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MAIN News Archives for July 2018

07/31 -  Attendees at DefCon hacker conference broke into every available voting machine in 24 hours
07/31 -  Climate change denial won’t even benefit oil companies soon
07/31 -  Sessions announces 'religious liberty task force' to protect Christian right to discriminate
07/31 -  'Nix all Six:' the movement to vote down all six GOP-proposed constitutional amendments is gaining momentum
07/30 -  The plot to gerrymander Asheville
07/30 -  In Mark Meadows' bid to impeach Rod Rosenstein, House Republicans are abusing power to protect Trump
07/30 -  Police investigating drive-by shooting at Haywood road ramp of I-240
07/30 -  The lesson from the Ocasio-Cortez win
07/30 -  Ginsburg suggests she has at least five more years on the Supreme Court
07/29 -  Trump misses property tax deadline on Chicago tower, four other properties
07/29 -  Therapists say they've seen a rise in anxiety under Trump
07/29 -  Our mass delusion of American prosperity and national well-being is killing the US
07/29 -  Trump could be ready to order a strike against Iran, Australian Government figures say
07/28 -  In wake of Greene case, six county employees retire
07/28 -  Children face struggles in some North Carolina counties, stats show
07/28 -  Meet the anarchists making their own high-tech medicine
07/27 -  Report says Ivanka Trump diamonds involved in alleged money-laundering scheme
07/27 -  Trump CFO called to testify before grand jury
07/27 -  First documented case of Russian hacking in 2018 involves vulnerable Democratic senator
07/27 -  Sheriff takes over policing duties in Southport NC after police chief arrested
07/26 -  How money from the Russian mob helped build the Trump business empire
07/26 -  GOP conservatives, led by Mark Meadows, move to impeach Rod Rosenstein
07/26 -  Wildfires have ignited inside the Arctic Circle
07/26 -  Soccer ball Putin gave Trump contains transmitter chip, but for Adidas
07/25 -  The NC GOP's plan to deceive voters about its radical ballot measures
07/25 -  Jimmy Carter: The US has abandoned its role as champion of human rights
07/25 -  How Donald Trump might be a Russian agent of influence
07/25 -  Do Americans really want Democratic socialism?
07/24 -  Two dead in plane crash in Lincoln county
07/24 -  Cancer patients that use alternative medicine have a greater risk of death
07/24 -  Support for Roe v. Wade hits new high
07/24 -  124.3 degrees F (51.3 Celsius) in Algeria is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Africa as the global heat wave continues
07/23 -  Hickory Nut Gorge Brewery flooded after torrential rains in Chimney Rock
07/23 -  Under GOP leadership, NC's income gap is the widest in decades
07/23 -  Democrats make gains as more seats become competitive
07/22 -  Ticket sales for Tryon's World Equestrian Games may be lower than expected
07/22 -  Microsoft says Russia has already tried to hack three campaigns in the 2018 election
07/22 -  Iran officially takes US to court for leaving nuclear agreement
07/22 -  Russian hackers attacked US nuclear, aviation and power grid infrastructure, FBI and DHS warn
07/21 -  More steps taken to prevent waterfall fatalities in WNC
07/21 -  Bernie Sanders campaign also had Russian connections
07/21 -  Monsanto trial: Toxicologist explains how Monsanto colluded with EPA
07/20 -  NC Democractic Party weighs in against all proposed constitutional amendments
07/20 -  Suburban white women are the new political action group in the age of Trump
07/20 -  Putin tells dilomats he made Trump a new offer on Ukraine at summit
07/20 -  Trump: Russia is a friend, journalists are the enemy
07/19 -  Report ties NRA money to Tillis campaign consultants via third group
07/19 -  Russian bots are using #WalkAway to try to wound Dems in midterms
07/19 -  Maria Butina case looks bad for Dana Rohrabacher, R-California
07/19 -  White House entertaining Russian proposal to interrogate US citizens
07/18 -  Buncombe County to receive more than $2M connected to Wanda Greene case
07/18 -  James Comey, longtime Republican, tells 'all who care' to vote Democratic in the fall
07/18 -  Trump's shameful capitulation to Vladimir Putin is part of a bigger (and more dangerous) pattern
07/18 -  24 hours later, Trump claims he misspoke in Helsinki, meant to say Russia did have reason to meddle in election
07/17 -  How Russian trolls have already begun interfering in the 2018 election
07/17 -  Torshin indictment proves that Russian meddling in election went beyond electronic measures
07/17 -  What Robert Mueller knows, and the nine areas he may pursue next
07/17 -  Russians bought 86 Trump properties, all in cash, totaling $109 million
07/16 -  The number of air conditioning units installed world-wide could quadruple by 2050
07/16 -  NC GOP legislators' plotting to sow disfunction in government must end
07/16 -  Fatal accident shuts down I-26 West at Long Shoals Road
07/16 -  "I think the European Union is a foe," Trump says ahead of Putin meeting in Helsinki
07/15 -  Airlines prepare for flying in hotter temps as climate change brings more extreme heat
07/15 -  Experts say half the advice on television shows is wrong
07/15 -  World leaders conclude: Trump is a liability, not a leader
07/15 -  Miami man arrested with gasoline, planned to burn down building to 'kill all the Jews'
07/14 -  Hummus maker building 40,000-square-foot facility in East Asheville
07/14 -  Federal auditor calls for recouping $341K Tom Price spent on flights
07/14 -  Mueller's new indictment shows collusion with Russia
07/14 -  Jeff Sessions: Chronic pain sufferers should ‘take an aspirin and tough it out’
07/13 -  Two Asheville politicians join call to abolish ICE
07/13 -  Grand jury returns attempted first-degree murder indictment for Asheville teen
07/13 -  The Peter Strzok hearing was a total fiasco
07/13 -  Trump says he's more popular than Abraham Lincoln
07/12 -  US soon to leapfrog Saudis, Russia as top oil producer
07/12 -  Trump to reporter: I'm a very stable genius
07/12 -  December space launch could make Israel fourth country to land on moon
07/12 -  The Grove Park Inn was the Supreme Court's WWII secret relocation facility
07/11 -  Judge rejects Trump admin's plea for indefinite family detentions
07/11 -  How much has Earth warmed in 30 years?
07/11 -  What if Trump has been a Russian asset since 1987?
07/11 -  Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy agreed to retire if Trump promised to replace him with Brett Kavanaugh
07/09 -  End of an era: Sears at Asheville Mall officially closes July 15
07/09 -  Battle lines drawn over abortion ahead of Trump's supreme court pick
07/09 -  Generation wealth: how the modern world fell in love with money
07/09 -  Poor countries face new green finance hurdles after US cuts
07/08 -  White Florida state official asks black man seeking right to vote: 'How many different mothers, kids do you have?'
07/08 -  Reality and scope of Berger-Moore constitutional power grab coming into focus
07/08 -  GOP legislators just rejected one of the most qualified school board nominees ever
07/08 -  Trump properties are raking in millions in taxpayer dollars
07/07 -  After disgraced Fox News executive Bill Shine hired by Trump, wife scrubs racist Twitter account
07/07 -  Problems with six substations left 33k in WNC powerless
07/07 -  Swimming While Black: The culture of racism in America is growing rapidly
07/07 -  Global warming may be twice what models predict
07/06 -  Case of animal activist accused of stealing a goat near Brevard continued until August
07/06 -  US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits
07/06 -  Defendants in diapers? Immigrant toddlers ordered to appear in court alone
07/06 -  Yad Vashem rebukes Netanyahu: Israel-Poland Holocaust declaration contains 'grave errors and deceptions'
07/06 -  Lions eat suspected poachers in South Africa
07/05 -  Two British citizens poisoned with nerve agent that struck down ex-Russian spy
07/05 -  Public's false view of immigrants is shaped by Trump propaganda
07/05 -  Trump repeatedly questioned why the US couldn't just invade Venezuela
07/05 -  Teen dead, child rescued after accident at Transylvania County waterfall
07/04 -  Teens say fight at birthday party may have led to fatal shooting of Asheville 12-year-old
07/04 -  Did Anthony Kennedy’s son loan Donald Trump $1 billion?
07/04 -  Trump's newsprint tariff is a tax on the free press
07/04 -  Smokies elk struck Sunday by minivan on I-26 near Hendersonville
07/03 -  Moog says tariffs on China may force a move overseas
07/03 -  America's poor becoming more destitute under Trump, UN report says
07/03 -  Why Michael Cohen is becoming more willing to speak out
07/03 -  Has Bitcoin entered the doom loop?