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MAIN News Archives for April 2018

04/30 -  Reza Aslan: The US may not recover from Trump
04/30 -  Robin Hanson: America's creepiest economist
04/30 -  Ban on non-Cherokee media in Tribal council chambers sparks free press debate
04/30 -  Republicans increasingly believe that education is bad for America
04/29 -  Alabama county is poorest place in developed world
04/29 -  Charlotte makes pitch in DC for GOP convention
04/29 -  How American racism influenced Hitler
04/29 -  The idea that consumers of a medium are the product is dangerous
04/28 -  The right-wing theocracy of NC's Dan Forest
04/28 -  Jill Stein says she won’t fully comply with Senate Russia investigation
04/28 -  Lawyer who met with Trump Jr. says she is informant for the Russian government
04/28 -  Paul Ryan fired House chaplain who reminded them to care for the poor
04/27 -  Big-government Republicans set to gerrymander Asheville
04/27 -  Want to stop fake news? Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine
04/27 -  North and South Korea vow to end the Korean War in historic accord
04/27 -  Trump hints at punishing countries if they don't back US World Cup bid
04/26 -  NC GOP's Woodhouse deposed, releases opposition research wish list, evidence of mole in NC DNC
04/26 -  Former South Carolina GOP congressman Mick Mulvaney admits his access was tied to donors
04/26 -  Michael Cohen asserts Fifth Amendment rights in Stormy Daniels case
04/26 -  Police make arrest in infamous Golden State Killer case
04/25 -  New Fonta Flora State Trail system connecting Asheville to Morganton grows
04/25 -  Broken pipe dumps 15.4 million gallons of sewage into Charlotte creek
04/25 -  Toronto rampage suspect referenced extremist male 'incel' movement
04/25 -  Happy slaves? The peculiar story of three segregationist Virginia school textbooks
04/24 -  Report: Records of Asheville-to-Moscow trip may show Trump lie
04/24 -  Neo-Nazis burn giant swastika near Atlanta after birthday party for Adolf Hitler
04/24 -  Trump administration wants Native Americans to be considered as races rather than sovereign nations
04/24 -  Father gave Waffle House shooter his guns back after police seized them
04/24 -  Assessing Betsy DeVos' rollback of disability rights for students
04/24 -  Flight records prove Trump did stay overnight in Moscow, contradicting statements to Comey
04/23 -  The Untold Story: Trump's 'Sleepy Eyes' insult an anti-Semitic slur Of Nazi origin
04/23 -  NRA accepted money from 23 Russia-linked donors
04/23 -  Nashville Waffle House shooting: Police took suspect's guns, father gave them back
04/22 -  NC GOP subsidizes Unaffiliated candidate's ballot access and campaign
04/22 -  Polynesian seafarers discovered America long before Europeans, says DNA study
04/22 -  Goldman Sachs says curing diseases may not be economically viable
04/22 -  Roger Stone describes Barbara Bush as a 'nasty drunk' upon news of her death
04/21 -  ICE agents use lies, pretexts to enter immigrants homes in NC
04/21 -  Indiana abortion law signed by Mike Pence ruled unconstitutional
04/21 -  Kim Jong Un: North Korea no longer needs nuclear tests, state-run media reports
04/21 -  WaPo: Sessions said he'd consider resigning if Trump fired Rosenstein
04/20 -  Police say mother and 2 children killed, 3 other children injured, suspect dead in Asheville
04/20 -  Rudy Giuliani isn't the big Trump legal story
04/20 -  Over 200 million eggs distributed from NC recalled due to salmonella
04/20 -  Trump 'fixer' Michael Cohen owned stake in Brooklyn social club frequented by Russian mobsters
04/19 -  Judges rule UNC must provide names of sexual assault perpetrators
04/19 -  Sandy Hook parents sue conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones over claim shooting was fake
04/19 -  11 House Republicans call for prosecutions of Clinton, Comey, Lynch, and others
04/19 -  Tennessee lawmakers punish Memphis for removing Confederate statues
04/18 -  Starbucks exposes 2 Americas — the one white people love and the one black people live in
04/17 -  Judge finalizes $25 million settlement in Trump's fraud case
04/17 -  Former GOP chair Nathan West pulls out of North Carolina House race
04/17 -  Harry Anderson, 'Night Court' star and Asheville resident, dies at age 65
04/17 -  Fox News host Sean Hannity revealed as Michael Cohen's mystery client
04/16 -  Barbara Bush in failing health, won't seek further treatment
04/16 -  The most newsworthy part of the Comey interview wasn't aired
04/16 -  Trump remakes America in his own image: Angry, hateful, afraid
04/15 -  Group with ties to Art Pope pushes anti-teacher propaganda
04/15 -  Michael Cohen and the terminal stage of the Trump presidency
04/15 -  Mueller has evidence Cohen was in Prague in 2016, confirming part of Steele dossier
04/15 -  Was there a civilization on Earth before humans -- and if so, could we actually tell?
04/14 -  Scooter Libby: Trump pardons former Cheney aide convicted of lying to FBI
04/14 -  RNC deputy finance chair, resigns amid reports of Playmate payoff arranged by Michael Cohen
04/14 -  Revealed: Secret rightwing strategy to discredit teacher strikes
04/14 -  US, UK and France launch attack on 'chemical weapon sites' in Syria: latest updates
04/13 -  James Comey book: Trump likened to mob boss, called 'unethical and untethered to truth'
04/13 -  White House Bible study group led by anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-Catholic pastor
04/13 -  John Ehle, Appalachian author, dead at 92
04/13 -  The Paul Ryan story: From flim-flam to fascism
04/12 -  Cooper seeking $14.5M in state budget to address GenX pollution
04/12 -  Trump allies and House Republicans to Paul Ryan: Get out now
04/12 -  Trump's company is suing towns across the country to get breaks on taxes
04/12 -  What's driving Republican retirements from Congress?
04/11 -  BREAKING: House Speaker Paul Ryan will not seek re-election
04/11 -  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell won't protect Mueller
04/11 -  Palantir: the special ops tech giant that wields as much real-world power as Google
04/11 -  Donald Trump has never been in more trouble than right now
04/10 -  Democrats seek charges after SC congressman displays handgun
04/10 -  Jim Hightower: A regime of austerity is being promoted by the super-rich
04/10 -  Mount Airy's GOP clerk of court apparently told staff they were required to work on her campaign
04/10 -  An internal email contradicts Scott Pruitt's account of controversial raises
04/09 -  Trump on Cohen Raid: 'It’s a Disgraceful Situation'
04/09 -  BREAKING: FBI raids Trump's lawyer's office, residence
04/08 -  NC public school taken over by charter school operator, a first for state
04/08 -  Trump Tower fire is second 2018 blaze in sprinkler-free residential tower; Trump lobbied against legislation to require sprinklers
04/08 -  Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems
04/08 -  Ted Nugent likens Democrats, media, academics to 'rabid coyotes'
04/06 -  Former Buncombe County manager Wanda Greene and her son indicted on federal charges
04/06 -  Rachel Maddow beats Sean Hannity to be most watched cable news host
04/06 -  Montana won't deploy National Guard based on President Trump's 'whim,' governor says
04/06 -  Final numbers show strong NC Obamacare signups, but just under the wire
04/05 -  Congress, not Amazon, messed up the Post Office
04/05 -  The report of no current criminal charges for Trump is actually terrible news for the President
04/05 -  Upset with citizenship question, NC takes Trump administration to court
04/05 -  Everyone got the Pulse massacre story completely wrong
04/04 -  Red state teacher unrest keeps spreading
04/04 -  Buncombe County Sheriff calls count commissioners proposal 'for more training 'a slap in the face'
04/04 -  North Carolina beachgoer captures drone footage of Civil War-era shipwreck
04/03 -  High Point University poll shows strong generic support of Democrats in NC
04/03 -  Fewer tourists are coming to the US, and experts say it's largely Trump's fault
04/03 -  The FCC just repealed a 42-year-old rule blocking broadcast media mergers
04/03 -  EPA to relax fuel efficiency standards for autos
04/02 -  NC's Virginia Foxx continues life-long crusade to destroy public education
04/02 -  Trump's ignorance about DACA is stunning
04/02 -  Russia test launches new 'Satan-2' nuclear missile
04/02 -  Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills
04/01 -  Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy
04/01 -  Robert E. Lee's face scratched off on Confederate monument in Asheville
04/01 -  Super-VD eans that antibiotic crisis is at hand
04/01 -  Roseanne Barr's history of support for Trump and for right-wing conspiracy theories