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MAIN News Archives for September 2017

09/29 -  The Trump vote was a temper tantrum by the white working class
09/29 -  Obamacare repeal will never die
09/29 -  Russian TV network spent nearly $300,000 on tweets aimed at U.S. markets
09/29 -  NC 'tax reform' has stunted economic growth
09/28 -  States' rebellion against Trump climate change policies gaining momentum
09/28 -  New NC judicial maps put most Democratic judges out of office; surprised?
09/28 -  Wake of Hurricane Irma causes damage at Brevard historic site
09/28 -  Senator says Russian internet trolls stoked NFL debate
09/27 -  Buncombe County opiod overdose rate nearly tripled in 2017
09/27 -  NC historical commission votes for 'more study' re removal of Confederate monuments on Capitol grounds
09/27 -  Mountain maternity wards closing, WNC womenís lives on the line
09/27 -  CNN: Trump's lack of empathy about Puerto Rico is 'staggering'
09/26 -  For the first time, the US president was just another thug at the UN
09/26 -  Burr and Tillis supported Graham-Cassidy, which would have cost NC 8.1 billion in six years in federal funds
09/26 -  Morganton area ranks lowest in US for exercise
09/26 -  At least six White House advisers, including Jared Kushner, used private email for WH business
09/25 -  Unless the Supreme Court intervenes, gerrymandering may damage democracy irreparably
09/25 -  Why I distribute overdose reversal kits in Asheville
09/25 -  Koch brother's control now extends to 16 federal departments
09/25 -  Toxic politics wins out on GenX response
09/24 -  Trump praises health care of Nambia, a nonexistent African country
09/24 -  Championship-winning UNC men's basketball team won't visit White House
09/24 -  What Mueller might have on Manafort
09/24 -  City of Asheville salaries, reported
09/21 -  "Dark money" funds climate science denial effort
09/21 -  Mueller requests White House documents related to Trump conduct
09/21 -  Graham-Cassidy ACA Repeal bill would cause huge premium increases for those with pre-existing conditions
09/21 -  Bias against heavier people means they get substandard medical care
09/20 -  Senators grill Navy officials on crashes, sailors' deaths
09/20 -  More than 200 dead as powerful earthquake shakes Mexico City
09/20 -  Trump using campaign, RNC funds to pay legal bills from Russia probe
09/20 -  US officials intercepted conversations between Manafort and Russians: report
09/19 -  Report: Mueller warned Manafort to expect an indictment
09/19 -  St. Louis police chant 'Whose streets our streets' as protests against Stockley verdict continue
09/19 -  Fugitive dust complaint in Enka draws air quality probe
09/19 -  More layoffs as Gannett continues to strip the Asheville Citizen-Times
09/15 -  NC climate activists hold vigil and fast in opposition to Atlantic Coast Pipeline
09/15 -  Evidence for a strange sonic weapon used against US diplomats in Cuba increases
09/15 -  Trump may restrict voting rights ahead of 2020 election, sources say
09/15 -  Harvard withdraws fellowship invitation to Chelsea Manning
09/14 -  UNCA Chancellor leaving to run Edward Kennedy Institute
09/14 -  Martin Shkreli headed to jail after Hillary Clinton threats
09/14 -  NC information sent to Trumpís voter fraud commission
09/14 -  Rate of uninsured people in NC reaches historic low thanks to Obamacare
09/11 -  Partisan dissent takes over UNC Board of Governors
09/11 -  Trump military review proposes more reliance upon mini-nukes
09/11 -  Clinton says she is "done" with being a candidate
09/11 -  What will Trump supporters do when they realize the America they want is gone forever?
09/10 -  Durham County NC targeted by Russian cyberattack in last election
09/10 -  Cooper administration files to move Confederate monuments from NC Capitol grounds
09/10 -  Why aren't trains evacuating people from the path of Irma?
09/10 -  Clinton doesn't understand it was perception of her sleaziness that cost her the election
09/10 -  Gator park preps 2000 alligators for Irma, promises none will escape
09/08 -  Here's how much climate change will cost each NC county
09/08 -  Mad about DACA? Win some elections
09/08 -  Mexico hit by strongest earthquake in a century, tsumami warnings posted
09/08 -  Zakaria: Stop being afraid of more government; it's exactly what we need
09/07 -  Texas will, and should, get disaster aid; will it then keep talking about secession?
09/07 -  NC joins suit against Donald Trump over DACA
09/07 -  Hurricane Irma destroys 90 percent of structures on Barbuda
09/07 -  Kate Millett, influential feminist writer, dead at 82
09/05 -  US Catholic bishops: We'll fight for 'Dreamers'
09/05 -  Charlotte mayoral candidate reminds voters that she's white
09/05 -  Navajo Nation's first solar project now producing enough energy for 13k homes
09/05 -  New pneumonia is drug-resistant, contagious and deadly
09/04 -  Worst flu epidemic means mandatory immunizations for Australian workers
09/04 -  Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay
09/03 -  Deep in debt, Kushners engage in endless search for cash
09/03 -  GOP house member who wants to impeach NC secretary of state resigns
09/03 -  NC redistricting and the rural-urban divide
09/03 -  North Korea tests most powerful nuclear bomb yet
09/02 -  Thom Tillis tells Trump not to terminate DACA
09/02 -  Duke's reponse to how poor should respond to higher rates is ... cold showers
09/02 -  Trump is extremely unpopular among young people
09/02 -  Judge orders removal of gas pipeline from Native American property in Oklahoma
09/01 -  Harvey could reshape how and where Americans build homes
09/01 -  UNC chancellor denies white nationalist Richard Spencerís request to speak at campus
09/01 -  The southeast can take Harvey's gasoline pipeline cutoff ... for now
09/01 -  Texas floodwaters pose unique health risks, US experts say