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MAIN News Archives for July 2017

07/31 -  Despite all his promises, Trump has done nothing about the devastating opioid epidemic
07/31 -  The growth of NC's conservative political press machinery
07/31 -  New NC redistricting effort aims to repeat old mistakes
07/31 -  BREAKING: Searchers find body of Mills River man kidnapped during manhunt; Stroupe to face murder charges
07/30 -  Three charged for harboring WNC armed kidnapper; one still on the run
07/30 -  Why the myth of meritocracy hurts children of color
07/30 -  Almost half of graduate students show signs of clinical depression
07/30 -  Hackers scour voting machines for exploitable bugs
07/30 -  The 'clean eating' delusion
07/29 -  Does doom and gloom convince anyone about climate change?
07/29 -  Trump once summoned Priebus to kill a fly in Oval Office: report
07/29 -  John Kelly, Trump's new chief of staff, 'won't suffer idiots and fools'
07/29 -  North Asheville early morning fire displaces eleven people
07/29 -  Why Scaramucci's attacks on Bannon and Priebus matter
07/28 -  Insurers claim they don't have to pay for Duke Energy's coal ash spills
07/28 -  Students using cannabis fail university courses far more often than others, according to new European research
07/28 -  Mandatory evacuation, state of emergency on Ocracoke Island
07/28 -  GOP Obamacare repeal bill fails in dramatic late-night vote
07/27 -  Britain to ban gasoline and diesel car sales by 2040
07/27 -  Commissioners scold BCBS, Mission over impasse
07/27 -  BREAKING: Man sought in Pisgah Forest manhunt in custody; no word on potential kidnapping
07/26 -  Sen. Berger loses support in home district as hospital files for bankruptcy, citing NC's failures in health care policy
07/26 -  An Internet revolt saves Microsoft Paint
07/26 -  The 29 most cringe-worthy lines from Donald Trump's hyper-political speech to the Boy Scouts
07/26 -  National Archives begins online release of Kennedy assassination materials
07/25 -  Mark Meadows seeks to defund CBO
07/25 -  NC adult care homes system under fire, with oversight inconsistent, unreliable
07/25 -  The white-supremacist roots of America's libertarian right
07/25 -  Did Trump run a 'Russian Laundromat?'
07/24 -  Why is anyone surprised that millennials are avoiding the stock market?
07/24 -  Another monster muskie caught in the French Broad
07/24 -  Manhunt for suspect in Pisgah Forest closes roads, trails
07/24 -  Food insecurity and its disproportionate impact on Asheville’s black community
07/23 -  Hundreds of poor, mostly African-American residents of Eastern NC say Big Pork is making their lives miserable
07/23 -  DuPont plant appears to still be releasing dangerous chemicals into NC waters despite assertions of voluntary compliance
07/23 -  While most struggle, billionaires prepare for global warming future with vast ranches in interior of US
07/23 -  A new interview shows that Trump's areas of ignorance are surprisingly wide-ranging
07/23 -  Meteor may have caused loud boom heard Thursday night in WNC
07/22 -  In Charlotte’s trendy neighborhoods, a culture clash of black and white, rich and poor
07/22 -  A NC hip-hop station is the nation's most important in the genre
07/22 -  Sessions discussed Trump campaign-related matters with Russian ambassador, U.S. intelligence intercepts show
07/22 -  Spicer resigns as an embattled Trump shakes up his press and legal teams
07/21 -  Roy Cooper announces opposition to offshore drilling in NC
07/21 -  Are American schools really that bad? Bad data may explain conflicting opinions
07/21 -  Trump promised better health care, not worse
07/21 -  Trump officially nominates climate-denying conservative talk radio host as USDA’s top scientist
07/20 -  US lawmakers seek to criminalize boycott against Israel
07/20 -  Jared Kushner to appear before Senate Intelligence Committee Monday
07/20 -  Senator John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer
07/20 -  Republican congressman actually asks NASA whether we've found civilizations on Mars
07/19 -  Only 45% of Trump voters believe Donald Jr. met with a Russian lawyer, even though he admitted to it
07/19 -  Is that 10,000 hour rule wrong?
07/19 -  McConnell far from giving up on a far-right health care overhaul
07/19 -  Texas actress gets 18 years for sending ricin to Obama in order to implicate ex
07/18 -  Asheville man arrested for brandishing air pistol downtown while selling donated Bibles
07/18 -  Former NC senator Kay Hagan out of hospital, recovery remains slow
07/18 -  NC GOP tax cuts to rich to result in 2.1 billion shortfall in next decade
07/18 -  Ann Coulter continues rage war on Twitter, calls fellow passenger 'daschund-legged woman'
07/17 -  Is Donald Trump the worst? Many Americans think so
07/17 -  Nobody likes the NC wind power moratorium except Duke Power
07/17 -  Trump voters tell CNN they’re terrified of Trumpcare
07/16 -  White House wrongfully attacks nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office
07/16 -  Donald Trump is already a legend in his own mind
07/16 -  Clergy arrested outside McConnell’s office while protesting healthcare bill
07/16 -  How to talk with your teen about colluding with Russia
07/15 -  Students can not work their way through college now
07/15 -  Trump's NC nominee for federal judiciary defender of gerrymandering
07/15 -  It doesn't matter what's wrong with Donald Trump -- he just has to go
07/15 -  Eric Trump accused of stealing from a cancer charity
07/14 -  Is Alex Stein the future of the North Carolina Democratic party?
07/14 -  Video shows Trump with associates tied to email controversy
07/14 -  Trump wants his border wall to have holes in it so Americans don't get crushed by falling bags of drugs
07/14 -  Donald Trump Jr. emails raise the possibility that another person was in his controversial meeting with the Russian lawyer
07/13 -  Democrats just flipped two more traditionally Republican state legislative seats from red to blue Tuesday night
07/13 -  A nonpartisan confirmation of the dangerous new normal in North Carolina
07/13 -  Mark Meadows threatens government shutdown if a border wall isn't funded
07/13 -  North Carolina will become home to more coal ash, this time imported from India
07/13 -  State mental health care cuts start to eliminate services
07/12 -  Photo, purportedly of Amelia Earhart, actually published in book two years earlier
07/12 -  With release of emails, Trump campaign has likely met threshhold of criminality
07/12 -  Rev. Barber, others charge law restricting right to enter NC legislative building
07/12 -  Trump's 'voter fraud' commission pauses data collection; no NC data sent
07/11 -  Scientists declare death of world's largest living thing
07/11 -  Septic tank 'straight piping' contaminates miles of the French Broad River, investigation finds
07/11 -  Indictment made in Zebb Quinn homicide after 17 years
07/11 -  Most Republicans now say colleges have negative impact on US
07/10 -  What would happen if North Korea launched a real attack?
07/10 -  Fletcher priest arrested after pulling a gun in road-rage incident
07/10 -  Donald Trump is the perfect teaching tool for White Privilege 101
07/09 -  How the alt-right normalized white nationalism
07/09 -  In hyperpartisan era, does Roy Cooper have any cross-over appeal?
07/09 -  For many, Medicaid provides the only route to mental health care
07/09 -  Economist: Middle-class wage crunch worse in Asheville, NC
07/08 -  Don't call Sally Hemming a mistress; she was Thomas Jefferson's property
07/08 -  A-B Tech reports fatal overdose on campus
07/08 -  Asheville mayor Manheimer files for re-election
07/08 -  The racial and religious paranoia of Trump's Warsaw speech
07/07 -  Michael Chertoff: Trump voter fraud commission's request for data could harm national security
07/07 -  Understanding the Blue Cross - Mission Healthcare impasse
07/07 -  White House warns CNN that Trump may block its merger if network bashes Trump
07/07 -  WHO warns of imminent spread of untreatable superbug gonorrhoea WHO
07/06 -  GOP gets an earful about health care over July Fourth recess
07/06 -  Volvo becomes first major auto manufacturer to go all-electric
07/06 -  Why do we think poor people are poor because of their own bad choices?
07/06 -  UNC-Chapel Hill's loss of intellectual honesty
07/05 -  Mission says it may no longer accept Blue Cross Blue Shield
07/05 -  US Supreme Court is putting nation on path to become a Christian nation
07/05 -  Charlotte Observer: Civilians should not have to de-escalate police
07/04 -  Carbon in atmosphere is rising as emissions stabilize, leading to troubling conclusion
07/04 -  North Korea successfully tests missile that could reach Alaska
07/04 -  Sally Hemmings’ slave quarters discovered at Monticello
07/03 -  New Florida law lets any resident challenge what’s taught in science classes
07/03 -  Cooper signs 'brunch bill,' vetoes 'garbage juice' spray bill
07/03 -  Artifacts show Lost Colony settlers moved to Hatteras Island, lived with natives, historian says
07/03 -  Chris Christie said he didn’t go to a state beach closed by budget showdown until a newspaper showed him the pictures
07/02 -  North Carolina passes bill to punish businesses who divest from Israel
07/02 -  View from the Left: Trump deteriorates as reality encroaches on his fragile psyche
07/02 -  Tillerson blows up at top White House aide
07/02 -  When women challenge Trump politically, he insults them physically
07/01 -  Trump-endorsed news site says NASA operates Martian colony with child slaves
07/01 -  Failure of America’s flagship clean coal plant proves it was always a myth
07/01 -  Jimmy Carter on Donald Trump: He tapped reservoir of inherent racism
07/01 -  More good guys with concealed guns equals more violent crime
07/01 -  GOP blocks medical pot backed by Asheville council, hospital CEO