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MAIN News Archives for March 2018

03/31 -  Measles outbreak: How a decades old, fraudulent anti-vaccine study still affects public health
03/31 -  Tesla is having its worst stretch ever, with no end in sight
03/31 -  Billion-dollar NFL concussion settlement 'on the brink of collapse'
03/31 -  North Carolina 'bathroom bill' saga lingers in election year
03/31 -  A critical situation looms in Lake Lure
03/30 -  Research finds dramatic increase in flooding on coastal roads
03/30 -  NC prison inmates to no longer be shacked during delivery
03/30 -  Feminists have slowly shifted power, and there’s no going back
03/30 -  What tariffs mean for WNC breweries
03/29 -  In a setback for utilities, FERC denies Atlantic Coast Pipeline request for tree-cutting extension
03/29 -  Trump's many business failures, explained
03/29 -  Rep. Darrell Issa retiring, adding to record GOP departures
03/27 -  Saudi Crown Prince boasts Kushner is 'in his pocket'
03/27 -  Foreigners worked for Cambridge Analytica on NC Senate campaign
03/27 -  If Trump fires Mueller, blame Congressional Republicans
03/27 -  New Indiana law requires all doctors to quiz women about their past abortions
03/26 -  US national debt exceeds $21 trillion for first time
03/26 -  Mission Health to be acquired by Hospital Corporation of America
03/26 -  Thanks to Parkland protesters, one number will be associated with Marco Rubio: $1.05
03/26 -  How the Parkland students pulled off a massive national protest in only 5 weeks
03/22 -  Republicans have four convicted criminals running for office in 2018
03/22 -  Thom Tillis says Cambridge Analytica's work for him was limited, but paid firm $100k post-campaign
03/22 -  Federal prosecutors told to seek death penalty in drug cases
03/22 -  Jared Kushner's family business faked documents, made millions: AP
03/21 -  Mosque-vandalizing MAGA moms arrested in Arizona after Facebook Live post
03/21 -  Austin bomber kills himself with explosive device
03/20 -  Top Dems call on rising NC Democratic star to resign amid sexual misconduct allegations
03/20 -  The article removed from Forbes, "Why White Evangelicalism Is So Cruel"
03/20 -  Tennessee legislature kills resolution condemning neo-Nazis as terrorists
03/20 -  Tillis and NC Republicans paid $345,000 to the data firm that's now banned from Facebook
03/19 -  Paul Ryan sold shares on same day as private briefing of banking crisis
03/19 -  After decades of growth, US colleges are separating into winners and losers
03/19 -  Officials investigating early morning bus fire at Vance Elementary
03/19 -  Russian hackers attacking US power grid, aviation
03/18 -  African immigrants are more educated than most, including people born in U.S.
03/18 -  The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017
03/18 -  US wildlife protection board packed with trophy hunters
03/18 -  NC should close charter schools that aren't diverse, new report says
03/17 -  BREAKING: Berger and Moore are planning a constitutional amendment to shrink the size of the NC Supreme Court
03/17 -  Iowa grants gun permits to the blind
03/17 -  Infowars' Alex Jones accused of sexual harassment, racism and anti-Semitism
03/17 -  Ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is fired -- and fires back
03/16 -  AP finds the NRA gave $7 million to hundreds of schools, including some in NC
03/16 -  A grisly murder case could turn almost half of Oklahoma back into tribal lands
03/16 -  At least four dead in pedestrian bridge collapse at university in Miami, authorities say
03/16 -  Trump's big infrastructure plan is actually Mike Pence's, and it's all about privatization
03/15 -  What the PA-18 election means to North Carolina
03/15 -  Anti-LGBT politician resigns after being 'caught having sex with man in his office'
03/15 -  US has regressed to developing nation status, MIT economist warns
03/15 -  Alabama sheriff legally took $750,000 meant to feed inmates, bought beach house
03/14 -  How tax cuts paved the way for America's growing teacher revolt
03/14 -  Indiana State University to track endangered gray bats in Asheville area
03/14 -  Trump remakes America in his own image: Angry, hateful, afraid
03/14 -  Stephen Hawking: Visionary physicist dies aged 76
03/13 -  BREAKING: Rex Tillerson to be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo as secretary of state, Trump tweets
03/13 -  Deadly Texas package bombs constructed by same bomb-maker, police say
03/13 -  The New York Times proves that Thomas Friedman was so wrong about Saudi Arabia
03/13 -  Good riddance to the craven, dishonest, deeply stupid House Russia investigation
03/12 -  Increases in tree mortality observed in a warming world
03/12 -  Secrecy, settlements and staffing: Inside NC school boards’ closed meetings
03/12 -  Trump directs EPA to begin dismantling clean water rule
03/11 -  Confederate statue supporters show their racism by demanding that MLK statues be removed as well
03/11 -  Billionaires made so much money last year they could end extreme poverty -- seven times
03/11 -  Asheville dropped the ball in jaywalking beating case
03/11 -  Duke Energy CEO sees 55 percent jump in compensation
03/10 -  Vatican magazine denounces nuns' treatment as 'indentured servants'
03/10 -  NRA sues Florida to block part of new gun law
03/10 -  Asheville police officer faces charges after beating, choking and tasing suspected jaywalker
03/10 -  Behind the minimum wage fight, a sweeping failure to enforce the law
03/09 -  Radioactivity found in groundwater near Asheville's Lake Julian plant
03/09 -  Shootings are now the third leading cause of death for US children
03/09 -  Elon Poll: Supermajority of teachers oppose arming themselves in classroom
03/09 -  Trump adviser Roger Stone warns any politician who votes to impeach him would 'endanger their own life'
03/09 -  Watching others makes people overconfident in their own abilities
03/08 -  What we know so far about the Asheville police department jaywalking beating incident
03/08 -  Ethics complaint filed against North Carolina House speaker Tim Moore
03/08 -  The health risks of being black and female
03/08 -  Gary Cohn is the latest Goldman Sachs alum to ill-serve America
03/07 -  Pence used personal email for state business — and was hacked
03/07 -  McCrory's toxic legacy lingers in NC
03/07 -  Yes, bacon really is killing us
03/06 -  What Oklahoman Wes Studi said in Cherokee at the Oscars
03/06 -  Whatever happened to Art Pope?
03/06 -  Russia says it stopped Mitt Romney from becoming secretary of State: report
03/06 -  Conservatives are whining because no one wants to date them
03/05 -  The role of luck in life success is far greater than we realize
03/05 -  ces McDormand's cryptic Oscars speech could start a revolution in Hollywood
03/05 -  Special counsel wants documents on Trump, numerous campaign associates
03/05 -  US court rules that dreadlock ban during hiring process is legal
03/03 -  Vladimir Putin releases video simulation of Russian nuclear missiles striking Florida; Trump silent
03/03 -  Trump cabinet secretary Ryan Zinke failed to disclose ownership of shares of gun manufacturer
03/03 -  Carl Icahn, friend of Trump, sold millios in iron stocks before announcement of trade war
03/03 -  Police body camera video shows Asheville police beating man for jaywalking
03/02 -  Asheville mayor, police chief express outrage over mistreatment of suspect
03/02 -  Someone forged a Nobel Peace Prize nomination of Trump, Norwegian officials say
03/02 -  Jared Kushner flames out
03/02 -  Nestlé admits slavery in Thailand while fighting child labour lawsuit in Ivory Coast
03/01 -  Woodsmall announces run to unseat Mark Meadows in House
03/01 -  Anonymous UNC faculty group G17 forces Folt to call for removal of Silent Sam
03/01 -  Kushner, Russia bombshells rock the White House
03/01 -  Hope Hicks: Close Trump aide and White House communications chief resigns