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MAIN News Archives for June 2017

06/30 -  Lottery programmer admits he rigged jackpots, reaped rewards
06/30 -  Angela Merkel votes against same sex marriage law in Germany 'because marriage is between a man and woman'
06/30 -  Mika Brzezinski’s ‘bleeding’ face was way more than just an insult
06/30 -  Actions of GOP majority in NC legislature are discouraging new, existing teachers
06/30 -  America's South will bear the worst of climate change costs
06/29 -  Why are so many White House staffers leaking to reporters?
06/29 -  Man chased, struck by SUV in Asheville Walmart parking lot; man and driver charged
06/29 -  Sarah Palin sues New York Times, says editorial defamed her
06/29 -  The best predictor of Trump support is authoritarianism
06/28 -  The Supreme Court's ruling in Trinity Lutheran v. Comer threatens to obliterate the divide between church and state
06/28 -  US image suffers as publics around world question Trump’s leadership
06/28 -  Elizabeth Warren: It’s time for Democrats to run on single-payer health care
06/28 -  Study: when it comes to detecting racial inequality, white Christians have a blind spot
06/27 -  NC GOP legislators pass budget, prepare to override expected veto
06/27 -  Asheville makes influential list of medium-sized 'arts capitals'
06/27 -  John Dean: Frighted Trump is in way over his head
06/27 -  Parents, students rally for policy change following reports of violence at Asheville school
06/26 -  The Grenfell Tower fire was preventable, but saving money was more important than safety: report
06/26 -  Supreme Court again, to NC - Don't play politics with the Constitution
06/26 -  State retiree health coverage to end for future NC employees
06/26 -  White House warns reporters not to report on instructions about not reporting on Thursday’s press conference
06/25 -  Trump breaks with tradition, forgoes Ramadan dinner
06/25 -  GOP rep says he’s fine with more people dying under Trumpcare as long as it saves money
06/25 -  Is Asheville being loved to death?
06/25 -  Anti-abortion groups get big boost in NC state budget
06/24 -  The Kremlin's investment in Trump is paying off, big league
06/24 -  Research shows that prior rapid climate change has caused widespead social chaos
06/24 -  Mitch McConnell beat polio as a child thanks to government healthcare
06/24 -  NASA calls out Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop website over pseudoscience stickers that "rebalance your energy"
06/24 -  Obama's secret struggle to punish Putin for election hacking
06/23 -  'Suspicious' buttons labeled 'peace' close West Asheville roads
06/23 -  Trump finally confirms he has no tapes of Comey conversations
06/23 -  NC GOP lawmakers target Democratic AG Josh Stein with surprise budget cuts
06/23 -  Michigan GOP congressman says climate change isn't a problem; God will take care of it
06/23 -  The GOP's suburban nightmare
06/22 -  Is a political sea change finally coming in NC?
06/22 -  Wall Street Journal fires foreign affairs correspondent for ties to gunrunner
06/22 -  John Ossoff's loss should be a lesson to the Democrats and their 'Panera Bread' strategy
06/22 -  TX governor signs bill allowing providers to deny LGBTQ youth child welfare services
06/21 -  How NC state budget proposals treat college campuses
06/21 -  Exodus from Trump's Environmental Protection Agency continues as several more staff are forced out
06/21 -  Ossoff loss underscores Left’s fissures in Trump era
06/21 -  Supreme Court strikes down NC law that bars convicted sex offenders from social media
06/20 -  Personal details of nearly 200 million US citizens exposed by RNC contractor
06/20 -  Syrian conflict escalates, and US has no policy
06/20 -  Vote on secret Obamacare repeal bill expected next week
06/20 -  In one executive order, Trump revoked years of workplace protections for women
06/19 -  'I'm going to kill all Muslims': driver who struck worshippers in London
06/19 -  WATCH: Dutch documentary investigates Trump’s alleged past links to the Russian mob
06/19 -  Still time to fix state budget into one that helps all North Carolinians
06/19 -  Ann Coulter says Trump's adultery was 'Approved by God' because they met in church
06/18 -  Young NC lawmakers hope new millenial caucus bridges partisan divide
06/18 -  Long-simmering discord led to The Evergreen State College’s viral moment
06/18 -  Trump administration order threatens quality apprenticeships for NC workers
06/18 -  Report suggests that Trumpcare could trigger a recession
06/17 -  Houston fears climate change will cause catastrophic flooding: 'It's not if, it's when'
06/17 -  Ted Nugent promises to stop 'hateful rhetoric' after Alexandria shooting
06/17 -  Aides describe Trump yelling at TV sets over Russia probe: report
06/17 -  Almost half of NC counties have lost population since 2010
06/16 -  NC GOP pulling out all the stops to maintain its unconstitutionally elected majority
06/16 -  Seven percent of American adults think chocolate milk comes from brown cows
06/16 -  Trump promise not to touch Social Security has evaporated
06/16 -  US is relocating an entire town because of climate change
06/15 -  Trump blasts report on possible obstruction of justice probe on Twitter
06/15 -  Rev. Barber calls on NC General Assembly to stop passing laws until redistricting is complete
06/15 -  What the London fire tells us about the crisis of Western democracy
06/15 -  Cutting the UNC law school budget is a clumsy attempt to quiet a critic
06/14 -  India and China ‘on track to exceed Paris climate pledges’
06/14 -  Gov. Cooper, N.C. Democrats push for new maps quickly
06/14 -  BREAKING: Shooting at practice for charity Congressional baseball game
06/14 -  Sessions can't invoke executive privilege, but he used it frequently
06/13 -  NC Democrats only granted symbolic role in House budget negotiations
06/13 -  Trump touts ‘amazing’ progress, basks in praise of his Cabinet
06/13 -  Russian breach of 39 states threatens future elections
06/13 -  The quiet crisis: mass eviction shows toll of homelessness on Native Americans
06/12 -  Loving Day: The 50th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia
06/12 -  Chris Hedges: The age of anger
06/12 -  Attorney General Jeff Sessions abruptly cancels public testimony
06/12 -  Trump cancels trip to Britain to avoid ‘large scale protests’
06/11 -  Gov. Cooper to legislature: Redraw unconstitutional maps or courts will do it for you
06/11 -  Behind closed doors, NC's GOP legislators perpetuate a culture of neglect
06/11 -  Jeremy Corbyn vows to oust Theresa May in a few days
06/11 -  Naomi Klein: 'Donald Trump is an idiot, but don't underestimate how good he is at that'
06/10 -  Court calls for quick action on NC re redistricting
06/10 -  Asheville authorities say crime stats don't tell the whole story
06/10 -  Why Comey's testimony was devastating to Trump
06/10 -  Polk county schools 'blindsided' as counselor prosecuted for 400,000 USD in fraud
06/09 -  Theresa May has 'no intention' of resigning after losses leading to a 'hung Parliament'
06/09 -  The reason for Duke Energy's huge proposed rate hike? Maintaining profits during pollution clean-ups
06/09 -  NC House votes 65-54 for bill easing concealed handgun laws
06/09 -  Senator McCain engages in bizarre line of questioning at Comey hearing
06/08 -  Despite 7 million USD tax break from Trump, Carrier is still laying off more than 600 workers
06/08 -  Apple expected to spend five billion USD on its Catawba County data center, completely powered by solar
06/08 -  Twenty-five percent of US shopping malls may close in next five years, report says
06/08 -  Kansas tax cut experiment comes to an end as GOP lawmakers vote for tax hikes
06/07 -  Legendary political analyst breaks down the NC 2018 elections
06/07 -  What does the intercept of a B-52 bomber tell us about Russia?
06/07 -  Sessions suggested he could resign amid rising tension with President Trump
06/07 -  Trump Foundation funneled $100K in donations into revenue for Trump Organization
06/07 -  Comey told Sessions to not leave him alone with Trump
06/06 -  Leaked NSA documents mean this week’s Russia hearings just got a lot more interesting
06/06 -  Pat McCrory is still bitter and still wrong
06/06 -  Data shows that majority of Trump voters came from upper half of income distribution
06/06 -  UT professor: Great Smoky Mountains National Park is 520,000 acres of tinderbox
06/06 -  Justices affirm ruling striking NC legislative districts
06/05 -  2020 NC governor’s race should worry GOP
06/05 -  Crisis with Gulf states escalates as other nations cut ties with Qatar
06/05 -  Asheville mayor vows to uphold Paris agreement despite president's withdrawal
06/05 -  Behind the myth of the 'kindly General Lee'; Lee was a brutal slaveowner
06/04 -  NC GOP will do anything rather than limit runoff into Lake Jordan: this time, untested algicides
06/04 -  Third noose found outside of MLK memorial in Washington, DC
06/04 -  What happens when gators get in traffic near Charlotte? Two just got run over
06/04 -  Trump needed confirmation that Presbyterians, like him, were Christians
06/04 -  London terror attack live updates: Seven killed in London Bridge and Borough Market before armed police shoot three suspects dead
06/02 -  Reporters burst into laughter as Sean Spicer insists Trump didn’t misspell ‘covfefe’ tweet
06/02 -  Prosecutor: Rutherford minister ‘directed’ beating of gay congregant
06/02 -  Duke Energy Progress seeking 16.7 percent rate increase; largest since company was formed
06/02 -  $28 million deal for downtown Asheville buildings sells iconic buildings to out-of-town investors
06/02 -  Hurricane season starts with nobody in charge at FEMA or NOAA
06/01 -  Noose found in National Museum of African American History and Culture; second incident in one week
06/01 -  Big shareholder pushing Duke Energy to lay out costs of meeting Paris climate-change goals
06/01 -  Trump administration moves to return Russian compounds in Maryland and New York
06/01 -  Trump administration moves to roll back birth control coverage
06/01 -  Trump’s reported exit from Paris climate deal signals end of the American Century