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MAIN News Archives for September 2016

09/30 -  NC Sen. Burr, who champions coal, has taken their dollars for twenty years
09/30 -  Pennsylvania mayor urged to step down after he jokes about lynching Obama
09/30 -  Creepy clown hoaxes lead to 12 arrests in multiple states
09/30 -  Trump is adherent of eugenics, according to biographer
09/29 -  NC Sen. Hartsell (R-Cabarrus) indicted on campaign-related counts
09/29 -  Giant ring of Trump supporters rigged online polls
09/29 -  Gary Johnson has another Aleppo Moment in interview, can't name a living world leader he admires
09/28 -  New debate strategy for Trump is to prepare
09/28 -  Shimon Peres, champion of peace in Middle East, dies
09/28 -  Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels pass dangerous new level -- permanently
09/28 -  Census report says poverty rates at lowest levels since 2008
09/27 -  Debate supports research showing women far more likely to be interrupted than men
09/27 -  Donald Trump says American manufacturing is declining. It isn't.
09/27 -  NC gun group is way over the line with latest menacing gesture toward Hillary Clinton
09/27 -  Voters nationally say Clinton won the debate
09/26 -  Artist tricks tourists with elaborate memorial to attack upon Staten Island ferry by giant octopus
09/26 -  Charlotte leaders make an awful blunder on Keith Scott videos
09/26 -  Free self-defense camp in Durham empowers LGBTQ youth to stand up to oppression
09/26 -  Charlotte police investigators secretly track cellphones
09/25 -  The cuts keep coming: More damning data on the state of NC public school funding
09/25 -  A cat, named Limberbutt McCubbins, is running for president
09/25 -  Ohio GOP congressman: "Moocher" vets clogging VA system
09/25 -  A week of whoppers from Donald Trump
09/24 -  Charlotte police union official acknowledges he "didn't quote facts" in saying 70 percent of Charlotte protesters were from out of state
09/24 -  In baffling interview, McCrory compares videos of Charlotte shooting to football replays
09/24 -  Polling says nearly half of voters think Trump will detonate a nuclear weapon
09/24 -  Ted Cruz announces he's supporting Donald Trump
09/23 -  McCrory well behind Cooper in polls
09/23 -  ACLU sues Kim Davis and her county for $233k in legal fees
09/23 -  NYC antique stores caught with $4.5 million of illegal elephant ivory
09/23 -  Trump's campaign paid his businesses $8.2 million
09/22 -  Charlotte protesters 'hate white people because they're more successful,' says GOP representative
09/22 -  BREAKING: NC National Guard arrives in Charlotte; some downtown businesses looted
09/22 -  ISIL launches suspected mustard gas attack on US and Iraqi troops
09/22 -  Out of Africa thanks to climate change: Humans arrived in Europe up to 30,000 years earlier than believed
09/22 -  Michigan drug testing program of welfare recipients failed to yield a single positive
09/22 -  Principal urges vaccination for children after four confirmed cases of chickenpox in Buncombe County
09/21 -  BREAKING: Person shot in protests in downtown Charlotte has died; shooting did not involve police
09/21 -  BREAKING: One shot and seriously wounded during protests tonight in Charlotte
09/21 -  China finally confirms their space station is crashing towards Earth
09/21 -  Charlotte faces aftermath of protests ignited by police shooting; 12 officers injured
09/20 -  HB2's social conservatism may turn some suburban districts Democratic
09/20 -  Colonial Pipeline official says gasoline on way to North Carolina via second pipe
09/20 -  Just three percent of Americans own half of its guns
09/20 -  Trump offers an attitude, an aura of crude strength and machismo, that leads to disaster
09/19 -  McCrory plants staffers in press conference to ask him softball questions
09/19 -  HB2 is estimated to have cost NC $395 million -- so far
09/19 -  Deliveries to local gas stations occurring, but emptying immediately
09/19 -  Largest prison strike in US history enters second week
09/19 -  NC Supreme Court election could change ideological tilt
09/18 -  Reports say many gas stations in WNC out; long lines at others
09/18 -  Roy Cooper warns of 'price gouging' amid gas shortage
09/18 -  A lot of Donald Trump Jr.’s trail missteps seem to involve white nationalists and Nazis
09/18 -  Krugman destroys media myth that Trump voters have economic anxiety: it's all about race
09/17 -  Burr's political committees paid $200k over 16 years to in-laws for "administrative services"
09/17 -  Bernie Sanders: ‘This is not the time for a protest vote’
09/17 -  Trump said he’d give away $5 million for proof Obama was born in the US - will he pay it?
09/17 -  Edward Albee, author of 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe,' dies at 88
09/16 -  Trump uses latest birther stunt to promote new hotel; acts as if Clinton started birtherism, he stopped it
09/16 -  Has North Carolina become a pariah state?
09/16 -  With bizarre statement, Trump’s birther beliefs reclaim spotlight
09/16 -  A Dietitian Puts “Clean Eating” Claims To The Test – And The Results Aren’t Pretty
09/16 -  FDA finds Roundup in honey
09/15 -  Colin Powell: Donald Trump is an 'international pariah'
09/15 -  Scorched debris suggests MH370 plane suffered fire damage
09/15 -  PolitiFact says NC really is a top state for offshore wind power
09/15 -  US Semate preparing to vote on bill gutting coal ash protections
09/14 -  BREAKING: ACC pulls its championships out of NC in response to HB2
09/14 -  Party barns: Are rustic weddings destroying a way of life in rural NC?
09/14 -  Chelsea Manning to undergo sex reassignment surgery
09/14 -  Exposing America's hidden past as a center for the slave breeding industry
09/14 -  Man accused of killing Shelby officer arrested in Rhode Island
09/13 -  BREAKING: Warrants out for two men who attacked three people at Trump rally last night in Asheville
09/13 -  BREAKING: State Democrats call for special session to repeal HB2
09/13 -  Is Trump's love for Putin explained in his tax returns?
09/13 -  Trump says Clinton running ‘hate-filled campaign’ at tense Asheville rally where violence flares up
09/13 -  NCAA pulls all championship events from NC over HB2
09/13 -  Nearly 20 percent of Trump’s supporters disapprove of Lincoln freeing the slaves
09/12 -  State's GOP lawmakers given deadline to explain withheld documents in Greensboro gerrymandering case
09/12 -  Video shows man approaching Florida mosque before fire
09/12 -  Alabama pastor says people who don't stand for the national anthem should be shot
09/12 -  India is making labor history with the world’s largest general strike
09/11 -  New rule proposed by Obama would make Title X funding for Planned Parenthood permanent
09/11 -  McCrory says Cooper shares responsibility for HB2
09/11 -  Shameless self-promotion can make America gullible again
09/11 -  Being LGBT in Arkansas Catholic Schools is now punishable by expulsion
09/11 -  NC needs to invest more in cities -- for the good of everyone
09/10 -  Advocates say Duke Energy's long-terms plans 'woefully inadequate'
09/10 -  Unopposed GOP lawmaker Tim Moore holds high-dollar fundraiser
09/10 -  Matt Laurer demonstrates media's misogyny in Hillary Clinton interview
09/10 -  Mexico proposes to nullify treaty ceding California and Texas to US if Trump is elected
09/09 -  Matt Laurer got forum hosting slot because Trump is afraid of Rachel Maddow
09/09 -  Why is Trump gaining on Clinton?
09/09 -  NCGOP leader lobbied counties to offer just one early voting site in ‘confidential’ email
09/08 -  Report claims Palestinian president Abbas was KGB agent in 1980s
09/08 -  Why ISIL is losing ground, fighters and facing decline in morale
09/08 -  Two more 'evil clown' sightings in Piedmont Triad; one carried machete
09/08 -  Koch brothers involved in NC beach access dispute
09/07 -  Ross blasts Burr over voting record, policy positions
09/07 -  Rare Oregon rock formation toppled by tourists
09/07 -  Is Asheville's Pritchard Park infested by rats?
09/07 -  For-profit ITT Tech is shutting down all its campuses
09/06 -  Robert Reich on the reality of free trade deals
09/06 -  Trump won't back down from 'birther' theory
09/06 -  The sad truth about McCrory's 'Carolina Comeback'
09/06 -  Trump says voters don't care if he releases taxes
09/05 -  Wake County GOP lobbies against early voting
09/05 -  Jews nonplussed as Trump dons Jewish prayer shawl at Christian church
09/05 -  North Dakota pipeline protest turns violent after cultural sites destroyed
09/05 -  The advent of the man-made earthquake
09/04 -  Turkish tanks enter Syria, opening new line of attack
09/04 -  Trump surrogates struggle to explain inaccuracies in his biography
09/04 -  James Carville: The Republican Party is committing suicide
09/04 -  Oklahoma orders shutdown of 37 fracking wells after earthquake
09/02 -  By century’s end, Asheville will get 35 days of 95-degree heat each year
09/02 -  How Donald Trump has discredited much of conservative media
09/02 -  Gallup: Life got better for pretty much everyone under Obama
09/02 -  SC annihilates millions of honeybees in Zika spraying
09/01 -  BREAKING: Space X booster explodes at Cape Canaveral, destroying satellite
09/01 -  Why is Zika spreading so rapidly in Singapore?
09/01 -  Employers find 'soft skills' like critical thinking in short supply
09/01 -  Republican accommodation to reactionary forces created Trump
09/01 -  The Earth stands on the brink of its sixth mass extinction and the fault is ours