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MAIN News Archives for July 2016

07/31 -  Russia hired Internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans to help his campaign
07/31 -  NC lawmakers tiptoe around NATO concerns
07/31 -  Research suggests secondhand marijuana smoke has dangers similar to secondhand tobacco smoke
07/31 -  Bill O'Reilly had the worst possible response to Michelle Obama's DNC speech
07/31 -  Reverend Barber's speech at the DNC puts social justice at the front of Democratic politics
07/30 -  Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump
07/30 -  ASU ordered to provide professor’s emails for court review
07/30 -  Obama signs bill requiring labeling of GMO foods
07/30 -  The ‘smoking gun’ proving North Carolina Republicans tried to disenfranchise black voters
07/29 -  BREAKING: Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals strikes down NC's voter ID laws
07/29 -  Heat waves of summer 2016 preview a future under climate change
07/29 -  Wind power still under threat in NC
07/29 -  How Trump used money from a Russian oligarch to bail out a real estate deal
07/29 -  Julian Assange anti-Semitic comments spark disagreement
07/28 -  Cherokee Nation chief Baker asks Trump to stop calling Elizabeth Warren 'Pocohontas'
07/28 -  NC GOP mocks Tim Kaine for lapel pin honoring son's military service, mistaking it for Honduran flag
07/28 -  Parents fight NC GOP plan to cut services for children with disabilities
07/28 -  All the women Trump claims he dated but didn't
07/28 -  Trump now says he never met Putin; last November, he says he got to know him very well
07/27 -  Trump breaks primary rule of US politics, encourages Russia to continue hacks
07/27 -  Trump, with McCrory onstage, says he has pages of data saying NC economy is doing poorly
07/27 -  George Will raises possible Trump link to Russian oligarchs
07/27 -  Why liberals buy the lies about Clinton
07/27 -  Justice for Jerry makes national news outlets
07/26 -  Trump gets convention bump; polls at dead heat
07/26 -  Priest killed by hostage-takers in northern France; two assailants shot dead
07/26 -  New maps for NC's Outer Banks ignore global warming, remove thousands of homes from flood zones
07/26 -  McCrory blaming everyone but himself for HB2 fallout
07/25 -  Intelligence officials are concerned about Trump's connections to Russia
07/25 -  BREAKING: Two dead, 14 wounded in Fort Myers nightclub shooting
07/25 -  Now Art Pope's John Locke Foundation is attacking bike lanes as 'social engineering'
07/25 -  Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns as DNC chair
07/25 -  Why do people hate Hillary Clinton so?
07/24 -  Top DNC staffer apologizes for recommendation that Clinton campaign question Sanders on religion
07/24 -  WNC lawmakers say HB2 damage is bad, could get worse
07/24 -  It's not illegal to be: Listen to the 911 calls from Whites freaked out by Blacks just existing
07/24 -  Bear drinks 36 beers, passes out at campground
07/23 -  In unusual move, Washington Post editorial declares Trump 'unique threat to American democracy'
07/23 -  Worst governor in US says NC must rally behind McCrory
07/23 -  NC Lt. Gov. Dan Forest says eveyone 'misunderstands' HB2
07/23 -  Clinton chooses Kaine as running mate
07/22 -  Clinton doing better in NC than national polling suggests
07/22 -  Turkey bans all academics from traveling abroad
07/22 -  Secret Service investigating Trump advisor's call to execute Clinton
07/22 -  GOP email scandal arises as Chris Christie accused of concealing emails during prosecution
07/21 -  NC's John Locke Foundation called out for participating in 'outright fraud'
07/21 -  Artist erects border wall around Trump's star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame
07/21 -  At the RNC, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce endorses Clinton
07/21 -  Helen Thomas, pioneering White House reporter, dies at 92
07/20 -  NC Klan distributing flyers in Fayetteville
07/20 -  Nororovirus strikes RNC convention; hand sanitizer distributed
07/20 -  What it's like to be a Jewish reporter covering Trump (caution: disturbing images)
07/20 -  Ben Carson goes rogue at RNC, links Clinton directly to Lucifer
07/19 -  Scott Baio will sue you if you say he's a moron for claiming Obama is a 'secret Muslim'
07/19 -  Duke Energy spreading report that coal ash is 'harmless,' contrary to science
07/19 -  Steven Colbert crashed the RNC dressed in Hunger Games costume
07/19 -  GOP Congressman: Whites have contributed more to civilization than any other 'subgroup'
07/18 -  Netanyahu expected to be questioned as criminal suspect
07/18 -  McCrory signs compromise for Duke Energy coal ash cleanup, to dismay of those near ponds
07/18 -  Can airships solve the world's pressing transportation problems?
07/18 -  Kentucky judge refuses to marry atheist couple because they don't mention a deity in their vows
07/17 -  BREAKING: Multiple police officers gunned down in Baton Rouge
07/17 -  Welcome to the 'Ecological Recession': Global biodiversity on unsafe decline
07/17 -  Apodaca steps down early, might become a lobbyist
07/17 -  About the Gulen movement, the group accused of supporting the failed Turkish coup
07/17 -  Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit
07/16 -  NC is headed backward on childhood lead poisoning
07/16 -  Ivanka Trump's rabbi bows out of Republican convention after criticism
07/16 -  How Trump's rollout of his VP turned into a complete mess
07/16 -  Turkey purges military as coup leaders arrested, remaining forces surrender
07/15 -  BREAKING: Turkish military says it has seized control in coup d'etat
07/15 -  BREAKING: Congress releases secret 28 pages of 9-11 report on ties to Saudis
07/15 -  Cooper raising more than McCrory in NC governor's race
07/15 -  Driver in attack in Nice named as convicted criminal born in Tunisia
07/15 -  Yes, Mike Pence really did sign a bill mandating funerals for fetuses
07/15 -  Mike Pence, Trump's likely running mate, is "Rush Limbaugh on decaf"
07/15 -  Tim Tebow bails on speaking at Republican convention
07/15 -  The real income of two-thirds of households in 25 advanced economies fell in the last ten years
07/14 -  Rabid beaver that attacked paddleboarder on Beaver Lake now has memorial at North Asheville Library
07/14 -  The end of White Christian America?
07/14 -  Cop to arrested Black reporter: 'I'm tired of y'all saying you're journalists'
07/14 -  How NC's General Assembly took over local control from cities like Asheville
07/14 -  RNC puts 'gay conversion therapy' into party's platform
07/13 -  Regulators hike bond environmentalists must post to object to Asheville area power plant to $68 million
07/13 -  Trump's alma mater, the Wharton School of Economics, disavows his candidacy
07/13 -  North Carolina legalizes needle exchanges
07/13 -  Video seems to indicate something odd was going on with George W. Bush at memorial for slain police in Dallas
07/12 -  Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert warns against gay space colonies
07/12 -  In today's totally non-ironic news, beaver attacks 67-year-old paddleboarder on Asheville's Beaver Lake
07/12 -  Evan Bayh to run for Senate in Indiana; could tip balance in Senate
07/12 -  Dallas police chief debunks 'good guy with a gun' myth
07/12 -  A 'slow catastrophe' unfolds as the golden age of antibiotics ends
07/11 -  Archaeologists find first-ever Philistine cemetery in Israel
07/11 -  Waterkeeper Alliance reminds NC that hog farm waste is an environmental disaster waiting to happen
07/11 -  In NC, dangerous delays and delusions on sea-level rise
07/11 -  The Second Amendment was ratified to preserve slavery
07/10 -  Major US firms ask judge to block NC's HB2
07/10 -  Astronomers discover massive planet with three suns
07/10 -  Green Party's Jill Stein invites Bernie Sanders to take over ticket
07/10 -  An inside look at how one college is censoring classroom debate
07/09 -  Nearly forgotten: FBI warns that white supremacists are infiltrating law enforcement
07/09 -  First Zika-related death reported in continental US
07/09 -  Blacks are the Second Amendment's second class citizens
07/09 -  Seattle child gets gifts from wild crows she's been feeding for years
07/09 -  Five terrible things the NC legislature did during the short session
07/09 -  Rolling Stone: Is it time to repeal the Second Amendment?
07/08 -  Ethics probe of Mark Meadows continuing
07/08 -  Republicans block Federal research into gun violence, claiming it violates Second Amendment
07/08 -  Flashback: Rove erases 22 million emails on private White House server
07/08 -  Bernie Sanders expected to endorse Hillary Clinton on Tuesday
07/08 -  BREAKING: Sniper kills five police officers during protests in Dallas
07/07 -  BREAKING: High levels of arsenic found in Charlotte's main source of drinking water due to coal ash pond
07/07 -  Largest mass killing in NC involved Charlotte's late 1970s motorcycle wars
07/07 -  Report says Tony Blair, Bush knew no weapons of mass destruction existed before Iraq war began
07/07 -  The Pink Pistols are a Delaware group of gays who say guns are the best defense in a hostile nation
07/07 -  At Trump rally, supporters call for death of Hillary Clinton
07/06 -  Trump praises Saddam Hussein; he killed terrorists 'so good'
07/06 -  Despite claims, McCrory and NC GOP cut funding for public education
07/06 -  Seafood fraud: Tests show that one-third of seafood is mislabeled as to origin, type
07/06 -  New tests near Mooresboro find contamination from Duke coal sludge pond outside half-mile radius
07/06 -  MRI software bugs could toss out years of research
07/05 -  At first gubernatorial debate, McCrory blames everyone but himself
07/05 -  China completes world's largest radio telescope
07/05 -  Trump's Star of David anti-Clinton ad was created by white supremacists
07/05 -  Records show Donald Trump's father was the landlord Woody Guthrie wrote about
07/04 -  Duke Energy controls NC's GOP and NC's legislature
07/04 -  How Ronald Reagan made homelessness permanent
07/04 -  Wikileaks: US supported the Khmer Rouge for 'stability'
07/04 -  Zika and related problems show why tropical Olympics never work
07/03 -  Appeals court tosses district maps for Wake commissioners, school board
07/03 -  Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and renowned Holocaust survivor, dies at 87
07/03 -  Palmyra is retaken as ISIL is on the retreat
07/03 -  Two Tennessee pastors among 32 arrested in human trafficking sting
07/02 -  Same-sex couples can now legally adopt in all 50 states
07/02 -  NC GOP lawmakers raid disaster funds to pay for HB2 legal bills
07/02 -  Neoliberalism is the ideology at the root of our political problems
07/02 -  House votes down Asheville City Council districts
07/01 -  McCrory gets Franklin Graham employee and book-banner confirmed for State Board of Education
07/01 -  NC is about to pass a law barring public access to police cam footage
07/01 -  Trump fundraising emails overseas prompt complaints here and abroad
07/01 -  Transgender people will be allowed to serve openly in the military