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MAIN News Archives for June 2016

06/30 -  GOP doubles-down on HB2 bigotry: Sex reassignment "certificate" required
06/30 -  Charlotte Observer: Republicans are ruining NC through malicious war on poor, gays
06/30 -  After Brexit vote, UK sees wave of hate crimes, racial abuse
06/30 -  More discrepancies between record and autobiography of right-wing hero Ameican Sniper Chris Kyle
06/29 -  For Trump and Clinton, road to White House goes through NC
06/29 -  Lack of accountability at the NC ballot box allows ideology to run amok
06/29 -  Why young Americans are giving up on capitalism
06/29 -  Trump promised millions to charity, but gave only $10,000 over seven years
06/28 -  Charles Koch is hijacking universities with his billions
06/28 -  Texas Supreme Court says OK not to educate children if parents think Rapture is coming soon
06/28 -  NC legislature proposes constitutional changes to make their damage permanent
06/28 -  Pope condemns arms industry, gun owners
06/27 -  Senate Bill 867 removes NC teachers' right to protest
06/27 -  Pope says Church should ask forgiveness from gays for past treatment
06/27 -  Poll shows Trump's June has been a public-opinion disaster
06/27 -  How American politics went insane
06/26 -  Report: Ban on transgender service members will be repealed
06/26 -  Ivanka: Trump kept Hitler's speeches at bedside
06/26 -  James Dobson says Trump now has a personal relationship with Jesus
06/26 -  George Will leaves the GOP
06/25 -  Apodaca signs document saying that bill making Asheville city council elections by district is non-controversial, needs no hearings
06/25 -  After Brexit vote, Britain asks Google: "What is the EU?"
06/25 -  Charlotte's Whitewater Center closes after brain-eating amoeba found in water; one teen dead
06/25 -  Trump supporters say whites face as much discrimination as minorities, according to study
06/24 -  NC GOP-controlled Senate would vastly expand school voucher program
06/24 -  Donald Trump says Brexit is 'a great thing' as he visits UK to open a golf course
06/24 -  Gunman opens fire at Sikh temple in Wisconsin; seven dead
06/24 -  Pound to dollar exchange rate hits lowest rate in 30 years after UK votes to leave EU
06/23 -  Funding threatened for NC cities ignoring state's repressive immigration laws
06/23 -  Research shows relationship between banning rapid-fire weapons and reduction of deaths in Australia
06/23 -  In copyright hearing, Robert Plant testifies he can not read music or remember the 1960s
06/23 -  Sit-in on gun-control measure is a sign of how much the Democratic Party has changed
06/22 -  Is Donald Trump's endgame the launch of a television network?
06/22 -  Higher ed group blasts NC's income tax cap for richest residents
06/22 -  Dallas group to auction off Native American relics despite tribe’s objections
06/22 -  Couple who treated ill son with maple syrup, not medicine, blame ambulance worker for his death
06/21 -  US groups request UN monitoring for electoral fraud in upcoming presidential election
06/21 -  Is Pat McCrory America's most spineless politician?
06/21 -  Economic recovery leaves majority behind in NC
06/21 -  Supreme Court lets stand law banning some semi-automatic assault weapons
06/20 -  Apodaca proposes district plan for Buncombe city council elections to dilute liberal power
06/20 -  Six major GOP convention sponsors drop out because of Trump
06/20 -  Scandals, Asheville gay club, will use metal detectors in light of Orlando massacre
06/20 -  Evidence now exists that alien life has existed somewhere, somewhen
06/19 -  Oakland CA loses third police chief in a week as sex scandal grows
06/19 -  Mass layoffs threatening local economies in NC in wake of state unemployment rollbacks
06/19 -  Taxpayer funds used for political ads on Facebook against SEANC
06/19 -  Gun-loving RNC designates RNC convention as gun-free zone
06/19 -  Senate votes to scale back federal job preferences for veterans
06/18 -  RNC quietly passes anti-LGBT resolution
06/18 -  How NC became an Ultimate Frisbee powerhouse
06/18 -  Homegrown NC Bundy occupier gets house arrest
06/18 -  Rio declares financial emergency just weeks before Olympics
06/17 -  The top one percent earned 18 times more than everyone else in NC in 2013
06/17 -  Art Pope's war on NC wind farm fails
06/17 -  A Donald Trump rally is a homophobic, misogynistic, racist nightmare
06/17 -  Henderson County sheriff says they will no longer partner with Hendersonville PD
06/16 -  McCrory appears at prayer rally, sits with head bowed as religious leader bashes gays
06/16 -  Senate confirms first-ever Native American woman as Federal judge
06/16 -  Pat Robertson: Gay alliance with ISIS created Orlando attack
06/16 -  Newborn missing baby in Buncombe County is found
06/15 -  FBI says it is unlikely charges will be filed against Clinton in email matter
06/15 -  Alligator snatches toddler on beach at Disney resort
06/15 -  Clinton and Sanders meet in wake of Clinton's win in DC primary
06/15 -  Some major Republicans refusing to acknowledge Trump's comments on Obama, Islam
06/14 -  NC passes 'fast-track' fracking law, seeks taxpayer money to support industry
06/14 -  Was Orlando violence motivated by attacker's shame over his own homosexuality?
06/14 -  NC Sen. Burr says gun sales shouldn't be deferred for FBI terror suspects
06/14 -  NRA blames Obama for Orlando shooting
06/13 -  Several NC GOP legislators propose bill to drop requirement for concealed-carry permits
06/13 -  Trump's tweets after tragedies are weirdly self-congratulatory
06/13 -  North Carolinians against gun violence: Three real steps you can take after Orlando
06/13 -  Charlotte-Mecklenburg police destroyed rape kits in more than 1,000 cases
06/13 -  Trump's exploitation of Orlando is untrue and vicious
06/13 -  Find out if your representatives took money from the NRA
06/12 -  Twenty feared dead after Orlando night-club terrorist attack
06/12 -  Now you can enjoy gluten-free versions of well-known art masterpieces
06/12 -  Appeals Court: No Second Amendment right to carry concealed firearms outside the home
06/12 -  Is it time for WNC to secede?
06/11 -  George W. Bush's environmental chief calls Trump's plans for the environment 'dangerous'
06/11 -  As McCrory and others endorse Trump, the NC GOP is being redefined
06/11 -  Georgia senator prays for Obama's death at Christian gathering
06/11 -  Trump considering NC Senator RIchard Burr for VP
06/10 -  At ten degrees above average, Alaska is having its hottest year since record-keeping began
06/10 -  Trump says asbestos 'got a bad rap,' fears are a mob conspiracy
06/10 -  NC GOP representative says no to body cams for police, because footage might be used by ISIS to recruit
06/10 -  Sanders to campaign through DC primary but vows to work with Hillary Clinton
06/09 -  Hospital mergers put patients at risk
06/09 -  College tuition really has risen four times faster than inflation
06/09 -  Club for Growth PAC spends over a million dollars in NC primary
06/08 -  UNC system faculty fleeing because of low pay
06/08 -  Two new studies find racial anxiety is the biggest driver of support for Trump
06/08 -  Senate GOP passes budget tossing 27 million Americans off health insurance
06/08 -  Nature Made supplements could be tainted with salmonella, staph and mold
06/07 -  UN: Rising environmental crime threatens our societies
06/07 -  Trump takes credit as the one who really broke the glass ceiling
06/07 -  "Enough is enough:" Trans student suing NC
06/07 -  Modern art was part of CIA cultural war
06/06 -  Trump University is even worse than you think
06/06 -  Clinton, Sanders down to the wire in California
06/06 -  Economic threats of HB2 relegated to political sidelines by reliable culture war issues
06/06 -  McDowell High students build Trump's wall, anger Latino students
06/05 -  Atlantic: The story of the K-Cup, the environment, and choice
06/05 -  Seven outbreaks of salmonella linked to live poultry in backyard flocks
06/05 -  McCrory gives millions in incentives to NC businesses replacing skilled tech workers with foreigners under visa program
06/05 -  Voters can fix NC Supreme Court's partisan tilt
06/04 -  Trump: "Look at my African-American over here"
06/04 -  When universities try to behave like businesses, education suffers
06/04 -  HB2 also removed anti-discrimination protection for veterans, McCrory is informed
06/04 -  Novelist Clyde Edgerton banned from New Hanover County schools
06/03 -  Haaretz: Paris peace summit will equalize power between Israel and Palestine
06/03 -  Utahn claims to have found fossilized skull of Bigfoot; it's huge
06/03 -  Branded a racist, Apodaca scales back tuition-cut proposal to only schools serving the poor
06/03 -  State attorneys general who dropped Trump University fraud inquiries subsequently got Trump donations
06/02 -  McCrory ditches Shriners parade in fear of HB2 protests
06/02 -  UCLA professor killed by student in murder-suicide that shut down campus
06/02 -  Why Trump's claims of wealth may be fraudulent
06/02 -  Rush Limbaugh says Cincinnati gorilla tragedy happened because gorilla didn't evolve enough
06/01 -  Statue of Liberty and Venice among sites at risk from climate change, says UN
06/01 -  Inside the squalid living conditions for the migrants building Trump International Golf Club in Dubai
06/01 -  Trump attacks sitting judge who is ruling on his case
06/01 -  Tea Party 'Taxpayer Bill of Rights' moves closer to passage in NC