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MAIN News Archives for October 2016

10/31 -  Food, energy demands drive 58 percent decline in global wildlife populations
10/31 -  Huma Abedin says she doesn't know how emails got onto Weiner's computer
10/31 -  As Earth warms, the diseases that lie within permafrost become something to fear
10/31 -  Asheville city staff ignored requests to include African-Americans in art funding process
10/30 -  South Korean president called to step down in bizarre scandal
10/30 -  Deficit shrinks by $1 trillion in Obama era
10/30 -  The truth about healthcare premiums: They'd be a lot higher without Obamacare
10/29 -  Virginia paper endorses Pat McCrory, thanks him, HB2, for sending jobs that way
10/29 -  Poor die without NC Medicaid expansion
10/29 -  Outcry over Oregon standoff verdict: White Bundy militants acquitted while Native pipeline protestors maced, beaten
10/29 -  DOJ complaint filed against FBI director James Comey for interfering in Presidential election
10/28 -  US elections are rigged -- but not the way Trump supporters think
10/28 -  141 arrested at Dakota Access pipeline as police move in
10/28 -  Atlantic: The battle for North Carolina
10/28 -  FCC just passed sweeping new rules to protect online privacy
10/27 -  Cruz says there’s precedent for keeping ninth Supreme Court seat empty
10/27 -  U.S. abstains for first time on U.N. call for end to Cuba embargo
10/27 -  Gastonia shows GOP's plight in this electoral cycle
10/27 -  What the early voting models of NC show about results in the state
10/26 -  Trump has financial ties to Dakota Access pipeline company
10/26 -  Premiums are increasing for Obamacare -- but so are subsidies
10/26 -  Newt Gingrich blasts Fox News host Megyn Kelly over coverage of Trump, says she's 'fascinated with sex'
10/26 -  Federal judge stops Florida governor Rick Scott from discarding thousands of mail-in ballots
10/25 -  Trump explains why First Amendment offers too much protection for free speech
10/25 -  Patsy Keever: What's at stake in this election
10/25 -  Science thinks Bermuda Triangle mystery solved: hexagonal cloud formations create vast wind tunnels
10/25 -  News and Observer endorses Roy Cooper for NC governor
10/24 -  Anonymous distances itself from Wikileaks; 'it's the Julian Assange show'
10/24 -  Twitter has an anti-Semitism problem
10/24 -  Emmett Till memorial marker in Mississippi is now pierced by bullet holes
10/24 -  Bluest areas in NC show big increase in early voting; overall decrease in early voting in NC
10/23 -  Statistics explain why the GOP cut early voting in NC
10/23 -  Attack on Internet, thought to be from Russia, takes down major sites, is spreading
10/23 -  Is the Hillary Clinton 'liar' label sexist?
10/23 -  Half of Republicans would reject election results if Clinton wins
10/22 -  Asheville theater legend Hazel Robinson passes away at 90
10/22 -  Trump's national campaign director leaves to spend more time with his family
10/22 -  Glaciers are melting; what the map of the coasts will look like when they're gone
10/22 -  Trump Hotels ditching family name for new hotels
10/21 -  Thousands line up for first day of NC early voting
10/21 -  Trump draws boos at annual Al Smith Catholic charity dinner
10/21 -  Elon Musk to Boeing on race to Mars: 'The more, the better'
10/21 -  National report says K-12 funding cuts in NC among worst in nation
10/20 -  As early voting begins in NC, Latinos hope to have greater impact
10/20 -  LA Times debate scorecard: Clinton wins, again
10/20 -  Donald Trump refuses to say if he will accept election result in final debate
10/20 -  Europe's probe feared lost on Mars
10/19 -  What are the Koch Brothers' ties to NC?
10/19 -  Greenland ice is melting seven percent faster than previously thought
10/19 -  McCrory on HB2: "The liberals made me do it"
10/19 -  Hospitals dangerous source of infections
10/18 -  Exxon asks court to throw out New York state's climate change case
10/18 -  How lawmakers undermined Durham's plan to get people out of their cars
10/18 -  Voter fraud actually very rare in US elections
10/18 -  John McCain: Republicans will block anyone Clinton nominates to Supreme Court
10/17 -  Thousands reenact Battle of Hastings of 950th anniversary
10/17 -  Democrats fundraise for firebombed GOP office in Hillsborough, NC
10/17 -  People in 50 NC counties tell of LGBTQ discrimination
10/17 -  Iraqi offensive for Musul begins
10/16 -  Burr takes the path of least resistance while voting more conservatively than almost any other senator
10/16 -  Right-Wing ‘Crusaders’ militia group plotted terror attack on Muslim immigrants, FBI charges
10/16 -  Trump's refusal to accept intelligence briefing on Russia stuns experts
10/16 -  Trump supporters are already promising to intimidate nonwhite voters on Election Day
10/15 -  Clinton now in the lead in NC
10/15 -  What happens if the GOP breaks in two
10/15 -  Ray's Weather makes its winter forecast for WNC
10/14 -  NRA spends $4.5 million on Burr
10/14 -  Donald Trump called deaf ‘Apprentice’ Marlee Matlin ‘retarded,’ three staffers say
10/14 -  NC Congressional candidates' positions on climate change, by zip code
10/14 -  Trump -- the suffering messiah of the alt-right
10/13 -  Conflicting stories of the Muslim boy from Cary beaten on a school bus
10/13 -  Environmentalists fear coal ash spills from flooding in wake of Hurricane Matthew
10/13 -  Most Americans don't know crime is down; they think it has gone up
10/13 -  Two women say Trump touched them inappropriately
10/12 -  Risks of a 'megadrought' in US southwest soar as climate change accelerates
10/12 -  Split over Trump threatens to tilt GOP states
10/12 -  McCrory courted anti-LGBTQ pastors in hours before hurricane hit
10/12 -  Christianity Today publishes scathing anti-Trump editorial
10/11 -  Politicians, Asian Americans respond after New York Times editor told to 'Go back to China'
10/11 -  Tonight: The debate for the future of NC
10/11 -  WRAL: Back candidates who will repeal HB2; NC has suffered enough
10/11 -  Trump Taj Mahal closes its doors in Atlantic City
10/11 -  Trump ramps up attacks on Paul Ryan for 'zero support'
10/10 -  Hurricane Matthew leaves historic flooding in NC in its wake
10/10 -  Eric Holder slams Trump's debate threat to jail Hillary Clinton if elected
10/10 -  Post-debate polling shows Clinton as winner of second matchup
10/10 -  Slate: Clinton poised during distressing ordeal of a debate
10/09 -  Dana Milbank: McCrory's defeat would be a victory for LGBT rights
10/09 -  Charlotte Observer files suit against McCrory for HB2 emails
10/09 -  As Trump retweets Juanita Broaddrick calling Bill Clinton a rapist, the campaign officially hits rock-bottom
10/09 -  Religious Right stands by Trump in a proud day for family values
10/08 -  In a time of Trump, millennial-era Jews learn what anti-Semitism fells like
10/08 -  Sean Hannity's defense of Trump: 'King David had 500 concubines'
10/08 -  Jobless claims fall near lowest level since 1973
10/08 -  Is it time for Trump to step down?
10/07 -  McCrory seeks to shield some travel information from public scrutiny
10/07 -  Polling margin of error includes several kinds of error, may reach seven percent in real use
10/07 -  'Killer clowns' now in UK
10/07 -  Asheville hotels filling up with tourists, folks fleeing Matthew
10/06 -  Clinton pulls into lead in NC polling results
10/06 -  ECU sanctions band members who kneel during national anthem
10/06 -  Trump’s VP pick Mike Pence published articles urging people not to employ gays
10/06 -  Trump fans fume over fake October surprise from Assange and Wikileaks
10/06 -  Claim that higher minimum wages kill jobs is untrue, research shows
10/05 -  What's the psychology behind climate change denial?
10/05 -  McCrory lets bill moving disaster funds to HB2 lawyers become law without his signature
10/05 -  Obama administration urged to halt dumping of fracking waste into Gulf of Mexico
10/05 -  Mike Pence to America: Trump never said those things he said
10/04 -  Georgia elementary school teacher fired after calling Michelle Obama a 'gorilla'
10/04 -  Years before ‘Aleppo moment,’ Gary Johnson showed little interest in details of governing
10/04 -  Weird Trump rumor about Obama declaring martial law coming out of WNC?
10/04 -  Fundraising against Ross includes PAC with huge donations from Adelson
10/03 -  NC House Speaker Moore admits 'compromise' on HB2 was a sham
10/03 -  Trump urges followers to go to 'certain areas' and watch for 'voter fraud'
10/03 -  Reporter for NYT: The time I found Trump's tax returns in my mailbox
10/03 -  Asheville Citizen-Times endorses Clinton
10/02 -  The Durham jail classifies inmate kitchen workers as volunteers
10/02 -  Six months into HB2, NC's small businesses feeling negative impact
10/02 -  Congress now blaming Obama for Congress' embarrassing override of his veto
10/02 -  NYT finds old Trump tax returns; seems likely he is still riding on $93 million dollar loss to avoid taxes
10/01 -  As Greenland loses weight of ice cap due to climate change, it is actually rising
10/01 -  Thomas Mills: HB2 has become the face of the GOP in NC
10/01 -  Almost everyone who ever worked on Star Trek is begging you not to vote for Trump
10/01 -  Remember the time Trump praised Sharia law?