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MAIN News Archives for September 2018

09/30 -  Federal judge strikes down Kentucky restriction on abortion clinics
09/30 -  George W. Bush is reportedly working the phones for Kavanaugh
09/30 -  Pedestrian dies in early morning Asheville hit-and-run on South Charlotte Street
09/30 -  More Brett Kavanaugh classmates are saying he lied to Congress
09/27 -  Kavanaugh: Conservative bro culture enters the Supreme Court
09/27 -  Coal ash flowing like pudding in Neuse River near Duke’s Goldsboro power plant
09/27 -  Gunman still on loose after shooting on Bartlett Street in downtown Asheville
09/27 -  Florence will cost farmers more than 1 billion in lost crops and livestock
09/25 -  CNN focus group of conservative women turns out to be comprised of GOP operatives
09/25 -  Friend from pro-Kavanaugh ad has asked to be removed from letter supporting the judge's nomination
09/25 -  Officials say water supply at World Equestrian Games is safe
09/25 -  Greenway construction in West Asheville to take 1 year, displace homeless
09/24 -  Senate Democrats investigate a new allegation of sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh during his college years
09/24 -  Two detained in Jackson County after man found dead with gunshot wounds
09/23 -  There's a lot we don't know about Brett Kavanaugh's sketchy finances
09/23 -  Trump administration is the most corrupt government institution in the US, Americans believe
09/23 -  Fires, flooding by inmates at Craggy Correctional Center
09/23 -  Accuser's schoolmate says she recalls hearing of alleged Kavanaugh incident
09/21 -  Hurricane Florence is turning North Carolina into a toxic stew of pig manure, sewage, and coal ash
09/21 -  Attorney sent letter to Chuck Grassley and Dianne Feinstein claiming Federal court employees willing to speak about Brett Kavanaugh
09/21 -  Lack of drinkable water continues to threaten Florence victims
09/21 -  Cost of Growth: Population surges in towns near Asheville
09/20 -  Power restored to thousands in South Asheville
09/20 -  Lobbyist pleads guilty, says he helped steer foreign money to Trump inaugural and lied to Congress
09/20 -  Accuser's schoolmate says she recalls hearing of alleged Kavanaugh incident
09/20 -  Regulators: NC flooding too bad to tally environmental harm
09/18 -  Hurricane killed at least 1.7 million chickens in NC
09/18 -  Floodwaters of Florence put North Carolina dams under stress
09/18 -  North Carolina's wild horses survive Hurricane Florence
09/18 -  Republicans block 250 million to beef up election security
09/17 -  US wildfire smoke deaths could double by 2010
09/17 -  Daily aspirin may be harmful for healthy, older adults, large study finds
09/17 -  Indiana cancels nearly half a million voter registrations
09/17 -  Officials: "There is basically no access into the city of Wilmington"
09/16 -  Trump to announce new tariffs on 200 billion in Chinese goods
09/16 -  The director of the Sunspot Observatory isn’t sure why the feds shut it down
09/16 -  Duke Energy: Florence rains cause breach at coal ash landfill near Wilmington
09/16 -  I-95 and I-40 closed near Wilmington as Florence flooding worsens
09/15 -  Florence continues to dump drenching rains; WNC prepares for flooding
09/15 -  Manafort's plea deal is 'pardon-proof'
09/15 -  Hurricanes are moving slower, and that's a huge problem
09/14 -  Cohen's lawyer says he's completely flipped and will give information of Trump-linked conspiracy with Russia
09/14 -  Scientists warned of rising sea levels in North Carolina. Republican lawmakers shelved their recommendations.
09/13 -  Scattered gas shortages reported in WNC as Hurricane Florence approaches
09/13 -  Hurricane Florence: What we know Thursday, plus evacuations, shelters & predictions
09/13 -  Betsy DeVos loses student loan lawsuit brought by 19 states
09/13 -  Trump blames reports of 3000 deaths in Puerto Rico on Democrats
09/10 -  New Agriculture secretary says he’ll roll back Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunches initiative
09/10 -  Florence approaches: What you need to know in WNC
09/10 -  A powerful current just miles from North and South Carolin is changing and could devastate the East Coast
09/09 -  A tangible impact from climate change? An increase in suicide rates
09/09 -  Beto O'Rourke is quickly becoming a national figure for Democrats at a time when the party has no clear leader
09/09 -  Bigfoot Festival in Marion debuts to huge crowd
09/09 -  Florence to become 'major hurricane' by Monday, could impact WNC
09/08 -  Now second son Eric Trump is accused of stealing from cancer charity
09/08 -  Kavenaugh: Presidents can ignore laws they think are unconstitutional
09/08 -  For second time, Zina Bash makes 'white power' hand symbol during Brett Kavenaugh hearing
09/08 -  Murphy High football game stopped and evacuated after reports of nearby shooting
09/07 -  Psychiatrist Bandy Lee says White House officials told her Trump was unraveling
09/07 -  Twitter permanently suspends Alex Jones, InfoWars
09/07 -  Partisan brawl erupts after Booker releases Kavanaugh docs
09/06 -  Trump denies Bob Woodward's claim he called Jeff Sessions a "dumb Southerner"
09/06 -  Spirit Airlines officially offering flights to & from Asheville, starting this week
09/06 -  It's time to break up Facebook
09/05 -  County to discuss forensic audit after indictments of top managers
09/05 -  To predict effects of global warming, scientists looked back 20,000 years
09/05 -  Report says everyone in the White House considers Trump an idiot
09/04 -  A mysterious square aircraft hovering in night sky ‘scared me to death,’ NC man says
09/04 -  Inferno at Brazil's National Museum causes 'irreparable' damage and grief
09/04 -  Insulin's high cost leads to lethal rationing
09/03 -  Horses arrive at GSP for Tryon's World Equestrian Games
09/03 -  Bear sighting leads to morning lockdown at Asheville High
09/03 -  Tourists flock to say goodbye to the dying Great Barrier Reef
09/02 -  Inside the desperate search for 343 parents deported without their children
09/02 -  'Apocalyptic threat': dire climate report raises fears for California's future
09/02 -  Nichol: NC Republicans are pioneers in constitutional transgression
09/02 -  Latest NC redistricting ruling could have national impact
09/01 -  German farmers struck by drought fear further damage from climate change
09/01 -  First Yellowstone grizzly hunt in decades blocked by judge after Trump administration ends protection for bears
09/01 -  The Village Voice is shutting down
09/01 -  Paul Manafort associate pleads guilty, agrees to cooperate with Mueller investigation