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MAIN News Archives for December 2017

12/31 -  Five things you need to know about protests in Iran
12/31 -  America's gun fantasy: three percent owns half the weapons as they wait for an imaginary showdown with the government
12/31 -  Shutdown of coal-fired power plant results in significant fetal health improvement in downwind areas
12/31 -  Churches and nonprofits worry charitable donations will plummet under new tax law
12/30 -  Here's why Roy Moore will never concede
12/30 -  About Asheville's non-white literary scene
12/30 -  Trump’s working-class supporters are about to pay the price
12/30 -  Trump fires entire HIV/AIDS Advisory Council via FedEx
12/29 -  NC legislative GOP leaders prove their own fears of lottery funds abuse
12/29 -  American reams: why a ‘paperless world’ still hasn’t happened
12/29 -  Court rules against Oregon bakers who refused to make gay wedding cake
12/29 -  Asheville's National Center for Environmental Information presents sobering graph of global warming
12/28 -  Generational poverty is a systemic issue in NC
12/28 -  NC economy doing well under Cooper
12/28 -  Koch-funded anti-climate group tells women to ignore concerns about toxic chemicals
12/28 -  Most American Christians believe they're being persecuted
12/27 -  NC Republicans set conditions for Democrats who requested speakers at judicial reform meeting
12/27 -  Bill Kristol: Palin was the harbinger of Trump
12/27 -  Two weeks later, Roy Moore still hasn't conceded
12/27 -  Power prices go negative in Germany
12/26 -  Researchers find no 'Christmas suicide' effect; the peak is in January because of postponements
12/26 -  Obamacare sign-ups defy Trump’s sabotage campaign
12/26 -  Saudi Arabia forcibly detained Lebanon’s prime minister, sources say
12/26 -  Christmas wildfires: How climate change puts California at risk all year round
12/26 -  Republican attacks on judiciary in NC most extreme in nation
12/25 -  Pope warns of 'winds of war' in Christmas message
12/25 -  Warming seas double snowfall around North America's tallest peaks
12/25 -  Lancet study suggests that kimchi may be factor in longevity of South Koreans
12/25 -  Unemployment is rising in swing states that voted for Trump
12/24 -  What the recent UFO reports actually mean (hint: mainly disinformation)
12/24 -  After forty years, the pendulum is swinging to the left
12/24 -  White House denies report Trump said Haitian immigrants 'all have AIDS'
12/24 -  Can Evangelicalism survive Donald Trump and Roy Moore?
12/23 -  Facebook will tell you if you've interacted with Russian agents online
12/23 -  NC GOP Treasurer pursues payments, even from the dead
12/23 -  FCC fines Sinclair Broadcast Group $13.4 million for running sponsored content as news
12/23 -  Trump DOJ cancels rule protecting disabled employees
12/22 -  A breakdown of Pence's fawning over Trump at Wednesday's Cabinet meeting
12/22 -  JCT: Middle class gets quarter of individual tax cuts in GOP tax bill
12/22 -  Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians contribute to National Forest management plan
12/22 -  Researchers identify nontraditional sites for solar power generation, such as lakes
12/22 -  Virginia recount leaves tied election completely up to chance
12/22 -  UN General Assembly rejects Trump's Jerusalem move
12/21 -  As Venezuela collapses, its children are dying of hunger
12/21 -  To win under NC’s new political maps, ‘Mr. GOP’ moved into a funeral home
12/21 -  UK to guarantee high-speed internet to entire country
12/21 -  Apple has acknowledged what many iPhone owners long suspected: It has slowed older phones
12/20 -  Former lawyer for Jesse Helms, nominated as Federal judge, may have been involved in voter suppression
12/20 -  Democrat Shelly Simonds wins Virginia House seat by 1 vote, ending GOP’s 18-year majority
12/20 -  UPS orders 125 Tesla big-rig trucks
12/20 -  GOP candidate: Jews "pretend" to be white to undermine the white race
12/19 -  NC was the model for national tax cuts; happy now?
12/19 -  Sarah Palin's family in the spotlight again as painful details emerge of Track Palin's arrest
12/19 -  You're not imagining it - the Internet is really slow today
12/19 -  To contain pandemics, scientists are hunting down viruses that might spread from wildlife to human
12/18 -  Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson says he will sell team in wake of harassment scandal
12/18 -  Why Nikki Haley is not good at foreign policy
12/18 -  Charlottesville: man accused of driving into crowd faces first-degree murder charge
12/18 -  What Alabama tells us; Voting matters, gerrymandering distorts
12/17 -  Panthers owner Jerry Richardson under investigation for alleged workplace misconduct
12/17 -  Holiday news: Since 1700, wine glasses have gotten seven times bigger
12/17 -  Mission, Blue Cross settle, but clients unhappy and unsettled
12/17 -  CDC gets list of forbidden words: Fetus, transgender, diversity
12/16 -  A UN expert travels through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America
12/16 -  Joe Biden tells Asheville audience about working through grief
12/16 -  Despite a rise in hate, this Hanukkah choose hope
12/16 -  The FCC just killed Net Neutrality; now what?
12/15 -  WUNC uncovers disgusting behavior by lawmakers in NC Legislature
12/15 -  Roy Moore turns recount into religious crusade: 'Immorality sweeps over the land'
12/15 -  The real origins of the Religious Right are in the segregationalist movement
12/15 -  New York attorney general announces a multi-state lawsuit challenging the net neutrality vote
12/14 -  Kentucky lawmaker found dead after sexual assault allegations
12/14 -  Is there a limit to scientific understanding?
12/13 -  Happy Hanukkah! National Menorah illuminated near White House
12/13 -  Black voters just saved America from Roy Moore
12/13 -  NC House member is next chairman of national conservative group ALEC
12/13 -  How Doug Jones changes (almost) everything in the Senate
12/12 -  Reporters Without Borders: Dictators quoting Trump in press crackdowns
12/12 -  Trump wants you to tip restaurant owners, not servers
12/12 -  Is Art Pope pushing for a second Constitutional Convention?
12/12 -  Alabama demands voter ID in runup to Moore election, then closes driver's license offices in Black counties
12/11 -  Is a new conservative program coming to UNC Chapel Hill?
12/11 -  Here's why boats full of dead people from North Korea keep showing up in Japan
12/11 -  Bitcoin: an investment mania for the fake news era
12/11 -  Microbes by the ton: Officials see weapons threat as North Korea gains biotech expertise
12/10 -  Atlantic Coast Pipeline sues NC landowners, asks federal court to allow "quick take" of properties
12/10 -  Trump bans Jewish Democrats from White House Hanukkah party
12/10 -  Strange UFOs reported in Denver, SC, other spots
12/10 -  How a midlevel school became The University of Adidas at Louisville
12/09 -  Why weren't any historically black colleges picked for NC's new Teaching Fellows program?
12/09 -  When libertarian judges rule
12/09 -  Confederate flags pop up at Canton Christmas parade
12/09 -  Number one in US readership today: David Brooks, The Gop is rotting from the inside
12/08 -  Billionaire trying to take over NC schools gave $50,000 to Dan Forest
12/08 -  Ray's Weather Center calls for three to six inches of snow for Asheville
12/08 -  Donald Trump thinks pets are 'low class,' and people are angry
12/07 -  NC has an immense hog waste problem
12/07 -  One year later, Buncombe County gives lowest-paid staff previously approved 1.5 percent raise
12/07 -  Trump, Israel, and the art of the giveaway
12/07 -  Why are America's farmers killing themselves in record numbers?
12/06 -  White House: Jerusalem embassy move a 'recognition of reality'
12/06 -  Moral Monday movement goes nationwide
12/06 -  Head of National Enquirer accused of seual misconduct
12/06 -  In schools, a growing push to recognize Jewish and Muslim holidays
12/05 -  Thirteen whooping cough cases reported in Henderson County
12/05 -  Panel begins work in NC to stop punishing juvenile offenders as adults
12/05 -  Trump renegs on campaign promises, rolls out plan to attack skilled immigration
12/05 -  NC Senate Special Master releases final non-partisan redistricting plans
12/04 -  As pressure mounts, Trump lashes out - against Hillary Clinton
12/04 -  Why consumers shouldn't pay for Duke Energy's coal ash bungles
12/04 -  Navajo Nation asks White House for apology and to keep word to Navajo Code Talkers
12/04 -  US quits UN global compact on migration, says it'll set its own policy
12/03 -  McCrory's mobile DMV offices have been a flop in NC
12/03 -  Onslow County man charged in disappearance of NC toddler
12/03 -  What Trump voters in NC are saying these days
12/03 -  Do a majority of Trump supporters have Authoritarian Personality Syndrome?
12/02 -  Michael Flynn 'prepared to testify against Donald Trump' over Russia links
12/02 -  NC Republican lawmakers upset with Stanford professor’s plan to fix gerrymandering
12/02 -  Trump tweets strain US-Britain 'special relationship'
12/02 -  Global risk of Madagascar's pneumonic plague epidemic is limited
12/01 -  Trump's presidency has triggered backlash against sexual predation in the workplace
12/01 -  Nine things you didn't know about Hanukkah
12/01 -  Bill Moyers: America, the Banana Republic
12/01 -  Trend emerging toward empty seats at 'festive' Trump holiday events