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MAIN News Archives for December 2016

12/31 -  Riverlink announces another step toward completion of Karen Cragnolin Park
12/31 -  Why Obama boxed in Trump with Russian sanctions
12/31 -  McCrory asks US Supreme Court to halt 2017 post-gerrymandering elections
12/31 -  Why are white people expats while others are immigrants?
12/30 -  Judge temporarily blocks GOP-backed laws stripping Cooper of some powers
12/30 -  Exactly, in grinding detail, how the US knew who was behind malicious hacks of DNC
12/30 -  NC's ten environmental fiascos of 2016
12/30 -  Experts say Wisconsin voting machines can be hacked
12/30 -  2016 was the climate change point of no return
12/30 -  How the US knows Russia hacked the DNC, others
12/28 -  Researchers fault mass incarceration for racial wage disparity returning to levels unseen since mid-1950s
12/28 -  Hospitals warn Trump, Congress of massive losses with Affordable Care Act repeal
12/28 -  Big newspapers doing well; Washington Post to add 60 newsroom jobs
12/28 -  Fear of Muslims grips Hendersonville -- where very few Muslims live
12/27 -  Pakistani Defense Minister makes nuclear threat against Israel after fake news provocation
12/27 -  Members of Congress accuse US Fish and Wildlife Service of not protecting NC red wolves
12/27 -  Proposed First Amendment Defense Act promotes Christian theocracy
12/27 -  Rev. Barber: We are witnessing the birth pangs of a Third Reconstruction
12/26 -  NC's reputation as a moderate state in tatters
12/26 -  The 'carbon bubble' is what explains Trump and Putin's actions
12/26 -  After public backlash, Rockettes will not be forced to perform at Trump inauguration
12/26 -  Let's keep an eye on how well Trump fulfills his promises to West Virginia
12/24 -  Seven things you might not know about Kwanzaa
12/24 -  Why world's largest menorah can't be called 'world's largest menorah'
12/24 -  How to kill a deal: The inside story of what happened with HB2
12/24 -  Trump says US would outmatch rivals in new arms race
12/23 -  Trump team asked State Department for info on womenís issues programs, sparking fears of another witch hunt
12/23 -  Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin agree: Letís revive the nuclear arms race
12/23 -  Failure to repeal HB2 sets back NC even more
12/23 -  NC no longer classified as a democracy by international voting rights project
12/22 -  NC GOP goes back on deal; legislature fails to repeal HB2
12/22 -  Message from Syria to the US: We'll never again believe your lofty rhetoric
12/22 -  Diane Rehm, 80-year-old radio star, retires
12/22 -  Americans who voted against Trump are feeling unprecedented dread and despair
12/21 -  BREAKING: After five-year legal battle, NC Supreme Court rules Asheville can keep its water system
12/21 -  Patients cared for by female doctors fare better than those cared for by men
12/21 -  SC lawyers propose pornography block on all computers sold in state
12/21 -  McCrory's claim of 'soverign immunity' rejected; will be forced to release public records
12/21 -  Scientists get glimpse of light signature of antimatter
12/20 -  Public climate information threatened under Trump
12/20 -  Germany weighs stiff fines for social media that carry fake news
12/20 -  Charlotte caves on LGBT ordinance
12/20 -  After losing millions, NC is attempting to repeal HB2
12/19 -  Leak reveals Rex Tillerson was director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil firm
12/19 -  White supremacists target town's Jewish population
12/19 -  NPR's Michel Martin coming to Asheville: When your hometown gets hot
12/19 -  Fifty-two percent of Republicans incorrectly think that Trump won the popular vote
12/18 -  Trump's pick for budget chief could signal major shift on Medicare, Social Security
12/18 -  Trump's appointment of ambassador to Israel spells trouble
12/18 -  Trump investor in hedge funds that are soaring as result of what he's planning
12/18 -  Hardship and suffering are McCrory's legacy
12/17 -  Trump's newest national security staffer once suggested Obama lied about being Black
12/17 -  The enduring myth that government should be run like a business
12/17 -  Now Jim Comey's FBI is saying Russia hacked US election
12/17 -  McCrory signs bills limiting Cooper's powers in major coup for NC GOP
12/16 -  Russia continues to hack US 'around the clock'
12/16 -  Evacuations in Aleppo suspended as confusion reigns
12/16 -  GOP power grab represents end of democracy in NC
12/16 -  Dylann Roof found guilty of racially motivated massacre in Charleston
12/15 -  Female-only scientific expedition sets sail for Antartica
12/15 -  Pittsburgh has problem with high lead in water -- and is giving awful advice
12/15 -  US abortion rate hits new low
12/15 -  NC GOP moves to limit power of Cooper in flood of extraordinary legislative moves
12/14 -  Trump's nominee for EPA administrator is climate denier, fossil fuel energy shill
12/14 -  McCrory couldn't manage a dignified exit from office
12/14 -  NC police shot a lot of people in 2016
12/14 -  Cooper seeks to restore credibility at DEQ
12/13 -  GOP hypocrisy on display in charter school oversight mess in NC
12/13 -  What we do, and don't, know about the Russian hacking scandal
12/13 -  Jogger attacked in Leicester, left beside road
12/13 -  Liquid uranium is transported through WNC, reporting shows
12/12 -  Trump says he doesn't need daily intelligence briefings because he's a smart person
12/11 -  Fifty-three charter school students given unearned diplomas in ongoing scam in Durham
12/11 -  Russia's interference in this election has been brewing for a long time
12/11 -  Cooper says he's talked to McCrory about 'court stacking'
12/11 -  The dangerous myth that Hilary Clinton ignored the working class
12/10 -  Brother says former senator Kay Hagan in intensive care
12/10 -  Russian doping 'corrupted London Oympics'
12/10 -  Mike Pence thinks working mothers damage their children's emotional growth
12/10 -  Why do people believe conspiracy stories like Pizzagate?
12/10 -  CIA says Russia intervened to help Trump win White House
12/09 -  Post-election bullying, harassment reported in NC
12/09 -  US life expectancy declines for first time in 20 years
12/09 -  Fukushima radiation detected in Oregon
12/09 -  The inaccuracies in Trump's Air Force One tweet
12/08 -  NC court committee to legislators: Don't pack the court
12/08 -  Federal judge halts Michigan presidential election recount
12/08 -  Trump picks climate change skeptic Scott Pruitt to lead EPA
12/08 -  Obama says he 'absolutely' faced racism in office
12/06 -  Republicans are making Ďvoter fraudí a weapon so that they never lose again
12/06 -  Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste
12/06 -  Mistrial for South Carolina officer who shot Walter Scott
12/06 -  Shooting shuts down Sanford, NC Christmas parade
12/05 -  BREAKING: McCrory concedes to Cooper
12/05 -  Trumpís education secretary pick wants to make Christianity a bigger part of schooling
12/05 -  Police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes ó combined
12/05 -  Durham county releases partial recount numbers; Cooper picks up three votes
12/05 -  Fake news about Clinton 'pedophilia ring' leads to man with gun at pizza restaurant
12/04 -  Construction of Dakota Access pipeline to be halted in victory for protesters
12/04 -  KKK no-shows at its own rally in NC
12/04 -  Trump's potential conflicts have a precedent in Berlusconi's Italy
12/04 -  Trump's Taiwan call exposes his inexperience, China's state media say
12/04 -  Claim of voting machine tampering in Wisconsin unlikely, Snopes says
12/04 -  Buyer's remorse begins for Trump voters
12/03 -  McCrory calls special legislative session, setting up possibility of court-packing power grab
12/03 -  Every single Trump cabinet member so far opposes LGBT rights
12/03 -  China lodges complaint over Trump's call to Taiwan
12/02 -  Cruise line fined $40 million for dumping sewage in ocean
12/02 -  Trump has 'bizarre' conversation with Pakistani leader
12/02 -  Questionable rule change on NC high court enables retired judges to serve as tie-breakers
12/01 -  Wrestling exec Linda McMahon a top choice for Trump's small business chief
12/01 -  Texas will now require funeral services whenever a woman has an abortion
12/01 -  State elections board reverses course, orders Durham County early voting recount
12/01 -  Petraeus would have to notify probation officer if named secretary of State