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MAIN News Archives for January 2018

01/31 -  New $5.25M bid submitted for Buncombe County's Ferry Road property
01/31 -  Why fixing gerrymandering won't save the Democrats
01/31 -  Pope Francis urges European countries to do more to combat anti-Semitism
01/31 -  Fact-checking Donald Trump's 2018 State of the Union speech
01/30 -  Lt. Gov. Dan Forest raises $2.4 million from mega donor
01/30 -  House Intel Committee votes to release Republican memo on FBI
01/30 -  Trump administration holds off on new Russia sanctions, despite law
01/30 -  Mark Meadows, Thom Tillis, Art Pope spend time with conservative Koch donors
01/29 -  RNC finance chair Steve Wynn resigns after sexual harassment allegations
01/29 -  EPA reverses course, opts to maintain protections for Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed
01/29 -  Statistics show we've never seen Congressional resignations like this before
01/29 -  Lt. Gov. Forest accepted donation from leader of 'Word of Faith' cult
01/27 -  Supreme Court sides with Cooper in fight over NC elections board
01/27 -  Trump's judicial nominee for NC has connection to group that wrote notorious eugenics law
01/27 -  Trump reportedly telling aides he wants to fire deputy attorney general
01/27 -  The dirty war over diversity at Google
01/26 -  Asheville daycare closing poses problems for parents
01/26 -  NC prisons un-ban book on race, mass incarceration after ACLU request
01/26 -  Owner of Queer, Black-owned brewery in Hendersonville says 'White supremacy' led to its closure
01/26 -  Trump wanted to fire Mueller in June but backed down when White House counsel threatened to quit
01/25 -  Questioning the conventional wisdom on luring auto plants to NC
01/25 -  Poll: Democrats have edge, energy in North Carolina for 2018
01/25 -  Was a Russian general murdered over the Steele dossier?
01/25 -  Trump says he's "looking forward to" testifying under oath to Robert Mueller
01/24 -  Racism is creeping back into mainstream science, and we have to stop it
01/24 -  Texas judge interrupts jury, says God told him defendant is not guilty
01/24 -  Biden: McConnell stopped Obama from calling out Russians
01/23 -  Survey: Mayors view climate change as pressing urban issue
01/23 -  Democrats in Congress fail, again, to deliver for an active, energized base
01/23 -  Are Trump and John Kelley soon to part ways?
01/23 -  The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017, Oxfam finds
01/22 -  Thousands turn out for Asheville's Women's March
01/22 -  Michael Wolff suggests Trump is having an extramarital affair "now"
01/22 -  Here's how US healthcare is a global outlier
01/22 -  America's most prominent evangelical leader is now defendig Trump's affair with a porn star
01/21 -  Children in the USA are 76 percent more likely to die than children in other developed countries
01/21 -  The Women’s March is just the beginning of a new kind of feminist movement
01/21 -  'Everyone knows' former White House staffer Omarosa loved taping meetings
01/21 -  Kushner’s handling of meetings with Chinese unnerved some officials
01/20 -  Ethics report: Mark Meadows’ staff complained of sexual harassment
01/20 -  More Americans are 'disgusted' than 'hopeful': poll
01/20 -  Trump whines that shutdown fight could make him miss his birthday party
01/20 -  Government shutdown begins on anniversary of Trump's inauguration
01/19 -  BP's Deepwater Horizon bill tops $65bn
01/19 -  2017 was the world's second hottest year on record
01/19 -  McConnell plans for shutdown
01/19 -  Supreme Court blocks redrawing of NC Congressional maps, for now
01/18 -  Birth control app blamed for 37 unwanted pregnancies
01/18 -  NC attorney general Stein says Duke Energy, not customers, should pay for coal ash cleanup
01/18 -  Jeff Sessions: 'A good nation' doesn't admit 'illiterate' immigrants
01/18 -  82 rabbis, activists arrested on Capitol Hill over DACA Protest
01/17 -  Trump’s “chain migration” obsession: The Nazis thought of it first
01/17 -  In the race to end public education, North Carolina is leading the charge
01/17 -  Police: Homeless man likely froze to death in Salisbury
01/17 -  As Wanda Greene is investigated, Buncombe County somehow gets a clean audit
01/16 -  If authoritarianism is looming in the US, how come Donald Trump looks so weak?
01/16 -  Racist sign removed from downtown Raleigh bridge
01/16 -  Minimum wage earners aren't just teens in need of pocket change
01/16 -  How the alt-right uses social-science to make racism seem respectable
01/15 -  Chelsea Manning confirms she's running for Senate in Maryland
01/15 -  Musical artist Moby claims CIA asked him to spread info from dossier on Trump via social media
01/15 -  NC GOP has already begun abusing power in 2018
01/15 -  Broadband needs a level playing field in NC
01/14 -  Did Trump's White House fake note from his doctor?
01/14 -  California anti-abortion initiative which classifies all abortions as first-degree murder shows plans of Trump-era movement
01/14 -  'Very high level of confidence' Russia used Kaspersky software for devastating NSA leaks
01/14 -  Trump thought only African-Americans were on welfare
01/13 -  Controversial anti-choice Trump appointee to Health and Human Services escorted from the building
01/13 -  GOP is making demographics into destiny
01/13 -  Hotel-style jails offer rich people a whole separate form of 'justice'
01/13 -  Trump lawyer reportedly arranged $130,000 payment to adult film star to keep encounter quiet
01/12 -  Voters who once saw Trump as a moderate don't any more
01/12 -  More and more House Republicans are deciding they want no part of the 2018 elections
01/12 -  Four more flu deaths reported; hospitals face IV bag shortages
01/12 -  New Greek restaurant opens in historic S&W space in downtown Asheville
01/11 -  NC GOP pledges to take gerrymandering case to Supreme Court
01/11 -  From Michael Wolff's book: How the women in Trump's entourage shaped his relations with the media
01/11 -  A particularly severe flu season means deaths are on the rise
01/11 -  Neither GOP nor Democratic lawmakers are fans of Jeff Sessions' new war on weed
01/10 -  Asheville downtown vacation rentals, Airbnbs, banned with 6-1 City Council vote
01/10 -  Former sheriff Joe Arpaio announces run for US senate
01/10 -  White House official floated withdrawing some US troops from Europe to curry favor with Putin
01/10 -  Federal court strikes down North Carolina's congressional district map as unconstitutional
01/09 -  Benjamin Netanyahu’s son may have gotten him in trouble thanks to a drunken rant
01/09 -  Trump has created dangers we haven’t even imagined yet
01/09 -  An army of Democrats and Republicans are positioning for 2020 presidential runs
01/09 -  Asheville police seek couple who may be behind rash of thefts; 'armed and dangerous'
01/08 -  Nikki Haley: 'No one questions the stability of the president'
01/08 -  Burr's committee needs to address Russia's meddling in U.S. politics
01/08 -  Michael Wolff did what every other White House reporter is too cowardly to do
01/08 -  Vermont moves to legalize pot as feds signal possible crackdown
01/07 -  Wilmington mayor concerned about GenX, not sure water is safe to drink
01/07 -  GOP campaigns took $7.35 million from oligarch linked to Russia
01/07 -  The scandal of Michael Wolff's book is how many people knew Trump is incompetent and refused to act
01/07 -  Last day of bitterly cold weather predicted for Asheville (for a while)
01/07 -  Why the US spends so much more on health care than other nations
01/06 -  Software vendors knew about Spectre, Meltdown since November; prohibited from telling public by NDA
01/06 -  The computer chip debacle: Businesses are scrambling
01/06 -  How to protect your devices from Spectre and Meltdown chip flaws
01/06 -  Lawyers try to shape judges' decision on North Carolina maps
01/05 -  What NC needs to do in 2018 to make elections work better
01/05 -  How Michael Wolff got the dirt on the Trump White House
01/05 -  FCC chairman Ajit Pai cancels trip to conference due to death threats after net neutrality decision
01/05 -  Comcast fired 500 despite claiming tax cut would create thousands of jobs
01/04 -  The seven most shocking details from Michael Wolff’s bombshell Trump book
01/04 -  Trump disbands Kobach-led voter fraud commission after resistance from states
01/04 -  Inside Trump's two days of fury at being told Muller investigation will continue
01/04 -  North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy
01/04 -  Sanders supporters focused on anti-Democratic voting instead of ousting Republicans
01/03 -  Roy Moore's Jewish lawyer voted for Doug Jones, raised money for his campaign
01/03 -  Foreign governments are doing favors for Trump's businesses
01/03 -  Social media users mock Trump for taking credit for air-travel safety record
01/03 -  Frozen biscuit recall hits Ingles, other grocery stores in 12 states over listeria fears
01/02 -  The rural - urban gap is real and increasing
01/02 -  NC legislative redistricting has another federal hearing
01/02 -  With staff changes, next year will bring 'full Trump'
01/02 -  How Cecil Bothwell helped shape Asheville's progressive movement
01/01 -  UNC Board's ideological bias exposed in courting Princeton's conservative center
01/01 -  Carl Bernstein: Lawyers 'telling Trump what he wants to hear' so he won't fire Mueller
01/01 -  Rev. William Barber's prayer for the nation at New Year's, 2018
01/01 -  Coldest New Year's in history may be in store for Asheville area