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MAIN News Archives for November 2016

11/30 -  Televangelist says Trump is like 'all of Jesus' disciples at once'
11/30 -  Federal court orders new NC legislative elections in 2017
11/30 -  Animals safe at Gatlinburg aquarium, including penguins, after wildfire forced town's evacuation
11/29 -  Anti--semitism increasing on college campuses
11/29 -  North Dakota governor orders pipeline protesters to leave
11/29 -  NC Board of Elections orders counties to dismiss protests from McCrory campaign
11/29 -  Asheville listed as most LGBTQ-friendly city in US
11/29 -  Downtown Gatlinburg evacuated due to threat due to wildfires
11/28 -  BREAKING: Facebook page of Ohio State attacker lists grievances about attacks on Muslims
11/28 -  McCrory offers textbook example of how to steal an election
11/28 -  Jerry Falwell, Jr. says Trump offered him Secretary of Education post
11/28 -  This electionís most alarming story: the successful effort by a hostile foreign power to manipulate public opinion
11/28 -  Western N.C. now vulnerable to mudslides after wildfires burn away protection
11/27 -  Should liberals, who opposed Republican recounts, oppose the Stein recount?
11/27 -  Trump conflicts of interests point to constitutional crisis
11/27 -  In first, ISIS and Israel in open combat
11/27 -  The world sees the Electoral College as a sign US political system is broken
11/26 -  Millennial wage map shows incomes for younger wage earners, by state
11/26 -  Election recount to begin in Wisconsin following Green Party petition, officials say
11/26 -  Liver damage from supplements -- particularly green tea extract -- is on the rise
11/26 -  BREAKING: Fidel Casto dead at 90
11/25 -  Three Watauga voters sue to intervene in Civitas attempt to throw out same-day voters
11/25 -  California is the opposite of Trumpland -- and that's why it thrives
11/25 -  Students have 'dismaying' inability to tell fake news from real, study finds
11/25 -  How big droughts, forest fires could be the new normal in Appalachia
11/24 -  The Lumbee table is equal parts Southern, Indian and American
11/24 -  Stein raises millions for Rust Belt recount
11/24 -  How the racists of the South have ruled this nation from the very beginning
11/24 -  Maneuvering a new reality for US journalism
11/23 -  The quiet racism behind the white female Trump voter
11/23 -  Weaverville Council approves resolution against discrimination, harassment, intimidation
11/23 -  UNC-Chapel Hill sued over access to sexual assault records
11/23 -  Robot named "Little Chubby" goes rogue, injures one in bizarre incident
11/22 -  What will Roy Cooper's administration look like?
11/22 -  Court finds Republican gerrymandering plan in Wisconsin unconstitutional; may have broad impact
11/22 -  Are we ready for the next epidemic?
11/22 -  'Are Jews people?' was an actual, real discussion topic on CNN in wake of Trump's election
11/21 -  George Takei op-ed recalls Japanese internment in wake of Trump's Muslim registry proposal
11/21 -  Krugman: It's looking more and more like the election was swung by the FBI in virtual 'alliance with Putin'
11/21 -  Jews struggled for generations to become white; should they give up whiteness to fight racism?
11/21 -  Trump gets $25 million tax write-off for university scam
11/20 -  How fake news outperformed real news on Facebook
11/20 -  Cooper stretches lead as McCrory complaints dismissed
11/20 -  Trump's deportation plan could devastate the US farm industry
11/20 -  In the Age of Trump, has Asheville jumped the shark?
11/19 -  Study finds racial disparities in water quality in NC
11/19 -  NPR lets Breitbart editor downplay site's white nationalist, anti-LGBTQ extremism
11/19 -  Cooper's team claims insurmountable lead
11/19 -  Welcome to the Trump kleptocracy
11/18 -  Study reveals 82% of ecology underpinning ecosystems now harmed by warmer climate
11/18 -  How millennials flight from religion is transforming American politics
11/18 -  GOP official alleges illegal voting in Forsyth; challenges now in 52 counties
11/18 -  Alt-right leaders: We aren't racist; we just hate Jews
11/17 -  Republican elections official says no evidence of vote count error in Durham
11/17 -  Steve Bannon says there are too many Asian CEOs in Silicon Valley
11/17 -  Bannonís unveiling as Trumpís chief strategist is a layer cake of horrors
11/17 -  US media is completely unprepared to cover a Trump presidency
11/16 -  Could NC lawmakers choose the next governor? They're devising a plan
11/16 -  Twitter suspends alt-right accounts
11/16 -  Global sea ice is at a record low
11/16 -  Key figures purged from Trump transition team
11/15 -  Neoliberalism: the deep story that lies beneath Donald Trumpís triumph
11/15 -  More than 20 wildfires now burning in WNC
11/15 -  How fake news helped Trump win the election
11/15 -  Trump seems to not know what a president does
11/14 -  Party Rock fire prompts evacuations near Chimney Rock
11/14 -  Anti-Trump protests spread to Asheville
11/14 -  Million Women March being planned for January 21 in DC
11/14 -  What so many people don't get about the working class
11/13 -  Political court-packing in NC?
11/13 -  Kansas ends bad economic news by not reporting it
11/13 -  Party Rock fire grows to 2883 acres
11/13 -  Newt Gingrich wants new House Un-American Activities Committee
11/12 -  'Hitler's antisemitism is campaign tactic:' New York Times, 1922
11/12 -  Will recount change NC governors' race? History says probably not
11/12 -  About the smug style in American liberalism
11/12 -  This election debunks myth of a 'post-racial' America
11/11 -  NC was the avatar of a nation divided against itself
11/11 -  Matt Taibbi: How America got this election so wrong
11/11 -  Trump calls protesters 'unfair,' 'professionals,' 'incited by media'
11/11 -  The troubling reason the electoral college exists: slavery
11/10 -  Has this election done lasting damage to American Christianity?
11/10 -  Many of Trump's promises may be impossible to fulfill
11/10 -  'Not our president' protests spread
11/10 -  State of emergency declared in Swain as wildfires spread
11/09 -  Canada's immigration website crashes as election returns begin to emerge
11/09 -  BBC: Five ways a Trump presidency changes the world
11/09 -  California, Massachusetts voters approve recreational marijuana
11/09 -  Burr defeats Ross, wins third term in Senate
11/09 -  Despite tight race, Cooper declares victory over McCrory; recount in the works
11/08 -  Why isn't there grape ice cream?
11/08 -  Stock market surges after Comey clears Clinton
11/08 -  McCrory stalls release of documents in multiple suits until after election
11/08 -  Madonna holds surprise concert to support Clinton; Trump still has Chachi on his side
11/07 -  Nearly 1 month after Hurricane Matthew, people still displaced, roads still closed
11/07 -  Inside the Trump campaign: Disarray, confusion, anxiety
11/07 -  Janet Reno, former US attorney, dies at 78
11/07 -  Focus group reflects nation's dark mood ahead of election day
11/06 -  BREAKING: Comey tells Congress new emails do not change conclusions about Clinton emails
11/06 -  Pope Francis speaks on dangers of building walls to keep people out, 'false prophets' who exploit fear
11/06 -  Nevada GOP chairman, in appeal to racists, laments that 'certain groups' get extra time to vote
11/06 -  Nate Silver's Fivethirtyeight is adjusting the polls he looks at -- in Trump's favor
11/06 -  Scientific American releases unprecedented editorial about Donald Trump's scientific lack of knowledge
11/06 -  Study confirms network evening newscasts have abandoned policy coverage in 2016 election
11/05 -  Trump rushed off stage in Reno by Secret Service
11/05 -  DNC just told FBI it has found evidence its offices were bugged
11/05 -  FBI examining fake documents targeting Clinton campaign: sources
11/05 -  Rudy Giuliani is now openly boasting that the Trump campaign got advance notice of James Comeyís letter
11/05 -  Judge says NC must restore thousands removed from rolls
11/05 -  Has conservative rule altered NC beyond recognition?
11/05 -  Sports leagues are fleeing North Carolina over HB2, and itís costing the state millions
11/04 -  East Carolina faculty back university band membersí right to protest, N&O reports
11/04 -  Does Clinton's gender hurt her among male voters? Experiments suggest it does
11/04 -  Galafianakis film looks at money, politics in NC
11/04 -  In North Carolina and Florida, is the Trump voter suppression plan working?
11/03 -  Questions censored at McCrory town hall at Wake Forest
11/03 -  Black voters sue NC over last-minute voter purges
11/03 -  Obama to NC: 'The fate of the Republic rests on your shoulders'
11/03 -  Therapists say this election is traumatizing women
11/02 -  Bartaco destroys Asheville art deco treasure
11/02 -  Is somebody at the FBI trying to throw the election?
11/02 -  After release of 2001 Bill Clinton documents, FBI lands itself in partisan mess
11/02 -  Flu 2016: Do I really need to get a flu shot?