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MAIN News Archives for April 2017

04/28 -  Charlotte police defend officers after one put a gun to the head of an unarmed man
04/28 -  New GOP voter disenfranchisement tactic: Extended voting hours would be discouraged under bill
04/28 -  Desperate families driven to black market insulin
04/28 -  Secret Service: Guns banned from Trump's NRA speech
04/27 -  How does race affect a student's math education?
04/27 -  In Enka, Cooper criticizes GOP elections bill, tax cut plan
04/27 -  Chinese and European space agencies in talks to build a moon base
04/27 -  Syria war: 'Israeli strike' hits military site near Damascus airport
04/26 -  Despite criticism, NC GOP House lawmakers approve corporate perks for charter enrollmentf
04/26 -  How Rev. William Barber is becoming the moral face of a nation
04/26 -  New version of Obamacare repeal would gut pre-existing condition guarantee
04/26 -  Now we finally know how bad voter fraud is in North Carolina
04/25 -  Cooper appoints Democrat to fill NC appeals court seat after GOP judge makes surprise early retirement
04/25 -  Chobani sues Alex Jones, saying he falsely linked company to child rape, tuberculosis
04/25 -  Recalled Harris Teeter hash browns may contain golf balls
04/25 -  Emmanuel Macron v Marine Le Pen: who are they and what are their policies?
04/24 -  'Class-size chaos' pending for NC schools
04/24 -  Incessant tax cuts for the rich are ruining NC
04/24 -  The rivals for France’s presidency offer crooked competence at best, economic meltdown at worst
04/24 -  New Study shows anti-Semitism soared last year
04/23 -  Trump’s border wall ‘catastrophic’ for environment, endangered species: activists
04/23 -  Civil rights groups just busted Georgia GOP rigging runoff election
04/23 -  Beltway GOP influence machine lends aid in Winston-Salem ‘welcoming city’ fight
04/23 -  The lasting harm of medical mistrust in wake of cases like Henrietta Lacks
04/22 -  Why House Republicans seem fine risking humiliation again in pursuit of an Obamacare repeal
04/22 -  Cherokee Nation sues pharmaceutical retailers over opioid abuse
04/22 -  The calculus behind Jason Chaffetz's sudden decision to walk away
04/22 -  Asheville gentrification pace makes top 10 list
04/21 -  Trump is sending a message with Ted Nugent's visit to the White House
04/21 -  NC GOP throws craft brewers under the bus
04/21 -  Russia bans Jehovah's Witnesses after supreme court rules Christian sect 'extremists'
04/21 -  Paris shootout leaves police officer and gunman dead
04/20 -  Democracy NC calls for criminal probe of NC GOP for unfounded voter fraud claims
04/20 -  Italy experiencing measles epidemic after fall-off in vaccinations
04/20 -  Putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 US election
04/20 -  Opening of UN files on Holocaust will 'rewrite chapters of history'
04/19 -  Record new renewable power capacity added at lower cost
04/19 -  Most of NC GOP's tax plan benefits would go to wealthy
04/19 -  Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, narrowly misses outright win in Georgia House race
04/19 -  Trump may halt insurer payments to force Democrats to table on healthcare
04/18 -  North Korea is becoming Trump's Cuban missile crisis
04/18 -  Voting machines stolen ahead of Georgia special election
04/18 -  This Koch-backed group invites you to celebrate fossil fuels on Earth Day
04/18 -  Trump’s pick for army secretary has a troubling history of anti-Muslim remarks
04/17 -  Last person born in the 1800s has died at 117
04/17 -  Trump calls for investigation into Tax Day protesters, tweets "Election is Over"
04/17 -  As Asheville housing inventory gets even tighter, prices spike
04/17 -  White House demands carriage ride with the Queen when Trump visits the UK
04/16 -  NC GOP lawmakers plow ahead with plans to remake the state court system in their favor
04/16 -  Hillary hatred, exposed: What drives America’s never-ending case against Clinton
04/16 -  DeVos pick to head civil rights office once said she faced discrimination for being white
04/16 -  Five reasons it’s embarrassing to be from North Carolina this week
04/15 -  North Carolina will experience rare insect invasion this spring
04/15 -  UNCA delays construction after family of horned owls located on site
04/15 -  Arkansas judge prohibits state from using lethal injection drug, blocking scheduled executions
04/15 -  Scientists announce that the great barrier reef is officially 'terminal'
04/14 -  NC GOP stands proudly with hog stench
04/14 -  That ‘mother of all bombs’ was just waiting for the right target
04/14 -  US may launch strike if North Korea moves to test nuclear weapon
04/14 -  Scorpion stings man on United flight to Calgary
04/13 -  A racist stereotype is shattered: Study finds white youth are more likely to abuse hard drugs than black youth
04/13 -  Proposed gay marriage ban is dead in NC House, speaker says
04/13 -  Trump flips on four policies in one day
04/13 -  NC GOP legislator calls Abraham Lincoln 'tyrant,' 'worse than Hitler'
04/12 -  Sean Spicer claims Hitler didn't use chemical weapons, refers to death camps as "Holocaust centers"
04/12 -  North Carolina Republicans file bill declaring all same-sex marriages 'null and void'
04/12 -  Chechen authorities arresting and killing gay men, Russian paper says
04/12 -  Why is Trump losing so much?
04/11 -  New poll shows Cooper's approval rating rising
04/11 -  Obamacare 'death spirals' aren't going to happen
04/11 -  The odd, awful downfall of the school librarian of the year
04/11 -  You're not mad at United Airlines; you're mad at capitalism
04/10 -  Segregation still the rule in many US cities
04/10 -  The coming competence crisis
04/10 -  TransCanada shuts down Keystone after oil seeps to surface
04/08 -  Hillary Clinton says she won't run for public office again
04/08 -  Trump's options for North Korea include placing nukes in South Korea
04/08 -  Buncombe County sheriff Van Duncan to retire
04/08 -  Buncombe pumps the brakes on $1M to fight opioid crisis; ads probably aren't the way
04/07 -  Court: Civil Rights Act covers LGBT workplace bias
04/07 -  What happens when the people in charge take Ayn Rand seriously?
04/07 -  Why authoritarians attack the arts
04/07 -  Five big risks after Trump's Syria strike
04/06 -  Neil Gorsuch accused of plagiarism days before confirmation vote
04/06 -  Teachers, lawyers and others worry about the fate of student debt forgiveness
04/06 -  Over two hundred cities losing all passenger train service per Trump
04/06 -  Bannon threatened to quit if removed from National Security Council role: report
04/05 -  Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel
04/05 -  Revived GOP health care talks could hurt those with pre-existing conditions
04/05 -  Court rules Civil Rights law protects LGBT employees from discrimination
04/05 -  Judge: Gender laws are at odds with science
04/04 -  Trump signs internet privacy repeal
04/04 -  Most kids who died of flu weren’t vaccinated, study finds
04/04 -  Do not look Rex Tillerson in the eyes if you work at the State Department: report
04/04 -  A 'Grammar Vigilante' keeps Bristol UK safe from improper use of apostrophes
04/03 -  Tryon Equestrian partner to fuel massive Trump propaganda machine
04/03 -  What it's like to be a transgendered teacher in Donald Trump’s America
04/03 -  The beclowning of the Executive Branch
04/03 -  Russia helped Trump by sidelining Rubio, Senate told
04/02 -  Fox News has paid $13 million to settle sexual harassment charges against Bill O’Reilly
04/02 -  Cooper:HB2 compromise means we've moved forward
04/02 -  Trump tells NBC to stop covering Russia story
04/02 -  Trump can’t stop the Freedom Caucus, and he has GOP gerrymandering to blame
04/01 -  Trump paying $25M after judge approves Trump University deal
04/01 -  Mental shortcuts, not emotion, may guide irrational decisions
04/01 -  Council vote could mark new phase in struggle over Asheville's ‘Pit of Despair’
04/01 -  April Fool’s: George Takei jokes he’s running for Congress