/10 -  BREAKING: Systematic and statewide NC violations of voter registation laws to be challenged in court
05/10 -  Five Pacific islands lost to rising sea levels due to climate change
05/10 -  NC lawmakers are preparing to make poor services, crumbling structures and regressive taxes permanent
05/10 -  How trigger warnings hurt mental health on US campuses
05/10 -  Justice Department sues NC re HB2
05/09 -  The Senate odds are looking better for Democrats
05/09 -  Government lab reveals it has operated quantum internet for over two years
05/09 -  Montford Park Shakespeare arena awarded tourism grant for upgrades
05/09 -  McCrory admits on television that number of cases of transgendered molestations in restrooms is zero
05/08 -  Donald Trump says global warming was created by Chinese to make US noncompetitive
05/08 -  Polluters in SC to get big boost from legislature
05/08 -  Maine Democrats vote to strip superdelegates of power
05/08 -  Ivy League economist ethnically profiled, interrogated for doing math on American Airlines flight
05/07 -  How the GOP works: Voters confused about voter ID just stay home
05/07 -  Solar Bee project comes to an end
05/07 -  Obama to name Stonewall first national LGBT monument
05/07 -  Alabama's 'Ten Commandments' chief justice removed from bench
05/06 -  Wellness guru faces court after claiming she cured her brain cancer with whole-foods diet
05/06 -  McCrory lies, says Springsteen canceled NC show for poor ticket sales
05/06 -  NC Governor Pat McCrory to host open house in Asheville on May 14
05/06 -  NC GOP House Speaker says legislature won't be 'bullied' about HB2
05/05 -  McCrory says NC companies back him on HB2, but are afraid to say so in public
05/05 -  Medical errors third most likely cause of death in US, research shows
05/05 -  Movies about women nearly impossible to finance, say independent producers
05/05 -  DOJ determines HB2 violates Title XII, IX; NC has until Monday to comply; NC could lose Federal funds
05/04 -  BREAKING: Kasich to drop out of presidential race
05/04 -  Paul Ryan proposes ending Obamacare's coverage of pre-existing conditions
05/04 -  Man poses as military bomb disposal expert, lives in Fort Bragg barracks for months
05/04 -  PoliticsNC: Hillary will turn out to be a much better campaigner than people think
05/04 -  Ted Cruz is out, but John Kasich isn't going anywhere
05/03 -  Randleman's notorious Seabord Chemical dump still awaits cleanup, and threatens city's water supplies
05/03 -  Waikiki beach may be next landmark to vanish due to climate change
05/03 -  Landfill fire moving closer to nuclear waste dump in Missouri
05/03 -  The GOP has a demographic problem they show no signs of fixing
05/02 -  Report: FBI foiled attack on Florida synagogue
05/02 -  Unhealthy ozone days could increase by more than a week in coming decades
05/02 -  Rev. William Barber II on NC's retreat from voting rights
05/02 -  Brad Pitt builds 109 homes for the homeless in New Orleans
05/01 -  NCGOP removes first Black chairperson
05/01 -  The strong evidence against spanking
05/01 -  Why the people picking California's tomatoes can't afford to eat them
05/01 -  Poll shows a majority of young Americans believe our economic system can't face today's challenges