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MAIN News Archives for August 2016

08/31 -  BREAKING: Trump 'steamrollered' in press conference with Mexican president
08/31 -  BREAKING: Supreme Court refuses to reinstate voter ID laws in NC
08/31 -  Donald Trump trip to Mexico is a hail-Mary pass
08/31 -  Carter Center may soon eradicate Guinea Worm disease
08/31 -  Case against gerrymandering in MD, based on First Amendment, moves forward; may have wide implications
08/31 -  NC GOP accused of dodging court order to fix election rules
08/31 -  Trump says Clinton used 'chemicals' to delete emails
08/30 -  A realistic look at McCrory's 'Carolina Comeback'
08/30 -  Israeli doctors to study cannabis in treatment of autism
08/30 -  Deaths from US lightning strikes this year at highest since 2010
08/30 -  NC's new law may shut down municipal broadband networks
08/30 -  SETI investigating odd signal from deep space
08/29 -  Many NC counties still have not set an early voting plan
08/29 -  Federal judge rules against UNC system enforcing HB2
08/29 -  Trump is in fourth place among Black voters
08/29 -  Jill Stein's running mate calls Obama an "Uncle Tom"
08/27 -  Assume a majority of faculty at UNC are Democrats? You're wrong!
08/27 -  Nutrition studies show no one needs cow's milk
08/27 -  University of Chicago tells incoming freshmen: No safe spaces or trigger warnings
08/27 -  Seattle builds replacement for EpiPen after price spike; replacement costs $20
08/27 -  Ruptured pipeline spills oil into Yellowstone River
08/26 -  Biofuels increase, rather than decrease, heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions: study
08/26 -  State officials: Leicester drinking well water contaminated
08/25 -  In NC, millennials registerings as independents while holding progressive values
08/25 -  Seat belts for school buses to get trial run in Transylvania County, NC
08/25 -  Why the French keep trying to ban Islamic clothing
08/25 -  Astronomers have found a habitable planet orbiting the nearest sunlike star
08/24 -  This number is illegal to possess or distribute in the US
08/24 -  UN experts seem horrified by how US schools treat African-American children
08/24 -  NC GOP's legislative mission: Tax cuts to benefit the top one percent
08/24 -  Wikileaks outs gay people in Saudi Arabia in mass data dump
08/23 -  Historical documents reveal Arctic sea ice is disappearing at record speed
08/23 -  NC recovery held back by legislative fiscal austerity
08/23 -  Clinton surges to big leads in Michigan, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania
08/23 -  Fox News and the repercussions of sexual harassment
08/22 -  Neoliberalism investigated as cause of environmental crisis
08/22 -  CDC expands Zika travel advisory in Miami
08/22 -  Is NC first in freedom? No, but NC is first in GOP-led laws struck down by Federal courts
08/22 -  US health care outcomes are global outlier in the worst possible way
08/21 -  UNC Institute for the Environment has conservative underpinnings, as revealed by Phil Berger
08/21 -  New Trump campaign manager failed to pay his taxes for several years
08/21 -  Orthodox Rabbis issue groundbreaking statement on Christianity
08/21 -  After GOP slashes funding, Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world
08/21 -  Trump's empire is a maze of debt, opaque ties, bankruptcies
08/20 -  Leicester well that provides water to nursing home, stores found to be contaminated with gasoline additive
08/20 -  Justice Department says poor can't be held because they can't make bail - it violates 14th Amendment
08/20 -  The 18 absurd claims the NC administration is making to defend HB2
08/20 -  Trump disobeys Louisiana governor for photo-op to deliver Play-Doh to flood victims - no kidding
08/19 -  Naked Donald Trump statue toppled as NYC Parks stands against ‘unpermitted erections'
08/19 -  Trump has been a very bad businessman
08/19 -  Ethics panel recommends investigation of Mark Meadows
08/19 -  What we know about what happened with the US swimmers in Rio
08/19 -  News coverage of Olympics shows sexism in society
08/18 -  Did Federal agents spy on offshore oil lease protesters in New Orleans?
08/18 -  NC officials still trying to suppress minority voting
08/18 -  Aetna CEO to Justice Dept: Block our merger, and we'll drop out of Obamacare
08/18 -  What Trump's latest shakeup says about his troubled campaign
08/16 -  Trump adviser Al Baldasaro: Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason, not assassinated
08/16 -  Trump has never spoken to or met the only economist on his advisory team
08/16 -  Judge says Mocksville town manager liable for firing three city employees for reporting corruption
08/16 -  Nation's most accurate statistical model calls 2016 election for Clinton
08/16 -  Giuliani forgets about 9/11, claims that there were no terrorist attacks on US before Obama
08/16 -  Paul Ryan proposes allowing insurance companies to discriminate based on pre-existing conditions
08/15 -  The story of an employee for Trump's failed magazine, named (of course) 'Trump'
08/15 -  Global warming's newest surprise: saltier beaches
08/15 -  NC GOP using discrimination as a political tool
08/15 -  Fletcher fire department says former office manager embezzled $325k
08/14 -  Voucher-receiving NC schools ban LGBT students
08/14 -  Jubilant scenes as beard are cut, burqas burned after city is freed from ISIL
08/14 -  Miami firm recalls 188.5 tons of lead-tainted curry powder
08/14 -  McCrory's 'Carolina Comeback' means a poorer, less-equal state
08/14 -  Imam and his assistant killed in shooting near mosque in Queens
08/13 -  BREAKING: NC House majority leader to resign to spend more time with family
08/13 -  Trump's NC campaign manager resigns after accusations of pulling gun on staffers surface
08/13 -  Right-wing DC 'think-tank' attacks corporate HB2 opponents
08/13 -  Clinton campaign says she would reschedule marijuana
08/13 -  Trump and the exploitation of the rage of the right wing
08/12 -  Nine cases of Zika confirmed in Durham, NC
08/12 -  What happens when a Roomba meets a doggie accident? 'Poopapocalypse...'
08/12 -  Julian Assange to be questioned by Sweden over rape claims
08/12 -  McCrory is the poster child for the Republican war on public universities
08/12 -  McCrory blames Hillary Clinton for Trump ‘Second Amendment people’ uproar
08/12 -  Seventy-two percent of Republicans doubt Obama's citizenship
08/11 -  BREAKING: Federal court rules NC House and Senate districts unconstitutional, must be redrawn
08/11 -  Children are hurt in social work crisis across the US
08/11 -  State epidemiologist quits, says agencies misleading public about well water safety
08/11 -  NC plans to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate NC voter ID law for upcoming elections
08/11 -  NC's legislators enact further cuts to schools, preferring tax cuts for the rich
08/10 -  Connecticut governor compares U.S. campaign atmosphere to Israel's pre-Rabin assassination
08/10 -  NRA circles the wagons around Trump
08/10 -  McCrory administration's talking points about MetLife were provided by MetLife
08/10 -  What is 'stochastic terrorism,' and why was Donald Trump's creepy statement the perfect example?
08/10 -  Growth in white poverty fuels Trump's run
08/09 -  Susan Collins, GOP Senator from Maine, will not support Trump
08/09 -  Trump appears to make lewd slip during major economic speech
08/09 -  Israeli authorities back plan for thousands of housing units beyond 'green line' in East Jerusalem
08/09 -  Japan, South Korea block some US wheat imports over GMO concerns
08/09 -  Trump’s economic team is loaded with the same Tea Party cranks who destroyed Kansas’s economy
08/09 -  Due to rising sea levels, San Francisco's luxury tower for the rich and famous has sunk 16 inches and is tilting
08/08 -  BREAKING: High uranium levels in Wake County wells may be NC's latest environmental disaster
08/08 -  Collecting cans to survive: a 'dark future' as California recycling centers vanish
08/08 -  Is the GOP gone for good?
08/08 -  Can we trust Julian Assange and WikiLeaks?
08/08 -  Only two Clinton emails bore classified markings, and both were errors
08/07 -  House District 116: With Turner's opponent out, will Moffitt jump in?
08/07 -  Global warming could 'unfreeze' waste buried in old Greenland military base
08/07 -  Brown Mountain Lights no longer a myth; images captured by ASU researchers
08/07 -  Scam Alert: Donald Trump's website won't let you cancel recurring donations
08/06 -  US jobs report for July may put to rest worries about the economy, benefit middle-class wages
08/06 -  Even Art Pope dislikes Trump; compares him to George Wallace
08/06 -  Breitbart uses photo of Cleveland’s NBA parade for Trump's Jacksonville rally, blames 'social media'
08/06 -  Psychologists describe why facts don't matter to Trump supporters
08/06 -  Common Cause lawsuit challenges gerrymandering in NC
08/05 -  Kaine blasts McCrory on LGBTQ issues
08/05 -  Will health insurance companies kill Obamacare?
08/05 -  New evidence suggests that Melania Trump broke immigration laws
08/05 -  Canada finally launches investigation into missing and murdered indigenous women
08/05 -  McCrory's losing streak to Cooper widens in new poll
08/04 -  BREAKING: FBI Releases secret spy plane footage from Freddie Gray protests
08/04 -  NC's rejection of Medicaid expansion is a moral and economic failure
08/04 -  In past 10 days, courts issued six major decisions against GOP voting restrictions in five different states
08/04 -  Charlotte Observer calls for Trump to drop out of the Presidential race
08/04 -  Trump, lagging in polls, says he's afraid election will be 'rigged'
08/03 -  BREAKING: Duke Energy: Stormwater from coal pile spills into Broad River
08/03 -  Trump to advisor: "If we have nuclear weapons, why can't we use them?"
08/03 -  Burr still supports Trump, but denounces Trump's comments on Khan family
08/03 -  Anthrax outbreak triggered by climate change kills boy in Arctic Circle
08/03 -  Why livermush matters to North Carolina
08/02 -  Pope Francis and French Muslims attempt outreach rather than 'war on terror' polarization
08/02 -  Despite urging of environmentalists, TVA won't dig up existing coal ash ponds
08/02 -  Trump received five draft deferments during Vietnam War for 'bad feet' despite athletic achievements in military school
08/02 -  Asheville climate scientist selected to help locate Amelia Earhart aircraft
08/02 -  Asheville's Don Yelton freaks out after court cites his comments in overturning NC's voter ID law
08/01 -  In odd coincidence, Trump's campaign manager's previous client was Ukrainian candidate supported by Putin
08/01 -  Trump campaign largely ignoring swing state of North Carolina
08/01 -  Leading coastal scientist resigns from NC Coastal Resources Commission in protest
08/01 -  Post-DNC polling suggests Clinton got significant convention bounce
08/01 -  Jill Stein promotes homeopathy, panders to antivaxxers