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MAIN News Archives for June 2018

06/28 -  Trump administration says it won't return children to immigrant parents in custody
06/28 -  Former Fox News chief ousted for sexual harassment will be new White House communications director
06/28 -  'God is racist,' Jewish people 'all descend from Satan,' NC GOP candidate says
06/28 -  North Korea is 'upgrading its nuclear facility' despite denuclearisation pledge
06/27 -  Buncombe files lien against Wanda Greene, hopes to recoup more than $950,000
06/27 -  The death of the middle class has killed department stores
06/27 -  Tuesday was the best night for progressives this year
06/27 -  Trump faces trade war fallout: Layoffs, stock declines and Harley's move offshore
06/27 -  Russian state media declares 'Trump is ours!'
06/26 -  New study finds US oil and gas methane emissions 60 percent higher than estimated
06/26 -  Salisbury's annual Pride Festival proves change can happen
06/26 -  Historian Jon Meacham says Trump staff should expect to be publicly shunned
06/26 -  Supreme Court allows most disputed maps in Texas, NC gerrymandering cases to be used
06/25 -  Ugandan wins Africa prize for bloodless malaria test
06/25 -  Harley-Davidson to shift production overseas to offset effect of tariffs
06/25 -  Oldest European human fossil dated to one million years ago
06/25 -  Graham County, NC: Where the national forest drives the economy
06/24 -  Supreme Court rules that the Fourth Amendment protects cell phone location records
06/24 -  Large fire affects 10 cars in Carowinds parking lot, officials say
06/24 -  NC poll numbers show increasingly positive environment for Democrats
06/24 -  NC Senate Republicans spoil effort to increase school psychologists
06/23 -  Rabbi Jill Jacobs from the border: Our country is becoming Sodom
06/23 -  Trump thought separating families would be culture war win, according to WH reporter
06/23 -  NC regulators deny Duke Energy rate increase request
06/22 -  Democrats today are in a better position than Republicans were in June 2010
06/22 -  Trump administration bans members of Congress from talking to kids in detention centers
06/22 -  Social Security to tap into trust fund for first time in 36 years
06/22 -  'Helicopter parenting' linked to behavioral problems later in life
06/21 -  North Carolina's $92M VW settlement at risk, critics say
06/21 -  Ian Bremmer: Trump tossed candy to Merkel at G-7, said 'don't say I never give you anything'
06/21 -  Migrant childred drugged without consent at detention centers, court documents allege
06/21 -  No clear plan yet on how to reunite parents with children after Trump rescinds order to separate children from parents at border
06/20 -  Governor Cooper recalls NC National Guard members from border
06/20 -  Brawl caught on tape at softball tournament, Canton team disqualified
06/20 -  The outrage over family separation is exactly what Stephen Miller wants
06/20 -  Donald Trump used his charity money to pay legal bills, promote hotels, lawsuit alleges
06/19 -  Democracy NC: Early voting change will harm voters
06/19 -  James Hansen wishes he wasn’t so right about global warming
06/19 -  'It's like a black and white thing': How some elite charter schools exclude minorities
06/19 -  US stocks plunge in pre-market trading amid China trade dispute
06/18 -  Michael Eric Dyson on the psychological economy of Trumpism
06/18 -  By not expanding Medicaid, NC legislators fail those who most need their help
06/18 -  Is Craggy Gardens picnic area on Blue Ridge Parkway falling apart?
06/18 -  Supreme Court faces major decision on partisan gerrymandering
06/17 -  Monticello today acknowledges that Jefferson fathered all six of Sally Hemings’ children
06/17 -  NC may be first state to pay employees $15 an hour
06/17 -  Southern Baptists call off the culture war
06/17 -  The proper way to view the Trump Foundation scandal
06/16 -  Asheville teens plead guilty to felony obstruction of justice
06/16 -  Antarctica’s ice sheet is melting three times faster than before
06/16 -  How Trump shifted money for a children's cancer charity into his business
06/16 -  Trump on Kim Jong Un: 'He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.'
06/15 -  Durham advocates: Racism still fuels health disparities, limits food access
06/15 -  Feds seize Wanda Greene's bank account amid money laundering charges
06/15 -  Catholic leaders denounce Sessions’s asylum decision: 'We have truly lost our moral compass'
06/15 -  GOP senators say no to a study of expanding Medicaid in North Carolina
06/14 -  Report says Sarah Sanders planning to resign as Trump's press secretary
06/14 -  Luxury car found in French Broad river was reported stolen last week; will stay until water levels decrease
06/14 -  A Neo-Confederate victory in Tuesday's primary indicates a frightening direction for the GOP
06/14 -  Republicans consider asking voters to limit Roy Cooper's power
06/13 -  This is why Xanax is blowing up in America
06/13 -  Researchers find IQ scores dropping since the 1970s
06/13 -  Black bear warning issued in Bent Creek, Black Balsam
06/13 -  How Donald Trump got played by a ruthless dictator
06/12 -  NC GOP budget subsidizes millionaires, including Mercer family, huge GOP benefactors
06/12 -  Trump admin drops asylum protections for domestic violence victims
06/11 -  Will Medicare be dead in eight years?
06/11 -  NC private school voucher millions still lack accountability, transparency
06/11 -  Trump now says he'll ditch preexisting condition protection, and here are the times he said he wouldn't
06/11 -  The meaning of DeVos' rollback of rights for disabled students
06/10 -  Trump admin argued in court to end pre-existing condition protections for 130 million Americans
06/10 -  Thomas Mills: Unfortunately, NC voter ID amendment likely to pass
06/10 -  Evidence Russia tipped election for Trump 'staggering,' says former U.S. intel chief James Clapper
06/10 -  Tardy Trump disrupts G7 gender equality meeting
06/09 -  Bat Cave mudslide so big that it will take a new road to clear NC 9
06/09 -  Oak Ridge computer now beats China's fastest machine in supercomputer race
06/09 -  ICE to send 1600 detainees to Federal prisons
06/09 -  More layoffs at Indiana factory Trump made deal to keep open
06/08 -  NASA's Curiosity rover finds organic matter on Mars
06/08 -  Trump tariff on solar panels choking NC's growth
06/08 -  NC lawmakers back 'In God We Trust' signs in schools, saying that does not promote religion.
06/08 -  Suicide rates are up 30 percent since 1999, CDC says
06/07 -  North Carolina budget gives an Asheville anti-abortion agency $250,000
06/07 -  Roy Cooper vetoes NC state budget
06/07 -  CFPB chief Mick Mulvaney disbands consumer protection board
06/07 -  The terrifying lessons of a pandemic simulation
06/06 -  Judge rules Trump must sit for deposition in ex-Apprentice star's defamation case
06/06 -  Portion of Highway 9 in Henderson County closed because of landslide
06/06 -  Grand jury hands down more charges for former Buncombe manager Wanda Greene
06/06 -  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director to speak at hate group event tomorrow
06/05 -  Does the law apply to Donald Trump?
06/05 -  Fake Twitter accounts in NC have real political effects like early closing of polling stations
06/05 -  Why J.D. Vance is the single most detrimental figure to Appalachian scholarship
06/04 -  US allies threaten tobacco and pork products as result of Trump trade war, a blow to NC farmers
06/04 -  Why no one answers their phone anymore
06/04 -  Giuliani to HuffPost: Trump could have 'shot James Comey' and not be prosecuted
06/04 -  Asheville dealership to remove giant Native American 'Chief Pontiac' statue after 'ugly' incident
06/03 -  Trump lawyers argue it is impossible for the president to obstruct justice
06/03 -  Good jobs numbers are worthless if people need multiple jobs just to survive
06/03 -  City-run charter schools in NC create danger of resegregation
06/03 -  Three out of four NC voucher schools fail on curriculum
06/02 -  New York’s top prosecutor makes urgent call for law to circumvent 'politically expedient pardons' by Trump
06/02 -  How more atmospheric CO2 can make food less nutritious
06/02 -  Statewide judicial redistricting not likely this year in NC, GOP lawmaker says
06/02 -  Trump breaks with decades of protocol with tweet before release of jobs report
06/01 -  Medicaid expansion covers 400,000 in Virginia
06/01 -  SPLC sues North Carolina DMV for revoking licenses of people who cannot pay traffic tickets
06/01 -  White America’s racial resentment is the real impetus for welfare cuts, study says
06/01 -  DHS official: 658 children taken from adults at border between May 6 and 19